Thursday, September 9, 2010

Very Bizarre...

This comment was posted to our blog on 9-6-10:

"I want to know who Fatbutterfly2 is. I saw that posting about you trying to pick up on and harass the salesman and wondered why it was posted by someone other than Helpfulhal."

It brings up something we wondered how much had been seen and originally decided to ignore publicly. But things have changed now that it has been brought up and since we found out who we believe the author is. Rather than responding to it in the underlying comments section, we thought combined with what we learned semi-recently, and the fact someone asked about it openly, warranted clearing our name on the front pages of the blog.

To be clear, it was NOT HelfulHal that posted those fatbutterfly2 blog posts.

That was a “clone” site that “Fatbutterfly2” created and posted to make it look like HelpfulHal was a disgusting homosexual hawking pervert. Not even the same web address as our blog by the way. Whoever did it created one page, then copied and (poorly) edited/corrupted a page from our blog, and inserted some nasty allegations. A very sick mindset to be sure by someone who knew way more details than we ever allowed to be shared in out blog. (Those sensitive items will not be shared by us even at this time.)

Information only known to Re-Bath employees. And we really doubt the corporate side would delve to these depths. Considering some of the other comments we received, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. (And how do you know that HelpfulHal is or is not a rocket scientist...?)

Bizarre posts with intent to paint us in a negative light that immediately lead us to believe that the same manager/owner of Long Beach/Signal Hill Re-Bath was responsible. While it has subsequently been taken down, we did make a copy of it before it was removed. We are concerned this has come up as we thought it was gone, but feel it is our right to try to clear our "name".

But interestingly enough, as much as we had our opinion it was done by this pain in our ass, (since he posted a comment to our blog directing us to view it). Imagine how astounded we were to see what appeared to be the answer to who did this when we were in court (again) because of this ongoing nightmare, and saw him and his female companion. (Ironically we assumed he was gay from the first time we met him, but it is irrelevant, at least we thought it was at the time.)

We noticed on the left inside calf of Mr. Summy’s companion’s leg a tattoo of a rather chubby (fat) butterfly!
If it was not her, (and we are confident it was one or both of the two), who posted those disgusting perverted posts, why did she become so upset when this observation was made to the Judge connecting the screenname fatbutterfly2 to Mr. Summy by way of his plump female companion and her tat-2?

Circumstantial? OK, so provide us with another more logical explanation.
Occam’s Razor you know.
The simplest explanation is usually the correct one…

Just to show how low Mr. Summy stooped to harass us, not content with just unfoundedly suing us (and not losing), here is a sample of what were are sure he posted.

Note the author “fatbutterfly2”.
Also keep in mind that the original installation date for the failed Re-Bath shower was October 5, 2007.

And this crap is posted 2 ½ years later?

Talk about vindictive contractors…

Do your homework before hiring a contractor!

This is the first post made:

"Thursday, April 1, 2010”
Rebath promises but doesnt delivery
I am here to correct the record. One of Rebath salesmen gave us an estimate and when he left I found a condom on the counter of the bathroom. Everyone knows what that means even if nothing was said we had a connection. Now he will not return my calls and the installer is just a tease. He took off he shoes and later his shirt (a real Inca god) and then just left. Promises were made even if nothing was said.
Posted by fatbutterfly2 at 2:27 PM 0 comments

Just setting the record straight… fatbutterfly2 comes off as quite the pervert to us.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A comment was made to our blog about Pissed Consumer.

We thought it merited being brought to the main pages.
Although their math is wrong, it has not been up for three years yet, only a little over two years.

This is the comment:
“You have had a blog for about three years and you have gathered about 450 hits. If you look at Pissed Consumer we get 11,100 hits on just one posting for Rebath in six months. Don't you want your story told? No one is reading yours. You deserve to be heard. Consider also posting to Pissed Consumer. “

We checked it out. It is one we did peruse earlier and found many similarities nationwide to the way we were treated by Re-Bath.

This is pertinent since the owner of the Re-Bath we first dealt with claimed we were the only ones “bad-mouthing” Re-Bath.
Pretty much conclusive proof we are not the only ones who have had problems with this company and have been sharing our experiences about those problems. And compare the similarities. Almost shocking, but then we had to live through it and know firsthand the nightmare…

Note that we have been invited to share on this site, and that we have not already shared our story on this independent site. Kind of shows the invalidity of the statement made in court by that Re-Bath owner doesn’t it?

Do your research. Check out all available information before contracting with Re-Bath or ANY contractor.
Verify licenses if possible too. Our state allows you to do this online at no charge.
Be wary of any contractor that does not have his licensing in proper order.
Double check the names to verify the person’s name on the license and the person who is doing the work.

Be wary of fast talk to explain any discrepancies.
And get everything you can in writing, and double check the wording.

Have friends also check to see if there is any ambiguity (double-talk) written into it to provide wiggle room.
Despite what you are told, get it in writing.
Some sales people lie and say one thing, yet write another and will try to convince you to “trust” them. Don’t. Not any contractor.
If they are reputable, they will put it in writing. Clearly. Suggested routes

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Addressing A Complaint of Bait & Switch

This is a photo of the actual sample of material we were shown by the salesman.

He kept saying it was a quarter inch thick. (0.25”)
Note the measurement shown on the digital calipers.
0.131”, a little more than half of a quarter inch.

Granted, we knew it was not a quarter inch, but subsequent conversations to other Re-Bath professionals also stated the wall panel material was ¼ of an inch thick.
Why was the thickness so often referred to as a quarter of an inch thick? Don’t they know/see the difference? Maybe they didn’t think anyone would check? Or know? We can’t answer that.

Since the salesman showed us “the actual material” the mistaken use of a description of a larger size does not make it a Bait & Switch issue.

But wait! Now look at this photo of the actual material that was installed, we kept a remnant to prove what we noticed, that it is not only less than a ¼ inch, but it is less than the sample thickness of 0.131 too.
It is also a softer material. Not just softer due to being thinner in our opinion, but it seems to be a different density too.

To be fair, we did not measure it at the formed edge; that area is even thinner due to the stretching around the bend.
Notice the thickness? Only 0.093 inches thin. That is a difference of 0.038” from what we were shown and sold to what was installed. That is less than 71%. Well under three-fourths the thickness of what we were sold, now that meets the definition of Bait & Switch don’t you think? Let alone the difference in the density of the material.

Here’s something that is a quarter inch! But it is just the sample of accent colors…
Now maybe this is what the sales people are thinking of when they use that line about the wall panels being ¼ inch thick. It is not true, and wouldn’t you want a more knowledgeable sales person than one who can’t understand these differences? Yep, more supposition on our part, thinking out loud as it were, we don’t know why.
But we do know that what we were told/sold did not match what was installed.

Here’s the official Re-Bath sales samples and our remnant.
A lot of complaints online list Bait & Switch as one of the problems other Re-Bath customers and people just checking out Re-Bath have reported. Could this be a part of what they are referring to?

Be sure to do your research before hiring any contractor!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Take A Bow? No, Take The Bow Out

Here's one more "live action" shot of how poorly yet another wall was installed.
See how bowed in at the light switch it was?
See the flex?
See how it is not properly adhered to the wall?
Notice the depth difference between the two switches?

Randy from Re-Bath of Ca originally told us he would replace this incorrectly installed wall when he came out on 10-12-07 and inspected the work done. (See our post in this blog from Friday, July 25, 2008)
Not all of them, not two of them (see video of mixer valve wall…), just this one.
But instead he sued us, even after agreeing it was not acceptable workmanship to our faces.

He didn’t even serve us the court summons legally. He just mailed it via regular mail and we received it shortly before the court date. (It should be served via Certified Mail. Or by a party not involved in the action.)
Then, in court and under oath, he originally claimed the Sheriff had served us, but we had already checked with and had verification from the Sheriff department that he never hired the Sheriff department to serve us. Of course he had no proof from the Sheriff, (as we do from our countersuit) to back up that false claim.

Then he claimed his father, Lloyd Summy served us in our front yard. Lloyd Summy was the name on the contractor’s license Randy Summy used, and apparently was the previous Re-Bath franchise owner (if not the actual or co-owner) so he was not qualified to serve us. (See our post in this blog from Thursday, July 31, 2008 )

So which story was the truth Mr. Re-Bath? The correct answer is neither.

Oh yeah, did we mention we never saw, let alone spoke to Lloyd Summy, not for lack of trying. (Actually, yes we did mention that…) And, he was NEVER at or on our property, (at least when we were there, but that is another story) so that would constitute a lie would it not? (In court under oath, is that perjury?)

This shows the level this Re-Bath “owner” was willing to go to instead of just doing the ethical thing he said he would do. (He gave us his “word”.) That would have been to repair the mess his company made.

Is that the kind of service you would want from a contractor? Do your homework, do your own research, before hiring Re-Bath or any contractor.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Movie and A Picture… A Disaster Double Feature… With a Trailer…

More from the file of what we brought as evidence to the court when we were unjustly sued for not paying due to Re-Bath of Ca not finishing the job.

Here's another live action shot, this time of another improperly attached wall, (like the one where the light switch is located).
Also note, the plumbing was not even anchored to anything inside the wall. When we pulled on the mixer valve, it came out of the escutcheon without turning on.
We don't think it was to code at all... And subsequently our thoughts on that were proven to be true.
And little did we know at the time this was shot, it was already leaking and in the not too distant future our downstairs ceiling would cave from the plumbing leak of this Re-Bath mixer valve installation.

One reason for this unacceptable flexing of the wall is this:

Foam was used to “shore up”, or construct the wall at the area Re-Bath removed the tiles and wall board from to install the shower mixer valve.
Just soft foam! Seems to us like a cheap way to go. We were later told that GreenBoard was the correct material to use.
Would you want this in your bathroom?
They also neglected to properly anchor the pipe in the wall to the framing.

It leaked enough for the water to soak into the wooden floor from the other side (inside) of the wall and rot it:

And caused our kitchen ceiling below to come down from being waterlogged…

Monday, July 19, 2010

We Have Movies! If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what’s a movie worth?

This is the shower seat Re-Bath "switched" on us described in an earlier post.
We were sold an altogether different looking and much sturdier seat. We complained before the installation of it when we were shown this item. (At the time we were not aware of the switching products/materials tactic that other people have also pointed out in their Re-Bath complaints).
We were told this one is the only one we could get, especially if we wanted our new bathroom done... (Well, not on time, but you probably get the picture (movie?) if you have been following our story). Yeah, like that was the only hang up to getting it finished...

As you can see it is very flimsy, it broke only a short time after we started using it, and no, we are not big/fat people. When it was removed we found out they did not even properly mount it to the studs. Just press in anchors into the old tile. But they had siliconed it to the wall, like that would hold it!?
The reality of why it failed is the product was cheap and poorly designed. Plus it is not what we were sold or charged for! Is this a good representation of Bait & Switch?

We really could have used that safety grab rail they never installed when it let loose too...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Floor Damage Pictures

Here are a couple more shots of the bathroom floor just after they “installed” their wares. The flooring was only a few years old and in fine shape when Re-Bath came to do their work. Here is the other corner they tore up at the base of the shower pan. Not just a cosmetic issue, water getting through did some rotting of the wooden floor below (at both corners).
And before you say, that doesn't look all that bad, remember any damage requires the replacement of the entire floor, including removing the toilet. But the audacity to claim it was this way before the work was done? Before he ever saw it?

Also take a look at the scuffs and damage that they caused elsewhere. The owner who had never been to our home prior to after the attempted installation had been “finished, but with more work needed”, said the floor was already that way and said we were liars for pointing out the damage as being caused by them. Never mind he had no way of knowing what our floor was like before, and that it was not torn and scuffed up, as he saw it, before his workers came to work at our home. Now tell us, who appears to be the liar?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alignment was a problem too.

How about this for plumb alignment?
In just the width of the small window the levelness is of by over a full 1/4 inch in the span of about 2 feet.
Now the house already had a window, and it was/is level, so the part that is installed crooked is Re-Bath’s work.
Right side; note the measurement from the center of the grid line to the bottom of the window framing is less than 2 inches:

Left Side; note the measurement from the center of the grid line to the bottom of the window framing is just a tick short of 2 and ¼ inches:

Acceptable alignment "quality" to you for a nearly $6000.00 investment? Didn’t think so…

But off on just one horizontal plane? It also is not plumb (true flat) on the top plane. Note the triangle is square to the metal window frame. We understand draft for drainage but that is excessive, (although since the window assembly has weep holes was it really even necessary?).
Notice there is still the packing tape on the corner trim pieces so it is still very new/fresh, yet look at the caulking...
A side note, this "window" wall panel detached itself from the wall not long after it was installed and bowed outwardly quite a bit below the window. It was not adhered correctly over the existing tile they attached it to apparently...

Point being Re-Bath did not install their own product in a commonly accepted aesthetically pleasing way, or in a properly functioning way. Why?

And as if this wasn’t enough, it wasn’t even centered (left to right) on the wall/window! But we, the customers, were the ones blamed for this by the Re-Bath franchise owner. We still do not understand that mentality or attitude.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alignment issues…

Check out this horizontal alignment. We were assured the grid lines molded into the wall panels would line up in corners by the salesman, just like our old tile, but the installers said they couldn't do it and the Re-Bath franchise owner said it was normal for them to not line up and furthermore claimed we agreed to this mis-match. (!?)
Absolutely not true, we did not agree to this bad alignment, and could not have, as we did not speak to him until after there were problems. Why would anyone want a lower quality in aesthetics "upgrade"?
Now for a fair photo comparison, below is what we were shown at the showroom as to what the corner alignment of the horizontal grid lines would look like.
To be clear, the sales literature brought by the salesman before we purchased showed photos of the same quality and clean alignment as we saw in the showroom.
We took these photos at our local Re-Bath showroom after the installation to show what Re-Bath shows the public and how it differed from what they installed and vehemently tried to make us accept:

Note how nice they were able to line those corner grid lines up? Not really indicative of what they installed in our home now is it?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The caulk is not the worst of the problems…

Again, more photos we took and submitted in court, under oath, to defend ourselves from being sued by Re-Bath for not approving of their “workmanship” that they refused to even finish before suing.
Remember their sales pitch, “You don’t pay in full until you are fully satisfied.” Well, the Re-Bath we dealt with apparently only used that as a sales pitch, it's words rang hollow when we asked them to honor that guarantee.

Check out the bow in this wall. Look at the gap behind the light switch. Is this acceptable? In what world? We don't think it was accetable, or even up to code, yet Re-Bath apparently did...

Not only is that bow significant, take note of the amount of recess the light switch is set back in with (the right hand side of the two switches) while the fan switch is flush.

Both a vertical and horizontal bow. We were told how rigid this product was, and that it was 1/4 inch thick. But what they installed was even thinner than the samples (under 1/4 inch thick too) they left. (We can provide photos of the material and samples they left too.)

For a comparison, here is what that wall looked like before we had Re-Bath do this "upgrade".
And also note the absence of the gouge in the door jamb. This photo was shot just before the “work” began.

Caulk debris in the clear silicone... Nice... Just shows the “attention to detail”.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pictures, More Pictures...

Here are more photos showing the level of "quality" we received from Re-Bath's first attempt to do a shower installation.

This is a baseboard they cut to make the plastic wall panel fit, and the caulking they did...
Notice the nice horizontal chunk they took out of the wood? We did. This is what they considered as "finished". Would anyone reading this honestly consider this good work?

Here is an example of the caulk work they did at the tub/floor line. One of the corners where they hacked the floor up an the shower base was already shown earlier.

Also note that this was taken before we were able (allowed?) to use the shower, so the hair is not ours. Yes, a bit disgusting.

More of the trim, it was like this throughout the entire caulk job.

Here's another nice shot, note the use of silicone caulk that cannot be painted over on the ceiling.

And where they damaged the paint by their "workmanship". More unbelievable caulk work too. Yes, we were expected to pay a premium to Re-Bath for this level of work.

More chips and errant caulk...

Note that we were assured the walls and ceiling would not be damaged by the installation prior to contracting wit Re-Bath by the (unlicensed) salesman. And once it was damaged, we were told it was our responsibilty to fix it at our own expense.
Would you pay nearly $6000.00 for this level of "craftsmanship"? It certainly is not what we were sold...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It is nice to have learned how to post pictures, perfect timing.

Here is some more of the sloppy caulking we were assured was an acceptable standard by Re-Bath of CA. The worst part is it is a silicone based caulk that rendered that door jamb unpaintable even after removing the caulk. Note both colors are pooly done, but wait, why is there white on the jamb in the first place?

Nice gouge, more evidence of the "care" that went into the installation, and yes, were were accused by Randy of claiming they did it "that it was there before". Trust us, they did make the gouge...
Here's another classic shot. They tore up the floor (note the same style of caulking at the base too, about as close to continuity we got) and then Randy claimed it was that way when they got there.

Well, it was that way when he got there, because his crack team did the damage, but this was the first time Randy had been to our home, how on earth could he know? But he argued in court under oath it was that way before the installers started...
Notice that they didn't even install a Re-Bath pan after all the bragging and selling us on how high the Re-Bath quality was? We're not sure if this is Bait & Switch, but the Re-Bath pan we ended up with is not as much of a flexi-flyer as this one was. Who are we kidding, not sure if it was Bait & Switch? Look at the label.

It is truly mind boggling how many complaints there are on the internet regarding Re-Bath.

Even more staggering is how many of those complaints share the same basic complaints of overcharging, rude and abrasive franchise operators, materials installed that don’t match the samples and descriptions of what was sold, the term Bait & Switch is commonly used, lack of response once the first chunk of money was handed over… You see the point.
As well as many complaints of the same handful of people at the corporate office not helping customers who have had these problems.

Our case is interesting in the way the original (not properly licensed) Re-Bath contractor we unfortunately hired has continued to harass us even when we let the blog go dormant. Amazingly he is still threatening us two years and nine months after the job was supposed to have been finished.

We have to ask, what could possibly make this guy so vindictive to his customers (victims?)?. How many others is he doing this to?

We invite everyone who has had a bad Re-Bath experience, especially one with the Re-Bath of Ca located in Signal Hill/Long Beach Ca to comment in our blog. We are very curious to find out if he has chosen us specifically, or if we are just one of many that are being treated this way by him.

In the mean time we found even more complaints so we again are wondering why he has taken this old (we thought it was over and done with) problem to this degree?
After all, he sued us before finishing the job or fulfilling the contract (and lost) but we did not win anything and he kept the payment we made for his unfinished crappy work.
Everyone was a loser, but we lost worse.

So here are some more links to Re-Bath Complaints for all over the country, and they were like the others, on the first page:

This could have all gone dormant and possibly faded away, but from the harassment we are receiving it looks like there is a need for keeping it going… By law we are entitled to share our opinions and experiences…

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Since they say a picture is worth a thousand words…

We thought it was time to start sharing this irrefutable evidence of the “workmanship” Re-Bath did when they first tried to install our shower. Mind you, these are the exact same photos we showed in court and (deemed in the public domain as such), presented and accepted under oath as proof of the shoddy work done to our home by the Re-Bath franchise Mr. Summy “owns”. Please recall that he sued us (before finishing the job and without benefit of proper contractor licensing) and therefore saw these pictures then. Nothing was said at that time (under oath too) by him that these were not factual representations of the “quality” of work done by his franchise.

Are you following all that? These photos were shot the day following the installation (10-7-07). Please note that the "One Day, Stress Free, No Mess" installation started on 10-5-07 and was never truly finished by Re-Bath of CA. Anyone can do the math and see it was not done in one, let alone two days.

Let’s start with an example of the exquisite alignment skills of the installers. Notice the packing tape still hold this trim piece “straight”? Yes, the caulk is fully dry and that was deemed acceptable by them. Also note the slopped caulk at the top of the window frame. Except for the house's glass and metal frame window, this is 100% Re-Bath work.

How about we show some of their incredible caulk work? Unbelievable as it may seem, this is exactly the work that was done around the window (dried) and they claimed this was fully acceptable caulking. Can you believe it?

We have many more photos as we had to take a lot of them since we were sued by the owner of the Re-Bath because we had the audacity to ask that he make good on his word of finishing this job before paying the balance.
Remember their slogan about the customer doesn't pay until the job is done to their satisfaction. Hmm, just realized they might mean Re-Bath when they say "their". Not the customer. Plausible?
We needed to prove he had not even tried to finish before suing us. We would not have needed to document this had he not caused this situation…
And since we had to eat the cost of printing them for the court, it seems only fair we share them with the rest of the world.

And before you blast us for not just re-doing the crappy caulking, think about this, if you were being charged almost $6000.00 to do this job, wouldn’t you expect a lot better quality?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We just found these similar complaints by doing a Google search for “rebath”.

It was the second link from the top of the page that wasn’t a paid advertisement (by Re-Bath).
So it clearly is not just us that have had problems or see a pattern of the way this company works:

Is it irony that doing a search for one company by their name brings forth a link to so many problems and complaints? No, it is not irony…

Now, if you do a Google search for “re bath complaints”, look at what comes up as the first link on page one:

Of particular interest to us was this comment:

While we do not know if it is the same franchise that we originally contracted with, the coincidences / similarities of the situations are astounding.

Whether it is or isn’t the same outfit, let’s pose this question, which is worse?
The same problems repeated by one franchise, or multiple franchises creating the same problems? See a pattern?

In fact, there are very many such websites, web pages and blogs dedicated to this one company and its franchises illuminating the problems many many consumers have had with them.

Maybe a full list, a catalog if you, will should be compiled to help protect consumers? Maybe someone will do that.

To the authors of those posts in the provided links: We sincerely hope it is OK that we posted those links in our blog. We will gladly remove them if asked by those who are responsible for originally posting them, but since it is offering protection in providing similar information to potential consumers, we thought it was the right thing to do. We only want what is best for the consumers. Just respond via the comments option. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Don’t you just love the attitude and gall from Re-Bath representatives when the reality of their product and “service” is exposed?

This was posted as a response to this blog by who we are quite sure is the Re-Bath franchise “owner” that created the mess we have:

If you find a self cleaning bathtub or shower please let us know! Rebath should come by every now and again so they can clean the body oil and soap scum off you shower. Why dont you just get another fucking shower if you dont like this one you fucking cry baby!!!
June 19, 2010 7:27 AM

How much does that make anyone want to have this company do anything for them?
Is this just another example of those great people skills Mr. (supposed) Manager/Owner of Re-Bath in Long Beach?
No wonder the business name was changed. Oh wait, still doing Re-Bath but also Designer Bath now? What is the problem with that ever so wonderful product "Re-Bath", that another franchise name is warranted?
Call it what you want, but the principle character is still there and this response shows the unethical nature of Re-Bath representatives, as we are convinced who this is from.

And you can see the level of “courtesy” this childish and vindictive individual displays years after we have tried to move on. We are still being taunted and harassed.

No better words than those from the person we are sure is the culprit to illustrate the problems you too will have if you hire the Re-Bath we did, and possibly any other Re-Bath franchise. We can only speak from our experience. But this is too much.

(Funny how the salesman showed pictures of the great work they had done, but would not provide any actual references, now we know why. Stock photos we'll bet. Probably are the same in all the catalogs. No real satisfied customers maybe?)

Don’t you just love the “cry baby” term? This likely from a kid playing "owner" who threw a tantrum and sued us because "his franchise" at "his control" refused to finish the job or honor the contract and failed to be properly licensed? Shameful.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mildew and Mold. Yep, that’s what we call Re-Bath Quality!

We have both a fan and a window where the Re-Bath installation was done, and we use the approved and recommended by Re-Bath cleaners daily. We live in a non-humid area, and it is pretty much summer at this posting time of this.
Too bad we have a terrible mildew problem now in our Re-Bath Shower. We point this out after another pain in the backside cleaning of the fungus.

We were told we would never have to worry about mold and mildew in our Re-Bath shower, but we now know firsthand about the level of “integrity” and “honesty” of Re-Bath sales people and franchise operators.

We were told that the adhesive and caulking had compounds (fungicides) in them to eliminate the possibility of mold and mildew. We wonder why it began grow so soon after the installation? Actually we know why, cheap materials poorly installed by people who mislead us when they told us about what we were being sold…

Another word of warning to all potential Re-Bath (or whatever new franchise name your local post Re-Bath "scammer" is using) customers. You would be well advised to not trust them. If you have a mildew or mold problem now and want them to relieve you of that problem, they probably won’t be able to do it. Don’t believe their B.S. promises, do some homework. The system they sold us does not work in our home and they will not honor their “guarantee”. The only possible guarantee is that you too will likely be dissatisfied.

Back to scrubbing… Maybe we will start posting photos to show the crappy work and subsequent reality of one of the worst mistakes we ever made, contracting with our local Re-Bath.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Company Name, Same Bad Ethics. Beware of Designer Bath

Looks like Re-Bath in Signal Hill is now going by the name of “Designer Bath” now.
Same dishonest people hawking the same low quality over-priced products. And you can bet the service is just as bad, after all, if Re-Bath was so great, why change the name? And just look at who the owner is, Randy Summy. The same person who ripped off many in Southern California as Re-Bath based in Signal Hill/Long Beach.

Don’t automatically buy into the “Service Magic Seal of Approval” either. Even if it were a reputable service (it very well may be…), the owner of Designer Bath in Signal Hill has shown himself to us to be a dishonest and very vindictive person. That is what you must concern yourself with, his track record and deceitful business history. Check out the history, it speaks louder than us.

If you have a problem, and speak up, you can very much expect to be harassed by him for a very long time as we are being.

Also please note that earlier in this blog (9-8-2008) it was addressed that the same Re-Bath franchise used to go by a different name before adopting the Re-Bath name, and it had a history of consumer complaints with the BBB when we researched Randy and Lloyd Summy of Long Beach.
Don't take our word, look it up. This doesn't replace you looking it up, but it will provide some insight.

Are we prophets? No, but you can see now how the cycle is repeating.
An excerpt from the above link:

“Once they get shut down, as so many of them have been, (and possibly one more on the way… Re-Bath of Ca…), they just open up again under another name and continue to rip people off.

That is exactly what Re-Bath of California did. Before they were Re-Bath of Ca, they were another fly-by-night bathroom rip off company that screwed enough people to get shut down.

Look up Lloyd Summy, protégé son Randy Summy’s daddy and the name “Bath Pro, CL 597621”.

Then after that it appears they used the name “LSRC corp. CL 645660”. That last CL number is the one Randy Summy claimed was his when he contracted with us as Re-Bath of Ca. We don’t think he is old enough to have earned that license when it is listed as being established in 1992.
A family of shysters as far as we are concerned.
Protect yourself; do not do business with them. We’d recommend no one ever do business with any affiliate of Re-Bath. We sure wish we had done a better job of research before we got suckered in. We thought we did enough checking about the reputation of Re-Bath before contacting them. But we didn’t. And that is the purpose of this blog, to help other potential victims avoid the nightmare of dealing with these Re-Bath franchises.”

Again, don't take our word for it look it up!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Unbelieveable! We Are Still Being Harrased By The Jerk(s) From Re-Bath After All these Years!

This jerk who either is, or is pretending to be, Lloyd Summy that is posting comments to this blog is proving to be quite an entertaining yet obviously unstable, pathological liar, or worse, true psycho stalker type in our opinion.
He is apparently back to sending repeated comments under the name "Anonymous" after using "his name" of Lloyd Summy.

Why would the "father" of the cheating manager of a poorly run Re-Bath franchise expend so much effort to hound a past Ripped-Off customer? Are we the only ones being harrased by this guy?
It is beyond us.
Is it part of the Re-Bath "How to screw the customer handbook"? Assuming there is one, but the amount of the same stories on the web is enlightening...

Plus, we never dealt or even so much as spoke with this "Lloyd Summy". We did have to contend with his dishonest (possibly mentally or emotionally challenged) son Randy, and that was distasteful enough to say the least. Like walking through a turd farm and not being able to scrape the poop off later. (Seems like we missed a piece now...)

Interestingly, we had a sense of mental instablity with this guy when we first had the "pleasure" of meeting him.

See an earlier post:
Here is a link to a post we made way back on 6-6-08 recounting the activities of the day 10-4-07.

Here is an excerpt from that post showing our astute observation made on 10-4-07 becoming a real possible concern now:

“We began to think he has psychological defects as well as being an apparent liar.” Scary? It is to us.

Despite what some people think, we are entitled to our opinion, and that is one we shared at that time. Very scary.

But it does illustrate yet one more reason to steer clear of Re-Bath and the people that operate some of the franchises. We thought we were done with this nightmare, but this vindictive jerk is still hounding us HOW MANY YEARS LATER!? Good grief! What does that tell you?
We will not be posting all the tripe this jerk continues to vomit up at us, but we are saving it for our protection.

And since we know you are reading this "Lloyd Summy/Randy Summy" and "Anonymous". Back off and leave us alone. Go away!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wow, it seems we struck a nerve again.

Someone claiming to be the daddy (Lloyd Summey) of the little weasel manager of the Long Beach Re-Bath, Randy Summey, is contacting us claiming he is a “board certified behavioral analyst”.

Unfortunately the idiot can’t even spell his made up profession correctly.
Whether it truly is who he claims he is doubtful since the message is full of the same babbling tripe as several earlier efforts they made. It’s probably the little weasel himself. Wonder if daddy knows his brat is dragging his name though the mud? From what we learned, the nut falls not far from the tree so it’s a moot point.

What a bunch of childish vindictive thieves. Not satisfied with ripping off customers, they take their cheating to a personal level of harassment.

Are these the kinds of people you would want to do any kind of business with?
Again we have to say it, Shame on Re-Bath and Shame on the Summeys.

And to think we haven't even been posting about the Long Beach franchise for a good 4 months... We thought it was finally over. Wonder what triggered this latest childish tirade?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Is Quite A Laundry List, A Dirty Laundry List. Shame On Re-Bath For Being Such Liars.

1st she said that Mark spent 30 minutes discussing the position of the door, that is a HUGE LIE, he showed me by holding it up in the middle and said” this is where it will go” Nothing more!! I agreed to it. Then he put it in a different spot!

2nd Jennifer said I said ok to the spot because of the door frame…it costs $1.12 let’s be serious, all I wanted was the shower to be done correctly.

3rd Jennifer stated that I signed off, yes I did only after complaining about the door position to mark! It was 11pm and he said nothing could be done!

4th she said I called back 2 weeks later it was only 7 days and we buried my Dad in the middle of it.

5th she said I told someone I was delighted, I have never used that word to describe this mess. I said it was fine and wrote an email because Matt pushed for it to end the photo op!

6th she said I wanted it moved because I wanted to gain a half inch, what I said is it looks wrong and is the exact opposite of what we had and hated!

7th she said she met with the installers and managers to discuss this; she was on the phone with me the whole time in one call. She talked to only me.

8th she said I was given an opportunity to have doors installed this way when the job was originally done, and that I opted to follow our standard procedure of leaving the entry door frame intact and moving the door 1/2" on threshold That was never said to me never offered to me and I told them the moment I saw it off centered. It was 1/8 of an inch from the inside of the shower….see photos.

9th She said she explained that Re-Bath would move the door, against their better judgment, but that she would have to pay for that service and understand the charges would be needed to cover the added labor and the risks that would ensue. She said I agreed to a $175.00 fee for this service. This is not what was said to me by any stretch, she complained that the door might break and that was her only concern. She asked for the money and I explained it was not my fault that it was installed correctly. I talked while she yelled and finally she agreed to do it right!

10th Jennifer wrote When the installer arrived, Ms. Tuccelli stated she understood she would be charged, allowed him to perform the work, but then refused to pay when it was completed I was told it would be $175 at the start yes, but I did not say a word I walked away and let him fix it. I had not agreed to pay anything and had no intention to pay more to have it done right.

11th Jennifer said, Two weeks later the doors did in fact begin to leak, which was my exact concern from the start. It was 7 days again, and it was not her concern she was afraid of it breaking.

I am blown away at the lies this woman tells and how she is trying to make it look like it was something we did wrong and not her.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The BBB Is Not Your Ally, They Just Want The Money From The Businesses And Will Not Really Help Consumers

Friday November 6 2009 I received a letter from the BBB and Jennifer flat out lied thru the whole rebuttal that she posted to them.
(Wow, the exact same thing happened when we filed a complaint with the BBB. The Re-Bath franchise owner lied about everything, even made up a few juicy libelous bits…Hmm, maybe it was slanderous when the little weasel told it to the person at the BBB. Slander, libel, regular conversation for Re-Bath agents... -Hal)
I made a copy.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Amazing How Difficult It Is To Get Hold Of These Cheating Liars Isn’t It? Customer Dis-Service!

11:02 am on October 24, 2009, I am really upset that they charged me, even though it was not the original deal she made with me and then hung it over our heads to fix the leak. (Is that extortion?-Hal)

That woman is a liar and a cheat!

I sent an email with this whole story to Matt at his email and tried to see if she gets it, I do not know her email address I guessed since Matt’s was, I figured I would try.

I want her to see just what we went thru during our Re-Bath experience.
(Sadly we think she is aware, standard operating procedures and all...-Hal)

I also made a copy of this story and I am mailing it to Re-Bath LLC 421 W Alameda Dr, Tempe AZ 85282.
I got that address from the Re-bath site.

I also sent it to at 11:16 and to at 11:31 which I got from the BBB. I also filled out a complaint to the BBB.

October 24, 2009 At 12:01 I received this
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
Delivery to the following recipients was aborted after 1 second(s):

Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Difficult Can It Be To Do A Job Correctly, Especially For What They Charge?

October 24th 8:40am Kevin arrived, he was polite and nice to deal with, I showed him the leak and he and I poured water on the suspected spot where it was leaking into and out of, and the water came thru.
A small one inch strip that leaked.
So he is now putting the silicone on the spot.

At 9:02am Kevin finished, he said not to shower in there for three hours to let it dry. He said there should not be any problems now, and if there is to just give them a call. (Yeah, we've heard that before!-Hal)

I said thanks and joked that the one inch hole cost me $175.00 he said yeah I know sorry.
He said that should be the last of it. I thanked him and he left.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Honesty And Re-Bath-Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum…

October 28th 2009, at 11:35am, I opened my email and I received an email from Jennifer.
It is dated Monday at 3:29pm I am disappointed at the response. I saved it.
I sent a reply at 12:04pm with the shining examples of her honest business.

October 28th at 2:21pm, I received a call from Re-Bath headquarters from Amy.
She told me she received my email and was very sorry, she told me she would “feel the EXACT SAME WAY AS I DO”.

She said they are taking actions. (Yeah, but for or against the customer?-Hal)

I explained I felt the $175.00 that I was strong armed into paying was not right and she agreed. We talked about it and she said to call her if I needed to for anything and that she would handle this. She gave me her phone number 480-844-2596.

I told her I reported this to the BBB and she said she understood how I felt and agreed that I should NOT have paid more to have it corrected.

She gave me the address of to send the replies from Jennifer, I sent them all.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And We Are Back To The “Simple” Re-Bath Lies… And Avoidance

October 22nd Thursday. We have not heard from Re-Bath, so George called at 9:11am and Jennifer was not in yet, the person told him that they only received the check yesterday (Wednesday), when he inquired, and would have Jennifer call him back.

There is no way a piece of mail coming out of Marlboro (the main post) took 6 days to arrive, it was there on Monday. Marlboro has direct mail it doesn’t go out to another site to be shipped, it ships from there. So again we wait for Jennifer to call us back. (Standard Operatimg Procedure For Re-Bath.-Hal)

At 11:50am George called Re-Bath again to see if Jennifer was in, he was told she was still not in.

At 1:00pm George called Re-Bath again and was told Jennifer was not in.

At 2:00pm George called Re-Bath again and he spoke to Ginny or Ginnine. He was told Jennifer was not in again, he asked if she was expected in?
She said she just stepped out.
George asked is she the owner?
Ginny said yes, he asked if she has a cell number to call, she said she would call and have Jennifer call him.

At 2:30pm Someone from Re-Bath named Dianne called George and told him that on Saturday (not Thursday or Friday like he was promised by Jennifer) Kevin would be coming to our house between 7 and 8am, George said how about 8-9am? (It would seem to be a miracle if this guy comes on time by their track record…- Hal)
She said ok between 8 and 9am to fix the leak.
He said ok.

Again not for nothing but once again Jennifer did promise George that if she got the check by Wednesday, and according to them they did, that she would have someone here on Thursday or Friday… Re-Bath strikes again changing things around, saying one thing and doing another!

(It’s called lying... Our guest is very polite, but we have no problem calling Re-Bath agents what they are, liars and cheats.-Hal)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yeah, ONE-DAY, STRESS FREE, My Behind!

On October 18th George was on line looking up info on Re-Bath he laughed when he saw the “one day Stress free” line on their site.
He also found a place to register our warrantee card so he filled it out today.

Can you imagine this has been 4 months since we started with re-Bath! (Sadly we don’t have to imagine, it was much longer in our case. It appears to be the norm for this company of lying cheats.-Hal)

To date I have spent a total of 36 days on the phone with Re-Bath, or having work done here by Re-Bath, or photos taken here by Re-Bath or waiting for Re-Bath to never show up here to take photos in a total of a 4 month time span… Just sickening!
(Not 2 days and not stress free by any stretch of the imagination) It cost us a total of $8,033.00

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back To That Pesky Problem of Re-Bath “Honoring” Their Own Warranty…

We talked about it and decided to pay her since they won’t fix the leak unless we do. (Is that extortion? Just asking...-Hal)

George called back, She said when I get the check we will come out.
He said if you have it by Tuesday or Wednesday, when will we see you?
She said by Thursday or Friday the 22nd or 23rd of October. He said fine we will send the check today.

She asked why we didn’t just move it or have it moved? (As if we don't know the answer...-Hal)
He said because we were told by your sales men Chris that if we touch anything on our own we void our warrantee, she said oh that would not have applied. (I think a lot of what our salesman told us was BS!)

(We think a lot of what Re-Bath told us was a bunch of BS too! And you can bet if you do touch anything, Re-Bath will play that voided warranty card, as if they would actually cover any of their own supposed warranty anyway.-Hal)

George said she yelled a lot and was a total Bitch to deal with but when he agreed to pay her she calmed down and talked about doing it.
So I just wrote check number 2912 to Re-bath for $175.00 and in the note area wrote paid under duress and I stuck a sticky note on it saying Promised Thursday or Friday October 22 or 23. I am so sick and tired of this freaking bathroom!!!!!!!and Re-Bath!!!!!!!!!
It has been two years since we started this bathroom remodel and we are in the same spot that we started in it does look nicer but is functioning the same, I want to move just to get away from the shower! I REALLY HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Uh-Oh, This Is Not Good!

October 13th 9pm, my husband George just showed me the leak in the shower, it is dripping slowly onto the floor in the exact spot as the one we replaced, the same place that ruined the floor we put down that was replaced by Re-bath.

This is NOT good!
(Same thing happened to us, except there was never a leak until Re-Bath created them. Yes, them, plural.–Hal)

I told George I am done dealing with them and told him to call and handle it from here. I don’t ever want to have to deal with such unprofessional people again.
October 14th. George called Re-bath and spoke to a girl who had Dan, who was our plumber, call him back. Dan said he would call and set up a time with me that day. Dan never called.

October 16th Jennifer called and left a message at 1:47pm. Saying “I hear you’re having trouble with the door since we moved it, I want to talk to you about it, call me back.” George called back at 2pm.
He said to me after his call wow what a Bitch she is.
She insisted that she will not fix anything wrong with the shower till we pay the $175. From the shower door move. She said you can take us to court if you want. (Typical Re-Bath attitude, same as what we were met with.-Hal)
George said I have never heard that from a business before. He said she was stubborn and rude. (Again, so much just like our experiences with Re-Bath agents.-Hal)

He said to Jennifer let me ask you something, if you had a new roof put on your house and the gutters weren’t straight would you have them moved? She said “not if they told me not to.” George said so you would just live with it? She said yes. (We’re not buying it! You know damn well they would howl if they did not get what they wanted!-Hal) Your shower was done correctly as far as we are concerned. He said let me call you back.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Ever Happened To The ONE DAY-NO STRESS-NO MESS Guarantee?

Ok Kevin is done it is 11:52am he asked me to pay and I asked him to sit down and talk to me about this. I asked him if he felt it was done right the first time.
He said “ well…. yes it was but he should have told you before changing the plan, or explained why first.”
I explained the situation to him about how I didn’t feel like I should pay more to have this done and he understood and felt perhaps Mark should have asked first but he said he didn’t want to get involved.
He said he understood and said he would just tell them I declined payment. He was understanding and I told him I was sick to my stomach and shaking and showed him my hands. He told me to relax that it will work out in the end one way or another. He said someone from Re-bath will probably call me. He was understanding and I really feel bad. However I feel like this is how it should have been done the first time.
I wrote declined payment on the line where I was supposed to sign and dated it.
Under it I wrote this is how it should have looked the first time.

Kevin left and I am still upset. The shower looks right now, It would be perfect if it was in the exact center but it improved the whole room as far as I am concerned, there is no big shelf on the outside of the shower and it is more centered and looks right, it no longer looks cheap or like it was not done by a professional. By moving the door it also made the shower head more centered too. I am happy, FINALLY!

(No one should have to endure that kind of stress over an “easy” home repair. Remember the “NO STRESS” guarantee? Or the one that said they won’t charge until it is done right? Let alone the ONE DAY installation. Obviously Re-Bath doesn’t…-Hal)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unbelievable! Late Again, And Still Charging For Their Mistakes

It is October 6th It is 8:55am and Kevin just arrived out front.
(Almost one full hour late, and this from a guy who “likes to show up early”. Give me a break!-Hal)
He is polite and introduced himself. I showed him the door and he said that usually they bring them out as far as possible. I explained how it looks really bad from the inside.
He said I see why he did it this way, I said me too but it is not where it belongs and not where he showed me it was going to go and not where the ones in the show room are. He said we can fit that. He said you realize that some screws will show.
(Pre-emptive CYA?-Hal)

I said not really, I measured them all and he checked what I was saying and saw I was right no holes will show. He is now prepping the area.
My Mother just asked Kevin to also check the seat that seems loose he said he would.

Kevin just let me know that the bill for today is $175. I can’t believe they want me to pay to make this right, after all that BS on the phone!! EVERYONE says it is wrong my friends, a carpenter and their show room person even said it!
AND I AM SUPPOSED TO PAY???? This is so wrong.

I never actually did agree to pay for this, we did not make a deal I just said to her Jennifer would you just send a guy out to fix this?
(Re-Bath “warranty” at their finest…-Hal)

9:56am I am listening to Kevin on his cell phone explaining how he is moving over a (my) shower door, he said I have it all cleaned and out I am just getting ready to move it now. He acknowledged what a person on the phone said and then he said, well I guess we learned from this that when we change from the original plan we need to let the customer know first. He listened more, then he stared to discuss something about signs being needed today in Avon.
I think he even feels this was wrong, why would he say that about letting the customer know first? Because he knows what I was told and what I ended up with were two different things!
(Sadly, even if the installer seems to side with or have sympathy for the customer, in the end we found out it is only one of two things. The installer is lying, or he will be forced by Re-Bath to what is best for Re-Bath, regardless of the contract or agreement.-Hal)

I am sick to my stomach thinking about how he wants money at the end of this and that I can’t in good conscious pay. I can’t pay for something that was not done right the first time, when I already paid $8,000.00. I cannot justify paying $175.00 more to fix what they did wrong or what at minimum a customer (me) is not happy with. I am sick trying to work out in my head what I am going to say to Kevin. He is a really nice man who is doing a great job…I am SICK! I should not be put into this situation.
(No one should be put into that situation. It is criminal. Unfortunately we too were made physically sick from stress from the way we were mistreated by Re-Bath, by the local jerks all the way up to the corporate slime.-Hal)

Monday, January 11, 2010

So Easy A Caveman Could Have Done It?

On September 7th I called a couple of carpenters to look at what I wanted done in the bathroom, only one called back. The guy named John is coming on Wednesday. I want to be sure about the wood. I don’t feel it is a big deal to do but I need a professional opinion. I also took photos of the door position.

On Wednesday September 9th A carpenter named John McLaughlin from Waltham, MA came here to look at the wood and the shower. He said “this is so simple to do, all they had to do is scribe it out” I asked how much would he charge, he said “if I lived nearby I would do it for free, it would take but a few minutes, but since I have to come from Waltham it would be $25.00” He said “I don’t understand why they didn’t do it like that?”
(Ummm, because Re-Bath is in the scam business, not a true skilled trade business? –Hal)

On Thursday September 10th I phoned Re-Bath explaining I could not be available on Monday the 14th and asked Anna if she could reschedule. She was polite and said no problem and made the appointment for Tuesday October 6th 8 am with Kevin. I thanked her. She said no problem, but so you know he likes to arrive really early.
(That will be a first, if it happens...-Hal)
I said that’s fine. She was nice and polite.

Monday Oct 5th I got a call from Anna confirming that tomorrow Kevin was coming out to move the door on my shower. I said yes perfect. She said he will be here at 8am but he likes to show up early. I said ok!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Curse Is Not The Tub, It’s The People Who Sold It

On Tuesday September 1st I got my warrantee card back in the mail. It said return to sender on it by the post office.
I called Re-Bath and told them and they said oh just send it to our Pembroke office and we will send it in for you.
(Do you really think it ever got sent by these clowns? Perfect excuse, "we never got it".-Hal)
I asked if the company moved from the address and she said yeah a while ago just send it to us. I had sent it to the self addressed typed out form address of 1055 South Country Club Drive in Mesa AZ 85210-4613 but she gave me the Pembroke office of 55 B Corp. Park Drive in Pembroke Mass 02359.
I laughed when I looked at the form I had filled out a month before, it asked why I got the shower, and I had hand written in for more room.
I readdressed it and sent it out today. To date I have spent a total of 26 days (not 2) on the phone with or having work done here, or photos taken here or waiting for Re-Bath to never show up here in a total of 2 months time span. I feel like this tub area is cursed!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All She Wanted Was For Them To Properly Finish One Part Of The Job They Were Paid To Do

So I said to Jennifer, the shower is too small, and this door being where it is makes it even smaller. The shower is only 31 inches not 32 like I asked for. My wall was gouged by your men. The shower head is not centered like I specifically requested. The wall surround was supposed to come out to the hinge like I asked for and doesn’t and it took a week not two days like promised.
(That is five items just listed above Re-Bath did incorrectly if anyone wants a quick count.-Hal)
I am not complaining about any of that, just the door position!

She continued on and on about how it is only an inch!

I continued to say to her in a low voice trying to keep her yelling down still, there was no reason to be upset and no reason to yell, we are your customers and we are not happy.

She changed her attitude and calmed down a bit and stopped arguing AT me, not with me but at me. Jennifer said ok then Tuesday Sept 8th at 8:00 am.

I said fine that is great.
She then changed her mind and said how about September 14th at 8:00am? (Geez, what about accomodating a customer?!-Hal)

I said fine.

Jennifer said she is sending Kevin who is very detailed oriented and will do a great job.

I said fine, The 14th 8:00am is perfect.

She apologized.

I said no problem, I just want this right.

She said you are opening a can of worms with this, I just want you to know that something could break! (Wow, what confidence in your product and installers!-Hal)

I said as long as it looks right and functions properly when it is done then ok!

I was happy that I never raised my voice to her, even when she was yelling and acting very rude to me, I did not lower myself to her level. I was really upset when I hung up, I was glad I hung in there to insist on it being done right. Up until now I had nothing but good things to say about Re-bath and I would have recommended them to anyone, but after that call I am not sure….I doubt it.

My friends in Reading want me to say yes or no about them, he needs 2 whole tubs, if she fixes it right then I guess I will tell them the story and let them decide. She was so unprofessional and rude to me that I can’t believe they are in business, when I was handing over money they were so nice and polite, now that I have a problem they treat me like I have leprosy. I am shocked at how rude she was, I have never been spoken to like that by anyone that I have done business with….EVER!
(You sure seem to be one incredibly tolerant person.-Hal)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Since We Are (Re-Bath) Incompetent, We’ll Want You To Be Responsible For The Damage We Do To Your Home…

She talked very loud again, well really she never truly stopped yelling and was angry saying this is silly and she would not budge and she said if I didn’t pay more she would not help me. (Isn't that extortion? Really, isn't it?-Hal)

I asked her to stop yelling, and to calm down that there was no need to yell that we are just talking here, and I said again quietly do you just want to not deal with me? Is that it?

She said no but this is all over a half an inch I can’t believe it!

I again said we are not happy with it. I said please just send the guy out would you? I just want this done and done right and over with once and for all.

She said you are going to have to sign a waiver saying that if we break that door it isn’t our fault. (!?)

I said you think I should not only pay but to sign it off as not your fault too? (Yep, there's that lack of responsiblity we know all too well from Re-Bath. Wondering about the value of that Lifetime Warranty yet?-Hal)

She said yes because this is silly.
Can you believe the “logic” being used here? The customer is to be held liable for Re-Bath not doing their job, and the customer is called “silly” for having the good sense to stand up to this scam company!? Appalling!-Hal)

I said no it isn’t to us.

Then she said why didn’t you say something when you first saw it?

I asked her to stop yelling yet again and told her I could hear her just fine, I explained that it was 11pm when Mark finished, we were tired and I did ask why it was where it was. Mark explained it to us but we didn’t like it.
I said ok Jennifer, tell me what if I had insisted then and there at 11 pm that it had to be moved? He still would have had to take it off right? So what is the problem in doing it now?

She had no response. (Finally a logical response… Yes, more sarcasm. But really, what could she say?-Hal)

I said that the wall opposite the shower had a huge ding in it from Dan and I am not complaining about that either. I hated to say that the guy felt bad about it and I didn’t want to get him into trouble, but man, this woman is really yelling and trying to make me change my mind about something I don’t like after spending $8,000.00.
(We still are in disbelief at the amount of gall these Re-Bath agents show when they are caught doing the wrong thing, and how it always seems to be pointed out to the customer that it will cost them (Re-Bath )so much to fix, (i.e. do the right thing), when in reality all the customer is asking is to get what they were promised, sold and paid exorbitantly for.-Hal)

Monday, January 4, 2010

And Why Is It OK For The Customer To Have To Live With The Mistakes Re-Bath Makes?

I explained that the shower isn’t even 32 inches like I ordered and that it did not come out to the hinge like I requested and that I am not complaining about anything other than the door position.
Jennifer snapped and yelled it is 32 inches the rest is behind the wall. I said the shower measures 30 and 3/8 inches showing are you saying that more than 1 and a half inches is in the wall? The surround that you put up is only ¼ of an inch thick, how can that be?
She said this is all over the shower door being half an inch over? I can’t believe it!! Something could break…. The door could break by moving it.

I said it isn’t right. (Remember this folks, now that Re-Bath has the money, they consider the job done and WILL NOT HONOR THE WARRANTY! -Hal)

She argued that it is right and as far as she is concerned it is custom made and done right. (If it is custom made, why does it not fit? Just asking...-Hal)
I said Don’t you care that I spent 8 thousand dollars and we are not happy with the result?
She said it is right.
I said It does not look good.
She said well it is right I promise you that! (Again, we wonder if this woman has even seen what she is so vehemently arguing about, in our case almost the same thing happened. A person who had not seen the shower argued that we didn’t know what it should look like, not that she ever saw it...-Hal)

I asked if she is just blowing me off, and just didn’t want to deal with me because she sounded really upset.?
She said no, but this is silly.
I said not to us, it doesn’t look right. I said it might be ok as far as doors go, it functions, but aesthetically it looks bad.
She again said loudly this will cost her money to move it and how it could break the doors.
I said I didn’t feel like I should have to pay since it is not where the ones in the showroom are positioned and they look good and give you more room inside the shower and no shelf on the outside, just like we wanted ours to look and expected it to look. I explained we wanted what was shown to us in the show room.
She said there is no way to do it unless I pay $175.00.
I said that is not right and I asked her to lower her voice again.

I said I have told you that everything looks perfect, this is the only one problem we are complaining about and you don’t want to help me?
She said loudly well you said that it was great you wrote it in your email.
I said yes it is true it looks great and it really does, we love it, but we didn’t replace our old one on looks, it was for space. I only have one problem and that is the door position, Can’t you at least move it for us?
(Again we were surprised at how hard Re-Bath fought to tell us our crappy installation was the way it should be, even though what we saw and photographed in the showroom was much different, better. The moral here is don’t believe for a minute that they (Re-Bath) will make your installation look as nice as what they show you in the sales book or showroom.-Hal)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

With Customer Service Like This, How Are They Still In Business?

3 more days later on Aug 31st Jennifer finally called me back 27 days after my first call. She apologized for not getting back to me sooner. I said no problem. She asked me what exactly I wanted to have done. I told her as best I could explain over the phone what we wanted.
She was really upset and raised her voice yelling about the idea of moving it.
(She was upset? Why? Seems to us the upset one should be the customer that was not getting what was sold. -Hal)

I had the phone on speaker phone and my Mother stopped to look at me and mouthed who is yelling at you? I just nodded and tried to calm down Jennifer saying I don’t see why it is a problem.
I said Jennifer this is not done right, which she cut me off to insist it is right. I said look it doesn’t look right, I had others look at it and they felt the same. She got louder and said Oh Boy. Are you kidding me you want this moved a half an inch? I said no …one inch really, she kind of lost it and went on and on about how stupid this is and it is only one inch and something could break and how she doesn’t want to be responsible for it.
I tried to get her to quiet down by talking lower, but she kept talking loudly about how this would cost her around $900.00 to fix, and she can only do it if I split it with her. She kept saying I can’t believe this, for one inch!
I said look I spent $8,000.00 and I am not happy with it. My husband feels the same; we spent a lot of money, and would like it right. She snapped it is right!
(Had she even seen it?-Hal)

She said why didn’t you call right away? I said I told Mark right away and then I explained about my Dad [Passing away] and said I did call only 5 days after you guys finished here. I was a little busy with my Dad’s [Burial] plans to call you right away, and I have been calling each and every week for one month trying to get you to call me back.
(Besides, doesn’t it have a Lifetime Warranty?-Hal)