Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And We Are Back To The “Simple” Re-Bath Lies… And Avoidance

October 22nd Thursday. We have not heard from Re-Bath, so George called at 9:11am and Jennifer was not in yet, the person told him that they only received the check yesterday (Wednesday), when he inquired, and would have Jennifer call him back.

There is no way a piece of mail coming out of Marlboro (the main post) took 6 days to arrive, it was there on Monday. Marlboro has direct mail it doesn’t go out to another site to be shipped, it ships from there. So again we wait for Jennifer to call us back. (Standard Operatimg Procedure For Re-Bath.-Hal)

At 11:50am George called Re-Bath again to see if Jennifer was in, he was told she was still not in.

At 1:00pm George called Re-Bath again and was told Jennifer was not in.

At 2:00pm George called Re-Bath again and he spoke to Ginny or Ginnine. He was told Jennifer was not in again, he asked if she was expected in?
She said she just stepped out.
George asked is she the owner?
Ginny said yes, he asked if she has a cell number to call, she said she would call and have Jennifer call him.

At 2:30pm Someone from Re-Bath named Dianne called George and told him that on Saturday (not Thursday or Friday like he was promised by Jennifer) Kevin would be coming to our house between 7 and 8am, George said how about 8-9am? (It would seem to be a miracle if this guy comes on time by their track record…- Hal)
She said ok between 8 and 9am to fix the leak.
He said ok.

Again not for nothing but once again Jennifer did promise George that if she got the check by Wednesday, and according to them they did, that she would have someone here on Thursday or Friday… Re-Bath strikes again changing things around, saying one thing and doing another!

(It’s called lying... Our guest is very polite, but we have no problem calling Re-Bath agents what they are, liars and cheats.-Hal)

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