Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is it ironic that “Anonymous” posted a comment trying to tell the world about a new Re-Bath local to us?

Here is the post: “Rebath opened at a differnt location in Orange. Nice showroom!”

As long as people keep posting, we figure we can keep warning others… BTW, Nice job spelling there “Anonymous”, real “quality” spelling…

Sure, new location…, and probably the same way of “doing business” as we experienced too? At least if these recent reviews are considered.

There are pages of Re-Bath complaints (64 as of today…) here, and posted as recently as just a few days ago no less… :

Or this one, 86 COMPLAINTS! And new complaints less than a month ago:

But wait! There’s more:

It is not just a coincidence there are so many COMPLAINTS about Re-Bath.
Occam’s Razor comes to mind too.

If this new location is operated by the same people that were at or connected with the Signal Hill, Huntington Beach or Mission Viejo Re-Baths, we have no doubt it is another operation to rip people off.

In addition to that, beware when dealing with any person with the last name Summy, it has been our experience these people are out to rip us off.   Check it out for yourself, (or read previous installations of our blog here...).

Be very cautious folks. Do your homework, and double or triple check references. Re-Bath has proven to very many people to be an awful company to deal with. And if you think you speak to someone who thinks they got lucky and had good service, ask them about the warranty...

It seems from what is being shared all over the internet the warranty is worthless if you actually try to use it. (It was our firsthand experience too.) How much do you want to bet that if you can get a person to even look at your problem (created by Re-Bath) that they won’t claim it is either “your fault” or “not covered” by some loop hole despite the sales pitch of “We’re not happy unless you are”?

Be very cautious folks. Do your homework, and double or triple check references. Yes, we know we said that before, it is THAT important.   With today's economy, a scam like this could wipe you out!