Friday, August 29, 2008

Back To The San Diego Plumbers, Part 3. They Must Be “Official Re-Bath” with Ethics Like These…

On with the soap opera…:

Email sent 5-21-08
"Good Morning Mr. Murdock,
Again, I am astounded at the actions taken by agents of Re-Bath while supposedly attempting to rectify previous mistakes. I thought I had been clear to everyone I spoke with in making a point about stopping the shoddy work and the lying that has become the status quo for responses from Re-Bath franchise employees. When we would rhetorically say, what can go wrong next, it or something worse would.

The plumber that was dispatched not only showed up late, apparently using the same exact bogus excuse as the Re-Bath guys used to explain their tardiness on Saturday, ( we checked the traffic reports online and found no mention of these claimed accidents). OK, so it's just more of our time wasted, but to compound the matter, but the plumber flat out lied to me when I said the "clear silicone" sealant he used to secure the escutcheon looked white, but he said “it will dry clear because it is clear, just looks that way when wet”. I guess I should have made him redo it on the spot, but I figured after all that has happened, and considering the situation this these guys would not have the audacity lie to my face like that, and that I did not any proof it wouldn't dry as he said at the time. Now that it has dried, it has turned opaque white and looks and feels like it is just latex caulk, not even silicone.

Granted,it looks like we can finally use our shower, another 24 hours later, finally tonight. (That's five days without use of our shower this time due to S.D. Re-Bath's mistakes.) The repair needs to be done correctly at some future time.

But unfortunately there is more. I decided to test the shower this morning since we were not even given a demonstration to show that it worked properly by the installers on Saturday, or the plumber yesterday. Sadly the shower head sprays out the top of the enclosure over the door and onto the window. I tried to rotate the head to aim the spray inward but it has so many errant sprays it is of no use. I then noticed the shower head pipe coming out of the wall wiggled a very significant amount while I was rotating the shower head and the escutcheon around it is not fastened securely to the wall either. Another instance of a Re-Bath installer lying to our faces when we pointed out it did not look right last Saturday. Miguel told me he knew how to fix it and would secure it, then later told us he did secure it with putty. Sorry, it is not secure.

I have attached pictures showing the escutcheon caulking, the water spraying from the head, and how soaked the top of the door rail was after about 30 seconds of running the water. The water spray made it all the way to the toilet, and of course onto the floor in between.
We really would like our shower to be usable, I know that has been stated clearly many times, yet it is still substandard and not functioning correctly. You mentioned you had other technicians that have made many customers happy, maybe one of them should have been dispatched for this repair?

These may seem like petty or minor concerns to you, and if these were the only problems we had I would not be contacting you today other than to provide the contractors quote. But considering the events leading up to them, and the way the “service” call was orchestrated yesterday before even contacting me, it goes exactly to demonstrate the lack of honesty and integrity we discussed and that was shown by the Re-Bath franchise agents and certainly of Myrna's lies and fabricated theatrics she told you about our conversation. I welcome a three way call with you, her and I, if she wishes to explain herself. As I have mentioned multiple times, I do see a clear difference in the actions and attitudes between Re-Bath corporate and the Re-Bath franchise. That is a positive reflection for the most part on the corporate staff, and unfortunately a series of very negative experiences with the franchise people that seems to be escalating instead of them trying to help us.

So, this means the job attempted last Saturday and yesterday is still not completed correctly.
I’m not sure what I can do to repair the shower head to control the spray. I believe it needs to be replaced. We are compiling the "punch list" you requested as well as a list of compensatory damages to be addressed. We have the original repair request lists we’ve submitted in the past and will update them as quickly as we can.
Also attached is the contractors quote. I am looking forward to a prompt and fair solution to all of the problems as well as a timely response from you this morning.”

Yes, there are a few sugar coated lines in there, as it is often said, you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. We were trying to give these cheats the benefit of the doubt and be civil too, we actually always have been civil to them despite our feelings toward them, there really is no reason not be, except after being figuratively kicked in the teeth repeatedly by them…

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back To The San Diego Plumbers, Part 2. They Must Be “Official Re-Bath” with Ethics Like These…

OK, so it is still Tuesday 5-20-08. We now have to leave work and race home to meet the plumbers who are supposedly already en route and should be at there at 11:00AM, which does not leave much time to get there.
But you see it really isn’t a rush after all. The Re-Bath people lied again. The plumbers were told to meet at our home at 12:00 noon; at least we're told that by their dispatch when called to see why they are so late. (See below email for their priceless excuse!)
Hmmm, did Re-Bath lie to force us to be inconvenienced yet again? Plausible possibility.
Or are the plumbers lying to cover their behinds for being late? Also a logical take on the situation.
But a truly tough call considering the blatant dishonesty both parties have already exhibited, and sadly will continue to exhibit in the future.

To recount the experience of dealing with the plumbers this time, below is the email drafted and sent to Norm Murdock the following morning.
We were so taken aback about the malicious lies told by Myrna we didn’t relay this information to Norm after returning to the office and calling him. Plus more issues became apparent that evening when we returned home and we saw the truth of what they had done.

Oh yes, almost forgot… We asked for the paper work the plumber conveniently avoided providing me with when he skated out ever so quickly on Saturday. He gave me a B.S. song and dance about “Only if we pay him now…”.
We pointed out he is by law required to provide us with this paperwork. He said he will have Re-Bath send it. Yet another lie as it turns out...
We for one will never deal with Pat’s Pronto Plumbing after the experiences we had with them on the two occasions they came to our home. We caught them in multiple lies and they tried to hard sell us with over priced plumbing items we did not even need, but they made it sound like our home was in dire peril if we didn’t allow them to “fix” something that was not broken. They are in fine company with Re-Bath. No wonder they work together!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Re-Bath of San Diego Manager Goes Off The Deep End

After we sent the email to Mryna at San Diego Re-Bath, an immediate response call was received from Heidi Seyler at the Re-Bath corporate office (about 10:30AM) informing us they had dispatched a plumber to our home and they would be there at 11:00AM. She was told she should have checked with us first as we were not even home. She told me to call Myrna in San Diego.
(But Heidi said she had dispatched the plumber. Now Myrna’s in charge? Hmmm, sounds fishy doesn’t it...)

Coincidentally (?), Myrna called when hanging hung up with Heidi. Here’s where it starts sounding like a soap opera or a bad sitcom. This Myrna woman showed her true self and the depths of dishonesty she is willing to lower herself to try to screw someone when she feels she’s been caught doing the wrong thing.

An email was drafted with notes taken in real time during this conversation with Myrna, but we decided to wait and send it to Mr. Murdock after meeting the plumber at our home. We thought we'd give them the benefit of the doubt (huge doubt by this time) and see if they could redeem themslves by rectifying the situation and we didn't want to make any additional waves so to speak. Unfortunately for us, they were going to try to create a tsunami instead of work to fix the damage they caused.

We were literally dumbfounded when we received the below email upon returning to the office.

From Norm Murdock on 5-20-08:
"I am being told by San Diego Re-Bath that they called you prior to sending out a plumber to repair your faucet today but that you erupted at them & threatened a lawsuit. This is not consistent with what we agreed upon today. Please advise.


Norm Murdock, CFE
Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

Well it is 100% B.S. for one thing.

What Myrna did not know is that I was at work during that conversation and in an office where loud noise is not acceptable or tolerated, and have witnesses that will back up the assertion that I never raised my voice. One of them coincidentally was a police officer. (Good thing we have speaker phones...) She was totally fabricating the “incident”. What a liar! But then again… She is a Re-Bath representative…

Mr. Murdock was immediately called and sent the below email, while speaking to him. This is the one drafted in real time during the conversation with Myrna about 10:30 AM on 5-20-08, but delayed sending:

“Mr. Murdock, Apparently the art of finding new ways for Re-Bath franchises to further inconvenience us continues. I was treated to a verbal assault by Myrna when she called to inform me a plumber was on the way to my home. I asked her why she would send a plumber to a residence without even checking to see if anyone was there to allow entry. She then claimed she was tired of me threatening her (?!). When I asked her to explain that rather strong and false declaration, she refused to address it.
What she is unaware of is that I am at work in public earshot of many people, and just I don’t make threats. After repeatedly asking her to clarify just what she deemed a threat, she claimed my comment of “if she can’t help us, we will find other avenues” was meant as a threat. I beg to differ, really.
I don’t need this abuse. Why is it continuing, even could be deemed escalating? After all the problems incurred by us due to these peoples’ incompetence, this treatment is more unacceptable than ever.
To top it off, I had to leave work, loose work time and incur the added fuel cost to go home, only to wait for almost a hour for the plumbers to arrive at 12:40, not the 11:00 (or 12:00 I was told after I arrived home and waited for 40 minutes). Just another “normal” way Re-Bath franchises work apparently.
I’m requesting something be done form the corporate level in a positive direction, not this uncalled for and unwarranted petty game playing and time wasting and especially the lying has to stop.”

Wow, what a lying psycho whack job she is! And she is in charge of what Re-Bath claims is one of their very best franchises. This is one of the best?! Be afraid American Consumers, Be Very Afraid! Better yet, just avoid contact. We pity the poor soul who may meet her via a fender bender or some such other altercation. You know no matter what, it could not ever be her fault...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Re-Bath of San Diego and Re-Bath Corporate Drop the Ball Again and Leave Us with No Shower

Now Tuesday May 20th has rolled around and we have not had the use of our shower for another four days now due to the total and unrelenting incompetence of Re-Bath. We were told on Saturday the 17th that a plumber would be dispatched on Monday the 19th, but Re-Bath drug it’s feet and did not do what they said they would.
(Wow News Flash! Re-Bath Lied!? Naw, it happens all the time, put it on the back page, old news...)

We called Myrna at Re-Bath S.D. since she did not provide us with a valid email address the last time we spoke on the day before. (BTW, Talking with her is not an enjoyable experience, at least for us.)
There is no excuse for disabling a customer’s shower and then refusing to put it back in working order ASAP. You can’t tell us what Myrna, and possibly Heidi, were doing by causing delays wasn’t punitive, and Myrna had a copped really bitchy attitude towards us on the phone, but then again she showed that side of her back when her workers were late several weeks ago too.
After trying to get some action to get our shower back in working order via phone calls, we realized we were going to need a paper trail, so to speak, so we went back to reiterating most of our phone conversations in emails and Word documents, it was a way to keep things honest as the written word can cut down a lot on hearsay, and time has a way of twisting some memories. We had no idea how correct and beneficial that line of logic would turn out to be.

We had to call Re-Bath corporate now since Myrna was claiming it was out of her hands, yet she was the one who was to dispatch the plumber from San Diego. We never should have trusted her to initiate dispatching a plumber as we were told.
(Yeah, we really should have heeded that old Aesop’s Fable. Kick me once shame on the ass, kick me twice, shame on me. Ha, just noticed that, “ass”, how ironically appropriate!)
But really, who would expect anyone to believe that someone in Tempe Arizona would be required to dispatch a plumber from San Diego California to drive to Los Angeles California? We still don’t believe it. Why not use a good “local to the problem” plumber and expedite the repair instead of inconveniencing the customer as much as possible?

Hmmm, think we just hit on another something there; it is all about treating us as bad as they can get away with at this point. It’s the only thing that really jibes with the facts.

At this point it was getting ridiculous how they were saying it was everyone else’s responsibility and acting like we were really unreasonable for wanting a shower (our primary shower) to be useable! And this over a “One Day Installation” that was supposed to be finished about 8 months ago!

Re-Bath really sucks, (for lack of a better term)! But then again, they sure seem to try hard to. At least they can accomplish that one something they set out to do... They certainly have proved to us they cannot do what they advertise though.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Re-Bath Corporate VP Sends a B.S. Email

On 5-19-08 we received this response from Norm Murdock, a VP of Re-Bath corporate. We thought he was going to finally take some responsibility and try to make something right in this mess.
We found his choice of wording in his first paragraph particularly interesting, especially the second sentence.
And also the second to the last sentence in the last paragraph.

Don’t want to ruin the story for you, but it is pure unadulterated poppycock. Or, well, really much worse… I’m sorry; I have to throw the bullshit flag with this pant load he wrote, or more likely pulled off the company apology list.
Please remember, it has been eight months since this started and he has known about it for most of that time, and we have had prior contact with him and the President of Re-Bath, Dave Sanders.
Anyhow, please read on:

"Heidi Seyler forwarded your e-mail to me below.First of all let me apologize for the unpleasant experience you have hadwith Re-Bath. We aim to complete all customers' jobs in a timely fashion totheir complete satisfaction.Here are the facts as I understand them. The work was originally completedunsatisfactorily by Re-Bath of CA. We then dispatched San Diego Re-Bath tofix the problems with the original installation that you were not satisfiedwith. I understand that the urgent issue today relates to a loose plumbingvalve/faucet; Heidi is working with San Diego Re-Bath to try to get aservice technician there tomorrow (Tuesday) to repair. I also understandthat there may be some water damage associated with a leaky valve/faucet forwhich you are getting an estimate to repair & you will forward to us uponreceipt.What I am unclear about are any other "punch list" items that need to becorrected from the work completed by San Diego Re-Bath. If you could provideus a detailed list of these items, we can work with them to address. Wewould like to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & makesure you are fully satisfied. Please feel free to e-mail this list directlyto me.
Norm Murdock,
CFEVice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC421 W Alameda DrTempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199"

All we could think of from reading that was: Yeah, right Mr. Murdock, we’d like to believe you, really we would. But look at the track record of all the Re-Bath employees we have had the awful experiences dealing with. We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for now, we are fair people, certainly a lot fairer sounding than your cohorts, and we will give you the opportunity to prove those words true, if you can!
As much as we hoped, we knew deep down he would probably still try to cheat us, and we were right, he did.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Re-Bath Bait & Switch Tactics

So, let’s see if we can understand how Re-Bath apparently does Bait & Switch for these items. They sell you on a product and it’s such a great item that you will not need the lifetime warranty it supposedly comes with. But they actually install a cheap low quality item that fails in a very short amount of time. But since they did not install what they sold you, it is not covered under the warranty. Is that how it works? Sure seems unfair.

Let’s see, how many items do we feel we were “Baited & Switched” on by Re-Bath?
Well, for one, the thickness of the wall panels they installed is substantially less than the sales samples they showed us. We do have a sample of left over material from the installation, and from the sales samples to prove it.
Another is the above/previously mentioned shower head(s).
The seat for the shower is another item that was switched on us and failed very early on as mentioned in an earlier blog post. They didn’t even mount it to the studs as they claimed they would.
The adhesive is another Bait & Switch type item since one of the selling points was no mold or mildew due to the use of fungicidal adhesives. We did get mold, and they didn’t use fungicidal adhesive.
We were sold a grab rail, but it was never provided or of course installed. They were supposed to come back a third time since they “forgot” it twice originally. We don’t know if that truly is Bait & Switch since they probably only ripped us off on that one. Is that worse? Maybe it’s fraud too?
We found out that the Re-Bath shower pan originally installed by Re-Bath of Ca was a cheap Home Depot type item that retails for about $200.00. Not the higher quality one we were shown and ultimately had installed by Re-Bath of S.D. (Hey they did end up by default doing the right thing on that one point, still it nowhere near offsets for all they troubles they caused.)
They got us in on the quick and non invasive, easy (One Day Installation, No Mess, No Stress and No Inconvenience) pitch. They knew they could not do it, yet they charged us a premium for this “service” and fully failed to deliver it. Seems like Bait & Switch, but we think it is really more like Fraud or maybe Breach of Contract?
They also promised us a written warranty contract to protect us from things like a leak (which so ironically and sadly happened) but reneged on as soon as they took our money.

Gotta say it again, they were caught being flat out liars. We made it clear that without this agreed upon additional warranty, there was no sale. Again, not sure if it constitutes a true Bait & Switch, but it definitely has a “Switch” characteristic to it to us, and the Bait part is they were well aware they would not get the job unless they provided the document (or lied as they did).
So to summarize, there are these eight items in the Bait & Switch arena:
1- Overall Wall System
2- Shower Head
3- Shower Seat
4- Mold Resistant Fungicidal Adhesive
5- Grab Rail
6- Shower Pan
7- Time Frame to Install, and not be Intrusive.
8- Withdrew additional warranty they promised before we agreed to contract with them.

Suffice to say, it is obvious that Re-Bath salespeople, and as far as we are concerned all Re-Bath employees, will say anything to make the sale as well as supplement the sales pitch with representations of items that are far superior to the actual products they install.
Call it what you will, Bait & Switch, Fraud, Lying, Cheating, maybe even Larceny in some cases, (We think it might have been attempted larceny with their trying to take our shower head. It was of value and we stated we wanted to keep it.), the bottom line is we were Ripped-Off by Re-Bath and odds are from our experiences you will be too if you deal with them.

And as if they are not satisfied with installing cheap junk after selling you a perceived quality item, they haul away your old stuff that can be better than what they are installing!
Thankfully we were able to retrieve from the first installers the high dollar and high quality shower head we had when they originally tried to do the install. We made it clear that we wanted to keep it, but they still took it and buried in the back of their truck, we're pretty sure they were hoping we would forget about until they left with it. Even when we called them on it, it took several reminders and walking one of them out to the truck and making him dig it out to give it back.
The next day when we asked where some of the other old items were he told us they took it all to the dump. When they went, we can’t imagine. They left too late to go to the dump they said they went to, and were supposedly tied up the morning. We suspect they reuse a lot of what they take from Re-Bath remodels and sell or otherwise profit from it.
It reeks of unethical actions, and downright dishonesty in the case of our showerhead.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Re-Bath Hiding Defects

Maybe the reason they did not show us how the shower worked before they left was because it didn’t work properly? It sprayed water almost everywhere except where you would stand to take a shower. It shot out over the door and sprayed all the way to the toilet as well as dousing the floor and spraying the window. Remember the floor is now partially exposed unfinished wood and maybe they figured throwing more water on a floor they already damaged and a sub-floor they already damaged is no big deal. But that is assuming they actually thought about it, which we were beginning to doubt now as they have not exactly exhibited themselves to be all that sharp.

When testing the shower we also noticed that when we tried to rotate the shower to at least make it useable in the interim, the pipe coming out of the wall was not anchored. Can’t these fools do anything right!? Especially after the damage they have already caused!

Now, when we were sold this new shower system we were sold metal fixtures. It was stated very clearly that they were high quality metal shower heads, one fixed and one hand held, both with shower massage features. Instead, they brought and installed cheap Chinese made plastic shower heads. Even with our soft water this piece of cheap plastic crap only lasted about 6 months. And guess what, they tried to claim it was not part of the lifetime warranty now. Funny, it was when they sold it to us. Oh yeah, but they sold us a high quality metal unit…

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Re-Bath B.S. And a Recap of This Mess Sent to Re-Bath Corporate.

They re-hung the shower door and made a point to show us how straight it was. (What happened to “we hang them crooked to keep the water in”?) But even though the door was hung straight, the track was installed a little crooked now. And the white flecks of caulk were still in the silicone?! How the hell did they do that? Even after we pointed it out again, and they said they would fix it right away, they still left it in there. Yep, real honesty with these boys... They did cut into the silicone and make it look worse before leaving though.

They did not show us that the shower worked because they said it would void the warranty if it got wet during the first 24 hours. Hmmm, that didn’t stop them on earlier occasions…

The following is the email we sent Heidi Seyler on 5-19-08, two days after the latest attempt.

”Hello Heidi,
I wish I could say the installers did a good job on Saturday the 17th of May 2008; unfortunately, there is now a much larger problem caused by the Re-Bath installers. I know you and corporate Re-Bath did not have any first hand control over these situations, but the facts remain as stated below.

The first time Re-Bath of California did the installation back on October 5-6, 2007, they left us with a leak where they installed the mixer valve behind the wall. I know we discussed this when we spoke the afternoon of April 4th 2008. As you may recall, I even pointed out that I was not asking for Re-Bath to compensate us for the damage done to our kitchen ceiling at that time since it was not visible due to kitchen cabinets covering the damage. Well, now things have gotten very bad.
When Re-Bath of San Diego did the re-install March 21-22, 2008, they said they fixed the leak created by Re-Bath of California, but in actuality they left an even larger leak and now the ceiling of our kitchen has a big sag in it due to that leak. It is damp and mushy to the touch and the seams of the panel are showing the stress, you can also see in the texture of the ceiling where the nail heads are. I went into my attic while Re-Bath of San Diego was here and we looked at the ceiling from above; (they could see it through the hole in the bathroom wall); it had a layer of standing water mixed with construction debris. Of course I cleaned it up and dried it best I could, but the damage had already been done. The leak also flooded the drywall behind the fixture panel and water logged the bathroom floor to point of warping it. We are not talking about the floor covering, the actual wood floor under the floor covering is now water damaged and warping.
Luis called Pat’s Pronto Plumbing in from San Diego to fix the bad plumbing joints done by both of the earlier Re-Bath attempts. We were informed they are the official Re-Bath plumbers. The plumber looked at the damaged ceiling and told us there would be no problem with Re-Bath’s insurance taking care of it.
I provided new wood to replace the waterlogged pieces, and Luis and Miguel replaced the drywall in the bathroom before installing the replacement acrylic panel.
After almost nine months of water leaking inside a wall and on top of the downstairs ceiling, we now have a major mold concern. To compound that issue, the adhesive used to install the panels does not have any mold resistance properties even though that was a big selling point made by Re-Bath and we were incorrectly told by Luis that the sealant they use does have said properties. Here is a link the products website: We had mold growth in the shower after only a few months of the first installation (done in Oct. ’07) and we now have an overly inviting environment created by Re-Bath for mold growth with no barrier or protection to keep it from growing.
We are also left with a warped bathroom floor and ruined kitchen ceiling, both caused by the leak. We have contacted a licensed contractor for a quote to make the repairs to the ceiling and floor.
And as if that isn't enough frustration created for us by the installers, they did such a hack job to our wall installing the same panel last time we now have to live with the bad alignment and sloppy caulking again. Don't worry, we're not asking for them to replace it, we see now it is a task beyond their abilities and have decided we will just cut our continuing losses and just live with it. We just need our bathroom floor and kitchen ceiling repaired.
This originally “just one day”, then “just two day installation” has mushroomed into now almost nine months, so far, of aggravation, stress and inconvenience, and now we have to endure more intrusion into and disruption of our lives to have two additional major repairs performed all because of Re-Bath agents damaging our home. We have not been unreasonable in our requests for a decent job to be done in a timely manner. It is utterly amazing to us that so many things can go so wrong at the hands of the employees of this company, especially after being treated as we were from the start of work by Randy Summy/Re-Bath of California. Never once has a Re-Bath agent/employee shown up on time for us, ever! They always end up staying late and rushing when performing work, to the detriment of the job.
We do fully realize you have tried to help us, and we thank you for your efforts and expect you to continue to help us, but we have been ripped off by this whole ordeal for far more than the money we are out of pocket.
Attached are some pictures showing the damage.
I will call you during the day if I don't hear from you during the morning, Monday May 19, 2008.”

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Unprofessional Behavior From Re-Bath and Re-Bath Allies

The water had to be shut off and instead of allowing us to call our local responsible regular plumber; they had one sent from San Diego, probably over 100 miles away.
Yes, it took hours for them to arrive, and yes it was very inconvenient again.
We were even treated to a hard sell scare sales pitch by them to have them install a $490.00 valve so our pipes don’t burst. What a load of hogwash.
They claimed they were the official Re-Bath plumbers for all installations from Los Angeles to San Diego.

We asked why this was the first time they were ever here as every Re-Bath install attempt done here required a plumber. It’s interesting that they have an “official” plumber, but choose not to use them twice at the expense of our home due to the leaks they caused. Or he could just be lying? We’ll leave that one out there without making a definitive call.

We will say that he refused to provide any paperwork regarding the work done on our home. We must have asked a half dozen times, and he said he would only provide documentation if we paid him right then. For repairing incorrectly done plumbing by Re-Bath? Well, it seems they are just as ethical as Re-Bath, birds of feather you know.
He did finally agree to leave a work order documenting what work was done. But he high tailed it out as fast as he could without providing it. Yes, we consider that to be dishonesty.

We got the water turned back on and they went back to work on the installation, but they still managed to screw it up by hacking up the wall to the point they had to extend the wall panel out and leave partial tiles to cover the additional damage they caused. It looks like a second grader did the job, an uncoordinated second grader at that. This was one of the main points of the cosmetic side of the installation we were concerned about. It was discussed every step of the way, yet they still were able to screw it up AGAIN! We cannot believe how stupid these jerks are! Or are they ignorant? Or do they just not care? Sadly it is the consumer who ultimately has to live with this crap.
They were unable to make any of the wall panels look like much more than a patch job.

We also noticed that despite the sales pitch of using mold and mildew proof adhesives to attach the wall panels, the stuff they were using this time had no such fungicides in it. The earlier installations used an adhesive with fungicides, but then again, we saw how well that worked. We know this because we read the labels on the tubes during each installation.
When we asked about this discrepancy we were met with the tactic of “we won’t finish if you don’t let us use it and then you won’t have a shower”. Great, childish threats again, ho-hum… Then it was back to the old “it’s what Re-Bath always uses”. That was a lie too… No surprise, but very tiring to say the least. Then it became, “you tell us what to use”. Why should we have to tell the “professionals” what they should know? We are just comparing what we were sold with what they were installing. You know they would say it voids the warranty too. Another Bait & Switch deal from Re-Bath?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Re-Bath Causes A Catastrophe

On the morning of Saturday May 17th, 2008, about two hours before the Re-Bath crew from San Diego was scheduled to arrive, we noticed our kitchen ceiling was significantly bowed. It was right under the bathroom in the same area as the earlier leak caused by Re-Bath of California. But now there was a 4 foot by 8 foot sag!
When the Re-Bath guys showed up on time, (HA! On time? Nope. On Re-Bath time maybe. Of course they were late again!), we showed them the ceiling and how it was apparently waterlogged.
They went to work removing the shower door and fixture wall; ironically (luckily?) the wall panel they came to replace was the wall the leak was behind. Imagine if they had not come to fix their last error, our ceiling would have probably fallen during the next week or so and done thousands more dollars of damage.
Once they exposed the pipes in the wall it was shooting a stream of water out of the joint THEY CLAIMED THEY FIXED! Re-Bath of San Diego badmouthed the shoddy work of Re-Bath of California and then proceeded to MAKE IT WORSE! Instead of a drip it was now a stream, a constant spray.

We checked in the attic adjacent to the shower and found it to be flooded.
The wood bathroom sub floor was now warped too.

They schlepped all the debris out of the house as fast as they could, but we were still able to get photos of it. It was obvious they were trying to down play the damage and amount of water logged materials. But what can you expect from this group? Dishonesty, lack of accountably and covering their asses are apparently the primary points of their job from what we’ve witnessed of them.
They even had the nerve to tell us it really wasn’t as wet as we thought it was after they spent some time covering it up. As if we were too stupid to know what we were seeing with our own eyes.
Oh, the big sag in the kitchen ceiling is not a clue that is as wet as we think?
The standing water in the attic we cleaned up is not as wet as we think?
The waterlogged as a wet sponge drywall they tried to hide isn’t as wet as we think?
The soaked insulation they tried to hide from us (but it leaked out the bag) isn’t as wet as we think?
How the hell do they know how wet we thought it was? The damage had been done, and this is their idea of damage control, moronic to say the least.
We’re sure you can tell by now how disgusted we are with the lies Re-Bath employees propagate as normal conversation. We don’t think they have the ability to be honest quite frankly. It would certainly cut into their business if they were required to be.

Re-Bath Causes A Catastrophe

On the morning of Saturday May 17th, 2008, about two hours before the Re-Bath crew from San Diego was scheduled to arrive, we noticed our kitchen ceiling was significantly bowed. It was right under the bathroom in the same area as the earlier leak caused by Re-Bath of California. But now there was a 4 foot by 8 foot sag!
When the Re-Bath guys showed up on time, (HA! On time? Nope. On Re-Bath time maybe. Of course they were late again!), we showed them the ceiling and how it was apparently waterlogged.
They went to work removing the shower door and fixture wall; ironically (luckily?) the wall panel they came to replace was the wall the leak was behind. Imagine if they had not come to fix their last error, our ceiling would have probably fallen during the next week or so and done thousands more dollars of damage.
Once they exposed the pipes in the wall it was shooting a stream of water out of the joint THEY CLAIMED THEY FIXED! Re-Bath of San Diego badmouthed the shoddy work of Re-Bath of California and then proceeded to MAKE IT WORSE! Instead of a drip it was now a stream, a constant spray.

We checked in the attic adjacent to the shower and found it to be flooded.
The wood bathroom sub floor was now warped too.

They schlepped all the debris out of the house as fast as they could, but we were still able to get photos of it. It was obvious they were trying to down play the damage and amount of water logged materials. But what can you expect from this group? Dishonesty, lack of accountably and covering their asses are apparently the primary points of their job from what we’ve witnessed of them.
They even had the nerve to tell us it really wasn’t as wet as we thought it was after they spent some time covering it up. As if we were too stupid to know what we were seeing with our own eyes.
Oh, the big sag in the kitchen ceiling is not a clue that is as wet as we think?
The standing water in the attic we cleaned up is not as wet as we think?
The waterlogged as a wet sponge drywall they tried to hide isn’t as wet as we think?
The soaked insulation they tried to hide from us (but it leaked out the bag) isn’t as wet as we think?
How the hell do they know how wet we thought it was? The damage had been done, and this is their idea of damage control, moronic to say the least.
We’re sure you can tell by now how disgusted we are with the lies Re-Bath employees propagate as normal conversation. We don’t think they have the ability to be honest quite frankly. It would certainly cut into their business if they were required to be.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Re-Bath Scam Theory

Well, instead of being able to get this next uncomfortable experience over in timely manner, once again we were told we had to wait for materials. This will turn out to be more than six weeks of waiting.
This has always had us wondering. When they really needed to, they showed up with materials the next day, but they make it sound like they have to make it just for you. Only when they come with the panels, they always have to cut them to fit onsite. And the pattern we chose we were told was one of most, if not the most, common pattern.
What gives? Are they lying? We think so, but about what? In this case we don’t know, or why? You would think the sooner they finished the job the sooner they would get paid.

Oh yeah, that’s right, they illegally charge the customer 50% down payment before “ordering” the materials. California law states that a down payment for this type of work is to be no more than $500.00 or 10% down.

Let’s see how this could work shall we?
We’ll bet they create this false wait time to somehow justify the excessive down payment. This way they rip off the consumer before they even provide anything tangible. And when they screw up on the installation, or just don’t finish it, they are already turning a profit. We wonder how many times they never come back to do the installation at all?
Then when they sue the unsuspecting customer for the balance they claim is due, they can’t lose in their mind. They already have most of what they want, (since they charged more than the materials actually cost), now they claim if the customer doesn’t pay up, they lose the warranty which frees Re-Bath from any responsibility, or if they some how collect, its pure profit on top of it all.

That plays out to be quite a scam don’t you think?! Conspiracy theory? You decide. We are just spit balling ideas...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Re-Bath of San Diego Begins to Show it’s True Colors or Re-Bath Status Quo/SOP

Since it was obvious Heidi was lied to by Myrna, (Hmmm, she’s starting to act just like Randy Summy, a coincidence, or the way they are taught?), we sent Heidi photos of some the new problems. During a phone conversation on the afternoon of the 3rd of April, Heidi agreed to look at the photos so she could see firsthand what we were describing.

This is an email sent on 4-3-08:
Hello Heidi, Attached are some pictures taken per our conversation of 4-3-08 as well as a word document with some explanations of the photos. It turns out the bow in the wall is truly 1/2 inch deep, not 3/8 inch deep, both are excessive and unsatisfactory and not to the standards of anyone dealing with any sort of quality in these matters. We are very disappointed in the way this situation is being handled. We trusted Re-Bath to do what they said they would do only to be told afterwards the inferior work is up to the standard we were originally sold. Please do us a favor and review your companies sales information and advertising and tell us honestly if you think what has been installed in our home meets the standards touted by the advertising.Our floor is now torn up and additional damage was done to our wall by them even though the installers said they would not be causing any additional damage. (Pictures of that damage can be provided too, but as I mentioned in an earlier conversation, I was willing to work with you to resolve this mess and was willing to shoulder the cost of the floor and touch up of the existing wall damage, but to do more damage and still not fix the problems?) All we are asking is to have the fixture panel replaced as we were told by Luis it would be when he admitted they made a mistake at the time of the installation. They told us they would be back to replace the panel, why are they not being held to their word? Why are we expected to live with an error in installation? We have dealt with Re-Bath in good faith. We were very thorough in explaining what we wanted, and they said they understood fully and would have no problem doing it. We even provided the installers with a home cooked meal and drinks throughout the days they were here. This is not acceptable customer service.Looking forward to hearing back from you.

We couldn’t believe the response…

We were astounded and pleased to hear that Re-Bath of San Diego was going to come back and repair the bowed fixture wall. Concerned too, as we now had seen how they work and react to situations where they screw up.
But sadly we felt backed into a corner. We had a bathroom that had cost us thousands of dollars and was unattractive, unfinished and did not function properly all due to Re-Bath agents. It was an embarrassment to have this mess in our home. They had confiscated our original materials, destroyed almost everything else related. We could not go back. We were at their mercy and could only hope they would be able to do what seemed to be the impossible for them, simply install one wall in the shower and make it all look nice. At least not like the cheesy and shoddy looking way it was at this time.
So we reluctantly agreed. Very fearful of what more they could damage…

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Re-Bath Expects the Customer to Bite It When They Screw Up Repeatedly

We waited until Tuesday to contact Re-Bath of S.D., just to give them every opportunity to show us that a Re-Bath franchise could for once hold to their word. We again were disappointed, not surprised though. After getting the run around, (another status quo routine for all Re-Bath’s) we were basically told that is all they were going to do. They claimed they already did more than they needed to do to fix the mess the Re-Bath of Ca franchise created.
Interesting perspective, recreating a mess in a different way than before (when it was unacceptable) is above the call of duty and acceptable for this company? Can you say hypocrisy? And by this time Myrna was, shall we say, not a joy to speak with. She had become this way on Friday when called to inquire regarding the whereabouts of her “best” workers when they had become hours late without even calling.

Our only recourse was to contact Re-Bath corporate and explain the situation. But again, the franchise (Myrna) beat us to the punch and described the situation (one she had not seen mind you) to Re-Bath Corporate and claimed we were asking for something that was beyond the abilities of their system. She claimed we were exaggerating how bad it looked.
Beyond the quality of their system, yes most likely, but not beyond what we were sold or assured they could do. You may recall they bad mouthed the first installation and said they could do much better. Well, then why didn’t they? And now they claim we are too picky? They were just as picky about the Re-Bath of California’s inferior work. They didn’t say we were too picky when they first saw how bad it was and agreed it was shoddy work.
Oh, we know, we get it, we get it! They’re HYPOCRITES! Or is it they have no sense of responsibility? Both, is our guess.
Heidi Seyler at Re-Bath corporate basically dismissed our assertions of the poor work done due to Myrna’s secondhand and intentionally dishonest description of the situation, even though we pointed out to Heidi that we were bending over backwards to accommodate them in ways such as not requiring them to repair or even reimburse us for the ceilings or the floor they damaged and being patient despite the way we were being treated over this “One Day Installation” that was now six months old and still not done!

Remember, compromise to Re-Bath means you give up everything and they give you even less than any token offer they may have made earlier. We noticed this attitude from the franchises up through the corporate people. (And it will get worse later.)

Note that it had now been almost three weeks since they caused this secondary mess and we were still trying to get them to work with us.

Also, you may recall that they sell heavily on their LIFETIME WARRANTY on materials, yet they refuse to honor it even when there is a problem on the first day.
Do you think they will honor their “lifetime warranty” down the road should it be required?
Think very hard about the price they will charge you for what you get before you sign (and throw your money away)…

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Re-Bath Fails Again. Same Crappy Work, Different Day

They came back Saturday the 22nd of March; at least they came in the morning, later than they said they would be back, but still in the AM. One would think they could be on time, especially when they are staying locally so they can be on time. But one would be wrong…

Considering it was a “One Day Installation” and they had already spent a full day of working on it the day and evening before, we expected them to be done by midday.

Well of course they weren’t. It was about 3:00PM when they finally claimed they were done. And they repeatedly had to remind us that they were working on Saturday and not getting paid for it, and that it was keeping them from their families.
Imagine! They are feeling inconvenienced? Boo Hoo.
Give us a break! Of course they were getting paid, they would not have done this for free, but to whine to us that this was keeping them from their families when their own tardiness and slow working caused us to miss yet another family function and also miss work ourselves, therefore losing income.
We believe we were suffering from what they were complaining about on a much higher scale. The gall of these people!

We inspected the installation and at first glance it looked pretty good. Then we opened the doors and noticed that they were not hung straight. At least this time they were not upside down, but they were obviously crooked. Luis, the lead installer told us they do that on purpose to keep the water in.
Huh? When the doors were closed there was a gap from about midway up.

Then we noticed the window trim was not even installed square to the window, or the walls. And the caulking was very sloppy, AGAIN. Even after we pointed out how poorly the caulk was the first time and we were told they could make it right this time, they failed.
Isn’t caulking one of the most basic skills one should grasp to do any job of this type? Even we can caulk 100% better than these clowns.
But they claim to be the professionals. And on top of that, the best Re-Bath of San Diego has to offer no less.
If that’s the best they have we sincerely urge you to look elsewhere and avoid using them at all costs, because it will cost you…

The linoleum floor was now cut away the entire length of the shower pan. They said they would have to trim a little to make it fit, but since the floor had been damaged so badly by Re-Bath of Ca, they just hacked it up even more and made it a total mess and fully revealed the wood floor. Now there was a big gap between the floor and the pan. Any water that will most assuredly splash out (from the incorrectly hung shower door) will spill onto the now fully unprotected raw wood floor. And they use the same Re-Bath line, “it was that way before!”

Then we see that the panel where the fixtures are (the one that leaked) is bowed in! Just like the opposite wall was from the earlier installation! These guys make fun of the crappy work done by their contemporaries, yet only succeed in repeating the same mistakes!

We see white caulking slivers embedded it the clear silicone. We see smears of glue or caulk or silicone on every wall, and gobs of silicone in the shower. We see the paint on the walls and ceiling is damaged further. We see the baseboards are cut off and missing. More damage than repair if you ask us. Everywhere we look it becomes more and more apparent the Re-Bath installers sent to us are inept sloppy hacks that resort to lies to explain why it doesn’t look like what Re-Bath sells.
They have no answer for how all these problems manifested themselves (again), but admit that the bow in the wall is a mistake (finally!) assure us that they will return and replace it. They also assure us Myrna, the manager of Re-Bath of San Diego will call us first thing Monday morning. You see where this is going don’t you. Do you think we received a call? Of course not, this is Re-Bath!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Re-Bath on time? No Way! That Would Require Consideration for the Customer

Someone had to be home to let these guys from San Diego Re-Bath in, so we took time off work to be home at the prescribed AM time on Friday March 21st, 2008. Of course they showed up late, after all it is the Re-Bath way. So when they arrived mid-day, (effectively robbing us of a half days pay) they say they now probably won’t be able to finish in one day. You do remember the ads, ONE DAY INSTALLATION? Don’t you believe it. And this was for a job that already had the bulk of the work done. More like a retrofit than a new full demo rebuild job.
Well, maybe if they could show up on time they could do the job in the time frame they sell you on? Maybe? Too much to ask? For them, yes. That would require honesty or integrity, two things Re-Bath is very short on.
(They claimed there was a wreck on the freeway that tied them up, but when we searched the internet for evidence of this “wreck” we could not find any mention of it and we never heard any mention of it on the news. They described a very scary sounding roll over accident. And they were very thorough in their description of this “accident”, where it was, what happened and the vehicles involved. This is a key point as it comes up again later.)

Good thing we scheduled them to come on Friday. Even though they said it was going to be a one day job, you know damn well if they came on Saturday they would not have finished, and they would not come back until Heaven knows when since the following Sunday was Easter. We made it clear we had family coming over on Sunday, and we were assured they would be done. (Too bad it would not be done correctly…)

Once they removed the acrylic wall panel that has the plumbing behind it, we found out that Re-Bath of CA had created a leak when they installed the plumbing, (unlicensed plumbing work too).
It had been leaking for months!
We checked the kitchen ceiling downstairs, (the bathroom is above the kitchen) and it appeared the leak had only damaged a section that was over some wall cabinets. Being fair people, (that’s a trait that will get you screwed royally when dealing with Re-Bath), we did not require them to repair the damage they had now caused to our downstairs ceiling as it was not visible and we figured we’d always have cabinets there.
If you are nice to them it’s like blood in the water to a shark.

The leak obviously had to be stopped. So the San Diego Re-Bath guys told us they could fix it. But now we were without water in the whole house, as it had to be shut off, for a few hours. Never mind the inconvenience (you may recall the Re-Bath slogan “No Inconvenience”, Ha Ha, right…).
We never should have trusted them, but they said they could do it as it wasn’t really plumbing work, just a re-soldering of a fitting. (You probably guessed they don’t have a plumbing license either, you’re right.) But they attempted to (and claimed they did) fix it nonetheless, and much to our detriment as we will sadly find out later.
Ironically they were bad mouthing (justifiably) the shoddy work and sloppiness of the “finished” job Re-Bath of Ca did. We guess they figured if they made fun of the crap the last guys did we would think they were on our side. We saw it as lack of professionalism.

Well, they worked all afternoon and into the evening; we even fed them dinner as well as gave them soft drinks and bottled water throughout the day, that’s just the way we are. We guess they took our courtesy as us being suckers.

Mind you we missed being able to share another family oriented celebration due to Re-Bath’s pattern of not arriving on time and not finishing in the time frame they establish. But since we were hoping to be done with this nightmare and were willing to persevere through yet another round of what they call bath improvement we just accepted it as par for the course...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Re-Bath is making it harder and harder for us to believe anything they tell us.

We went to court and we were appalled at the lies told by Randy Summy under oath. We were surprised the judge did not call him on them too, but since he was an “English as a second language” judge we think Randy got away with a lot due to the judges inability to understand the situation.
But he was able to see in the pictures the crappy work done by Re-Bath and even made a point to ask how Randy could possibly say that the job they did was acceptable.
Of course Randy Summy lost; after all he had no legal right to sue us since he never finished the job. You can’t sue for payment of an unfinished job. At least you can’t win. What a cheat and an idiot. OK that is repetitive. But you would probably repeat that too if it happened to you.

Unfortunately we did not win our counter suit, but the main reason for that is with only about two weeks notice we did not have time to prepare. As mentioned repeatedly earlier, we were not legally served.
In retrospect we guess it would have been better to not show up at the court at all, we were not served so no judgment would have been made. We would have “won” by default, or Randy would have had to re-file. But that is not the way we are, you see we follow the rules even when others are cheating.

After the judgment we contacted Re-Bath Corporate again and pointed out that we had followed the rules and met our obligations only to be left with an unfinished mess (that we paid for) in our bathroom due to the dishonest tactics of Re-Bath of California and Randy Summy.

They agreed that what was done to us by Randy Summy and Re-Bath of California was wrong and offered to have the installation redone. We of course told them it would have to be done by another branch of the company as it was fully proven that Re-Bath of California neither had the experience, skill or integrity to do the job correctly.

Oh, did we fail to mention that the wall panels had come off the walls by this time and were sagging and bellowing out? And this was only in December of 2007. Not even three months old and the installation, as crappy as it looked, became even worse and was failing in a multitude of ways. This is what is called a fact.

And there was mold all over the place. Another issue they guaranteed we would never have to deal with again. Every time we turn around we find they told more lies.

Oh yeah, the corner seat… What about it? It collapsed, could not hold the weight. (We are not big people either.) Mind you this was not the one they originally sold us. (Surprised?) It was a lower quality substitution they brought with them and told us it was a better unit. Like most other times they switched materials on us, we pointed out it did not look as nice as what we were sold, but they argued we would be pleased. And this was supposed to have a lifetime warranty? Cheats and liars, Re-Bath of CA can’t tell the truth for anything apparently.

Back to the story at hand, Re-Bath Corporate said they would correctly re-install the shower at no additional cost to us. They were going to have their best installers do the job. But when they could not get them to come to do the work, (this was many weeks later), they said they would have Re-Bath of San Diego come up to do the work. We were assured they were the best in the area and were not affiliated with Re-Bath of Ca. Well, one of those claims was true, the San Diego Re-Bath is not owned by the Summy family of shysters.

They scheduled the work to be done on Good Friday which was March 21st, 2008. It’s been almost six months since this horrid experience began.

Again we were told they would be able to do most (if not all) of the work in one day and finish some small details on Saturday. You probably know that is not how it played out…

Friday, August 1, 2008

Re-Bath Operates By Intimidation Built On Lies

It is now well into November 2007, we are weeks into this mess, rapidly going on months still with a completely messed up bathroom. Imagine our surprise when after waiting patiently for a few more weeks for Re-Bath to finish the “One-Day” installation, (they were waiting for materials they said), we find in our mail box a letter from Randy Summy. Not a registered letter, a regular normal first class postage letter. And it contained a court summons!

The little S.O.B. sued us even though he still had not even finished the job! Even though we were waiting for him to finish as we were led to believe by the Re-Bath Corporate people. Supposedly he did not even have the materials!? Of course he had no legal leg to stand on. But this is the way this company operates. They try to intimidate their customers after they rip them off. They want to be paid for destroying our bathroom and treating us like crap!
Interestingly, they always used the selling point of “You don’t pay us until you are 100% satisfied. BULL S***! What a bunch of LIARS!

We went to the courthouse to find out what was going on before the court date and found that the Sheriff’s office had no proof of service, in fact they did have proof no service was done by them. This is pertinent since later Randy claimed to have the proof of service from the Sheriff’s department. In fact he made that claim in court under oath.

Can you say PERJURY?

If someone is willing to freely perjure themselves in a court of law, what does that say about their word when not under oath?

He also claimed (in court) that his father Lloyd Summy had served the summons on our property. Well? Which is it?
Actually neither. And besides, Lloyd Summy is the owner of the franchise therefore a party to the action and not legally allowed to serve a defendant. What a bunch of losers. And cheats and liars, but we believe that was said already…

Back in the first part of October we had contacted the Better Business Bureau. What a waste of time. The little weasel Randy lied to them and actually told them we were suing him! He also changed the license number he originally gave them and changed the name of the ownership of the franchise. All those lies and sadly the BBB allowed him to do this. We were told there were at least four more complaints of the same type filed against Re-Bath of CA and Randy Summy with in a couple weeks of our claim. No coincidence there. And you can bet less than 10% of the people they screwed actually stood up to do something, that means there are probably a lot more of dissatisfied Re-Bath customers out there. And Re-Bath must know it, which is probably why they treat their customers as bad as they do. It’s not like they rely on repeat business. (In fact at one point we told the installers there were other people waiting to see how well they did on our bathroom ready to hire them and we were told “so what” they didn’t care. Obviously a fly-by-night type organization.)

But we digress… Anyway, the point is you cannot trust the BBB to look out for you, the consumer. As long as a company pays them, they will allow that company to hold a good rating even in the face of repeated reported and proven fraud claims.

We also contacted the California State Contractors License Board. Now that is a different story, one that we will be sharing with you too…