Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Unprofessional Behavior From Re-Bath and Re-Bath Allies

The water had to be shut off and instead of allowing us to call our local responsible regular plumber; they had one sent from San Diego, probably over 100 miles away.
Yes, it took hours for them to arrive, and yes it was very inconvenient again.
We were even treated to a hard sell scare sales pitch by them to have them install a $490.00 valve so our pipes don’t burst. What a load of hogwash.
They claimed they were the official Re-Bath plumbers for all installations from Los Angeles to San Diego.

We asked why this was the first time they were ever here as every Re-Bath install attempt done here required a plumber. It’s interesting that they have an “official” plumber, but choose not to use them twice at the expense of our home due to the leaks they caused. Or he could just be lying? We’ll leave that one out there without making a definitive call.

We will say that he refused to provide any paperwork regarding the work done on our home. We must have asked a half dozen times, and he said he would only provide documentation if we paid him right then. For repairing incorrectly done plumbing by Re-Bath? Well, it seems they are just as ethical as Re-Bath, birds of feather you know.
He did finally agree to leave a work order documenting what work was done. But he high tailed it out as fast as he could without providing it. Yes, we consider that to be dishonesty.

We got the water turned back on and they went back to work on the installation, but they still managed to screw it up by hacking up the wall to the point they had to extend the wall panel out and leave partial tiles to cover the additional damage they caused. It looks like a second grader did the job, an uncoordinated second grader at that. This was one of the main points of the cosmetic side of the installation we were concerned about. It was discussed every step of the way, yet they still were able to screw it up AGAIN! We cannot believe how stupid these jerks are! Or are they ignorant? Or do they just not care? Sadly it is the consumer who ultimately has to live with this crap.
They were unable to make any of the wall panels look like much more than a patch job.

We also noticed that despite the sales pitch of using mold and mildew proof adhesives to attach the wall panels, the stuff they were using this time had no such fungicides in it. The earlier installations used an adhesive with fungicides, but then again, we saw how well that worked. We know this because we read the labels on the tubes during each installation.
When we asked about this discrepancy we were met with the tactic of “we won’t finish if you don’t let us use it and then you won’t have a shower”. Great, childish threats again, ho-hum… Then it was back to the old “it’s what Re-Bath always uses”. That was a lie too… No surprise, but very tiring to say the least. Then it became, “you tell us what to use”. Why should we have to tell the “professionals” what they should know? We are just comparing what we were sold with what they were installing. You know they would say it voids the warranty too. Another Bait & Switch deal from Re-Bath?

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