Friday, August 1, 2008

Re-Bath Operates By Intimidation Built On Lies

It is now well into November 2007, we are weeks into this mess, rapidly going on months still with a completely messed up bathroom. Imagine our surprise when after waiting patiently for a few more weeks for Re-Bath to finish the “One-Day” installation, (they were waiting for materials they said), we find in our mail box a letter from Randy Summy. Not a registered letter, a regular normal first class postage letter. And it contained a court summons!

The little S.O.B. sued us even though he still had not even finished the job! Even though we were waiting for him to finish as we were led to believe by the Re-Bath Corporate people. Supposedly he did not even have the materials!? Of course he had no legal leg to stand on. But this is the way this company operates. They try to intimidate their customers after they rip them off. They want to be paid for destroying our bathroom and treating us like crap!
Interestingly, they always used the selling point of “You don’t pay us until you are 100% satisfied. BULL S***! What a bunch of LIARS!

We went to the courthouse to find out what was going on before the court date and found that the Sheriff’s office had no proof of service, in fact they did have proof no service was done by them. This is pertinent since later Randy claimed to have the proof of service from the Sheriff’s department. In fact he made that claim in court under oath.

Can you say PERJURY?

If someone is willing to freely perjure themselves in a court of law, what does that say about their word when not under oath?

He also claimed (in court) that his father Lloyd Summy had served the summons on our property. Well? Which is it?
Actually neither. And besides, Lloyd Summy is the owner of the franchise therefore a party to the action and not legally allowed to serve a defendant. What a bunch of losers. And cheats and liars, but we believe that was said already…

Back in the first part of October we had contacted the Better Business Bureau. What a waste of time. The little weasel Randy lied to them and actually told them we were suing him! He also changed the license number he originally gave them and changed the name of the ownership of the franchise. All those lies and sadly the BBB allowed him to do this. We were told there were at least four more complaints of the same type filed against Re-Bath of CA and Randy Summy with in a couple weeks of our claim. No coincidence there. And you can bet less than 10% of the people they screwed actually stood up to do something, that means there are probably a lot more of dissatisfied Re-Bath customers out there. And Re-Bath must know it, which is probably why they treat their customers as bad as they do. It’s not like they rely on repeat business. (In fact at one point we told the installers there were other people waiting to see how well they did on our bathroom ready to hire them and we were told “so what” they didn’t care. Obviously a fly-by-night type organization.)

But we digress… Anyway, the point is you cannot trust the BBB to look out for you, the consumer. As long as a company pays them, they will allow that company to hold a good rating even in the face of repeated reported and proven fraud claims.

We also contacted the California State Contractors License Board. Now that is a different story, one that we will be sharing with you too…

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