Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back To The San Diego Plumbers, Part 2. They Must Be “Official Re-Bath” with Ethics Like These…

OK, so it is still Tuesday 5-20-08. We now have to leave work and race home to meet the plumbers who are supposedly already en route and should be at there at 11:00AM, which does not leave much time to get there.
But you see it really isn’t a rush after all. The Re-Bath people lied again. The plumbers were told to meet at our home at 12:00 noon; at least we're told that by their dispatch when called to see why they are so late. (See below email for their priceless excuse!)
Hmmm, did Re-Bath lie to force us to be inconvenienced yet again? Plausible possibility.
Or are the plumbers lying to cover their behinds for being late? Also a logical take on the situation.
But a truly tough call considering the blatant dishonesty both parties have already exhibited, and sadly will continue to exhibit in the future.

To recount the experience of dealing with the plumbers this time, below is the email drafted and sent to Norm Murdock the following morning.
We were so taken aback about the malicious lies told by Myrna we didn’t relay this information to Norm after returning to the office and calling him. Plus more issues became apparent that evening when we returned home and we saw the truth of what they had done.

Oh yes, almost forgot… We asked for the paper work the plumber conveniently avoided providing me with when he skated out ever so quickly on Saturday. He gave me a B.S. song and dance about “Only if we pay him now…”.
We pointed out he is by law required to provide us with this paperwork. He said he will have Re-Bath send it. Yet another lie as it turns out...
We for one will never deal with Pat’s Pronto Plumbing after the experiences we had with them on the two occasions they came to our home. We caught them in multiple lies and they tried to hard sell us with over priced plumbing items we did not even need, but they made it sound like our home was in dire peril if we didn’t allow them to “fix” something that was not broken. They are in fine company with Re-Bath. No wonder they work together!

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