Monday, August 11, 2008

Re-Bath is making it harder and harder for us to believe anything they tell us.

We went to court and we were appalled at the lies told by Randy Summy under oath. We were surprised the judge did not call him on them too, but since he was an “English as a second language” judge we think Randy got away with a lot due to the judges inability to understand the situation.
But he was able to see in the pictures the crappy work done by Re-Bath and even made a point to ask how Randy could possibly say that the job they did was acceptable.
Of course Randy Summy lost; after all he had no legal right to sue us since he never finished the job. You can’t sue for payment of an unfinished job. At least you can’t win. What a cheat and an idiot. OK that is repetitive. But you would probably repeat that too if it happened to you.

Unfortunately we did not win our counter suit, but the main reason for that is with only about two weeks notice we did not have time to prepare. As mentioned repeatedly earlier, we were not legally served.
In retrospect we guess it would have been better to not show up at the court at all, we were not served so no judgment would have been made. We would have “won” by default, or Randy would have had to re-file. But that is not the way we are, you see we follow the rules even when others are cheating.

After the judgment we contacted Re-Bath Corporate again and pointed out that we had followed the rules and met our obligations only to be left with an unfinished mess (that we paid for) in our bathroom due to the dishonest tactics of Re-Bath of California and Randy Summy.

They agreed that what was done to us by Randy Summy and Re-Bath of California was wrong and offered to have the installation redone. We of course told them it would have to be done by another branch of the company as it was fully proven that Re-Bath of California neither had the experience, skill or integrity to do the job correctly.

Oh, did we fail to mention that the wall panels had come off the walls by this time and were sagging and bellowing out? And this was only in December of 2007. Not even three months old and the installation, as crappy as it looked, became even worse and was failing in a multitude of ways. This is what is called a fact.

And there was mold all over the place. Another issue they guaranteed we would never have to deal with again. Every time we turn around we find they told more lies.

Oh yeah, the corner seat… What about it? It collapsed, could not hold the weight. (We are not big people either.) Mind you this was not the one they originally sold us. (Surprised?) It was a lower quality substitution they brought with them and told us it was a better unit. Like most other times they switched materials on us, we pointed out it did not look as nice as what we were sold, but they argued we would be pleased. And this was supposed to have a lifetime warranty? Cheats and liars, Re-Bath of CA can’t tell the truth for anything apparently.

Back to the story at hand, Re-Bath Corporate said they would correctly re-install the shower at no additional cost to us. They were going to have their best installers do the job. But when they could not get them to come to do the work, (this was many weeks later), they said they would have Re-Bath of San Diego come up to do the work. We were assured they were the best in the area and were not affiliated with Re-Bath of Ca. Well, one of those claims was true, the San Diego Re-Bath is not owned by the Summy family of shysters.

They scheduled the work to be done on Good Friday which was March 21st, 2008. It’s been almost six months since this horrid experience began.

Again we were told they would be able to do most (if not all) of the work in one day and finish some small details on Saturday. You probably know that is not how it played out…

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