Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mold And Mildew

If you recall… part of the sales pitch it was that Re-Bath uses materials that have fungicide and mildew inhibitors. That the installation will not be susceptible to such growths...
Well, you guessed it, Re-Bath lied to us.
Our shower is so full of mold and mildew, even though we spray it down with the recommended (by Re-Bath no less) shower cleaner daily. And we do not live in a humid area. We have a fan and a window so it’s not like it should be a breeding ground for something “guaranteed” not to grow in this environment.

Just one more reason to NEVER DEAL WITH RE-BATH unless you enjoy having your time wasted, your intelligence insulted, and your home damaged all the while, paying through the nose for the privilege of having them screw you.

We just wanted to make sure everyone knows about this scam so we will continue to update this blog with the shortcomings of the abysmal installation attempts as they decompose. If only Re-Bath and it sleazy employees only had the life expectancy of this crappy product. Not to be confused with the B.S. line of lifetime warranty, we mean the real life of it, which makes a used Yugo look like it will last forever by comparison…

Stay tuned for more riveting drivel about one of America's worst companies and scams and how they ripped us off... Re-Bath!