Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It’s apparently a national scam, not just local…

While doing research and trying to get help from anyone we could to straighten out this mess Re-Bath of California started and Re-Bath of San Diego perpetuated, we found an interesting and disheartening series of facts.

All over the country we found other people who have been treated the same as we were by both their local Re-Bath franchise operators and the national corporate office of Re-Bath in Arizona.

Testimonial after testimonial, all with so many common threads it is becoming nearly impossible to believe that Re-Bath is not just a poorly run sham of a company, but truly a scam operation backed by the corporate office. Every one of the testimonials that has progressed past the local level we’ve found winds up at the feet of the same people at Re-Bath corporate and the ripped off consumers are stone-walled.

It really does seem like they have a formula to rip off people wanting a bathroom make over.

The scam starts with complaints about the professionalism of the salesperson. If the consumer contracts with the Re-Bath franchise, they are overcharged, both in the down payment and the overall cost.

Next comes the part about them not getting the materials together in a timely manner.
Then they come late, are sloppy, usually unlicensed and rarely finish in the time the quoted. More often than not they cause damage and refuse to take responsibility.
This is happening across the entire United States.

Sometimes the workers never comeback and leave the customer with an unusable mess of a bathroom. Remember one of their slogans is One-Day, No Mess, No Stress, Blah Blah Blah. They are full of it.

Next the customer tries to contact the franchise only to be treated badly if they connect, but most of the time they are blown off by Re-Bath. Many times the customer is sued by the Re-Bath franchise before the job is done too.

Almost all Re-Bath scam operators pay their Better Business Bureau dues, so it looks like they are reputable, but we’ve found the BBB is not our friend either.

So the next step is for the customer to try to contact the corporate office after being blown off by the local cheaters. Here’s where we get some interesting alternate actions from Re-Bath corporate. Sometimes they are very sympathetic sounding “shocked that such a thing could happen”. Other times they are bullied or stone-walled. But the constant is before anything gets resolved, Re-Bath corporate refuses to help, they always back the franchise no matter what. Even if they sounded like they were on your side at the beginning. Keep pushing and they start with the threatening lawyer claims.

Here’s a call to arms for all the customers who have been cheated by Re-Bath. Let’s stand together and demand a fair end to this crooked companies actions. Make them take responsibility. After all they have always said they would, they just haven’t.
The internet is a powerful tool, let’s use it and take back our bathrooms!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just noticed one more thing Re-Bath ripped us off for…

We just realized they never installed the grab bar or shower rail, whatever it’s called, that they sold us. When they first did the installation they “forgot” to bring it even though we asked each day, and they “forgot” each day before claiming we did not order after repeatedly “forgetting” it.
Yes, it was supposed to be a One Day Installation, but you can read earlier blog posts to see how that works.
If we did not order it, why did they claim they “forgot” it so many times before claiming we didn’t order it? Yep, goes right back to that honesty issue we’ve discussed that Re-Bath has such a hard time with.

We sadly also just noticed what looks like rust around the door tracks. It surprised us since we have never had a rust problem, and thought the material was aluminum, which doesn’t rust, or stainless steel, which shouldn’t rust either. But it seems to be par for the course as every time we turn around we find more about how much worse the terrible installations really are.

Call and ask for them to honor their warranty you ask? Yeah, they will either blow us off like before, or they will make matters worse like they did before. We cannot trust anyone in or associated with Re-Bath due to the actions we were victimized by.

We shudder to think what we will find next. Maybe the economy taking a dive has one potential good thing tied to it; it may put Re-Bath out of business. Sorry to all the people who think they have Re-Bath warranties, but really, you don’t have jack. But at least if they go under, many people will be spared the nightmares we had to endure by foolishly believing the lies they fed us.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It’s been asked that we provide a little closure to our story. Sorry for the delay, life got in the way…

Here’s a partial re-cap of what we are left with besides a huge loss of money because of Re-Bath…

So, we have:
A Crappy Installation.
We still are trying to clean up the caulk and silicone slopped throughout. Plus the caulking around the joints is very unprofessionally applied.
It is depressing every time we look at the bathroom. We were ripped off and now have to live with the poor job they did. The only way to fix it properly is to gut the entire thing out and build new. Unfortunately that won’t be happening soon since these weasels ripped us off so well.


We were guaranteed that the installation would not get any mold, EVER! But it started growing mold within less than two months, and that happened on every installment.
THEY LIED ABOUT IT BEING MOLD PROOF! But then finding something they didn’t lie about is gonna be tough…
As you may have read, Re-Bath lied about just about everything. Yes, that is a general statement, but we are pissed at them for what they did wrong and did not do right and how they treated us.

Sadly it is a well ventilated shower with both a window and a fan, and we don’t even live in a humid climate.
We have a dank back bathroom in the same house that has no mold whatsoever. Simple deduction says it has to be Re-Bath’s materials that are responsible for the only mold problems we have in our home.

A Cheap Shower Pan.

The shower pan itself feels springy and overly flexible. It creaks and cracks when we step in it. We are afraid it will crack through. Guaranteed for life they said… Well, let’s hope we don’t need to find out; we certainly don’t have any piece of mind due to the treatment, tactics and lies we’ve experienced from Re-Bath and its operatives.

Shower Doors That Are Hung Crooked, Just Like Re-Bath. (At least they are not upside down now.)
We tried to have them hung straight, but they siliconed the top bar crooked with so much adhesive it can’t be repositioned with damaging the walls.
They are off enough that they creep open when the shower is in use, maybe from the flexing of the pan? And the vertical edges are clearly not straight either.

Walls that Look Wavy and Untrue. (Amazing how so many adjectives describing the poor workmanship also describe the ethics and the way Re-Bath operates.)

Maybe it’s because we’ve had time to look at the installation for a while now, or maybe they are going weird with time too, but they are absolutely not true and it is very apparent. The seams look like crap. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, it looks like a seven year old with poor motor skills and bad eyesight did this installation.

Impossible to Touch Up Paint
They smeared unpaintable silicone and caulk everywhere. When we tried to repaint around the edges where they did such a crappy job of caulking (as well as tearing up the painted surfaces of the walls and ceiling), we found it was now unpaintable. We don’t know if they did that because they are ignorant unskilled workers, or if it was done intentionally to spite us. Or both. Due to the material they used we couldn’t even mask it off to spray to touch up.

A Shower Wand That Is Permanently Off the Wall
Just as well, it didn’t work well anyways. Just like Re-Bath employees! The main shower head itself was replaced months ago (by us) as it didn’t even last long enough for them to finish the installation. (Yes, that too was supposed to have a lifetime warranty.)

A Floor We Had to Replace At Our Expense
At least it looks good since we did it ourselves. But it was not a cheap repair of the damage they caused and refused to take responsibility for. And our workmanship only serves to make the bad job they did look even worse. So much for their claims of a high quality looking upgrade.

You are probably thinking we may be a tad overly bitter about this situation. Well if you were in our position and treated as horribly as we have been, you probably would be as angry too. Plus we feel it is our civic duty to warn others potential customers (or as they’ll probably call you, suckers) of these predators.

If their actions toward us are any indication of how they operate normally, then this is a group of people that will go out of their way to screw you. Why? No idea here, after all they do such a great job of screwing customers out of their money from the beginning, it boggles the mind why they also turn it into a personal attack situation too.

Beware of Re-Bath. They have shown themselves to us to be to be nothing more than a bunch of liars and cheats preying on trusting people. They will probably screw you if you give them half a chance. And the product they claim is so great and installed in our home is really just cheesy cheap low quality crap.

Stay tuned if you wish, we’ll be back…