Friday, March 13, 2009

Just noticed one more thing Re-Bath ripped us off for…

We just realized they never installed the grab bar or shower rail, whatever it’s called, that they sold us. When they first did the installation they “forgot” to bring it even though we asked each day, and they “forgot” each day before claiming we did not order after repeatedly “forgetting” it.
Yes, it was supposed to be a One Day Installation, but you can read earlier blog posts to see how that works.
If we did not order it, why did they claim they “forgot” it so many times before claiming we didn’t order it? Yep, goes right back to that honesty issue we’ve discussed that Re-Bath has such a hard time with.

We sadly also just noticed what looks like rust around the door tracks. It surprised us since we have never had a rust problem, and thought the material was aluminum, which doesn’t rust, or stainless steel, which shouldn’t rust either. But it seems to be par for the course as every time we turn around we find more about how much worse the terrible installations really are.

Call and ask for them to honor their warranty you ask? Yeah, they will either blow us off like before, or they will make matters worse like they did before. We cannot trust anyone in or associated with Re-Bath due to the actions we were victimized by.

We shudder to think what we will find next. Maybe the economy taking a dive has one potential good thing tied to it; it may put Re-Bath out of business. Sorry to all the people who think they have Re-Bath warranties, but really, you don’t have jack. But at least if they go under, many people will be spared the nightmares we had to endure by foolishly believing the lies they fed us.

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