Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We are not the only ones who were treated very poorly and dishonestly by Re-Bath.

Read on for another sad story of Re-Bath's unethical practices
Provided by someone who only wanted what they were sold by Re-Bath. A simple quick quality installation, too bad they chose Re-Bath as we did. Never again…

Please read this unfortunate but factual story, also scribed in much the same documentative and chronological fashion as we recorded our sordid dealings, including her thoughts at the time of the writing.

To be clear, this is another completely different Re-Bath “job” than what we lived through. See if any of it parallels your Re-bath experiences:

Starts off innocently enough…

On Monday June 22, 2009, I phoned Re-Bath to have someone come to my house to price a new tub or shower unit. I explained how we had tried to do it ourselves but it was worse than a nightmare.
I explained that we had an ad from a paper and that was how we heard about them. The woman on the phone said she would send a man on Thursday June 25th at 7pm. She was very nice and the call went well. She was surprised to hear how much money and time we had already spent on our tub. I feel like I made the right call!

On Tuesday June 23rd, I went to the Re-Bath store in Framingham to see the options. I liked the shower unit because it gave a lot of room in the shower. I liked the surround because it was flat and there was nothing to bang your arms on. It looked very nice and roomy. I loved it! The people there are really nice, very helpful and I am happy about this job! I feel like this will end all of our bathroom problems once and for all! (If she only knew what was to come.-Hal)

On June Thursday 25th at 7:15 Chris Dezotell from Re-Bath showed up and we discussed all of the possibilities. He was very informed and very nice to deal with. He measured the shower unit, I explained that we needed more room, and that the tub we put in was not the right surround and that was why there was no arm room on the left side. He saw it and agreed it was not right, he said yes you can see that. He said that Re-Baths shower unit would fit and work well.
He explained that Re-Bath will own the shower for life, and explained, if we bought it, it will be their responsibility and that we would be covered for life. He told us this is a stress free one day install. We talked to Chris till 9:45pm and picked out the shower and surround we liked, we picked out the doors the colors.
I explained to Chris that I wanted the Unit to come all the way to the door hinge, just as our old tub had before we tried to replace it, I wanted the door frame down and the tub or shower to go all the way to it because we really need the room and the one that is there now is not big enough.
He said no problem and that he will order a 32 inch shower unit, I stressed that the shower must be at least 32 inches since the 30 inch tub is WAY too small! Chris said that the 32 inch shower would be plenty of room. I pointed out how our shower head was not in the middle of our tub it is off side and you have to aim it out of the tub to hit the person in the shower. I told him I wanted the new one in the middle. He said that was also no problem to correct. (Same style all agreeing and promising salesman type we were treated too...Hal)

We'll pick up later with more of this story, we promise it is worth your time to follow along....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It would appear our local Re-Bath has raped as many customers as they think they can in this area…

We went by the local Re-Bath “store” (the one we visited prior to purchasing our nightmare) the other day and it was gone. Gee, with such a quality product how could not stay in business? Yeah, right. Must've been their ethics, (lack thereof?).

A couple guesses: Either they gave up on our area, or enough people wised up to their scam that they could not afford to stay. Maybe they took from as many as that area could manage?

Not like it was in a high rent area, they were a scab on a blighted area. Good riddance whatever the reason is our take on it. We just hope they did not set up shop somewhere else to the detriment of another community.