Friday, April 2, 2010

Unbelieveable! We Are Still Being Harrased By The Jerk(s) From Re-Bath After All these Years!

This jerk who either is, or is pretending to be, Lloyd Summy that is posting comments to this blog is proving to be quite an entertaining yet obviously unstable, pathological liar, or worse, true psycho stalker type in our opinion.
He is apparently back to sending repeated comments under the name "Anonymous" after using "his name" of Lloyd Summy.

Why would the "father" of the cheating manager of a poorly run Re-Bath franchise expend so much effort to hound a past Ripped-Off customer? Are we the only ones being harrased by this guy?
It is beyond us.
Is it part of the Re-Bath "How to screw the customer handbook"? Assuming there is one, but the amount of the same stories on the web is enlightening...

Plus, we never dealt or even so much as spoke with this "Lloyd Summy". We did have to contend with his dishonest (possibly mentally or emotionally challenged) son Randy, and that was distasteful enough to say the least. Like walking through a turd farm and not being able to scrape the poop off later. (Seems like we missed a piece now...)

Interestingly, we had a sense of mental instablity with this guy when we first had the "pleasure" of meeting him.

See an earlier post:
Here is a link to a post we made way back on 6-6-08 recounting the activities of the day 10-4-07.

Here is an excerpt from that post showing our astute observation made on 10-4-07 becoming a real possible concern now:

“We began to think he has psychological defects as well as being an apparent liar.” Scary? It is to us.

Despite what some people think, we are entitled to our opinion, and that is one we shared at that time. Very scary.

But it does illustrate yet one more reason to steer clear of Re-Bath and the people that operate some of the franchises. We thought we were done with this nightmare, but this vindictive jerk is still hounding us HOW MANY YEARS LATER!? Good grief! What does that tell you?
We will not be posting all the tripe this jerk continues to vomit up at us, but we are saving it for our protection.

And since we know you are reading this "Lloyd Summy/Randy Summy" and "Anonymous". Back off and leave us alone. Go away!