Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yet Another Unethical And Illegal Response From Re-Bath. It Just Keeps Getting Worse.

We again get a response from Heidi. Remember, she did not have the authority, just a little while ago. Now she’s in charge again? What?

Who the heck is really in charge there? Pass the buck. Waste the customer’s time. Lie to their face. Don’t return phone calls. Claim you are the one who has authority. Claim you have no authority. Claim the fax machine is lying. Claim the customer is lying. Claim you only have authority again. Lie, lie, lie.

The product is a sham, the business is a scam. Re-Bath is a terrible company and the people that work it have proven to us that they sleazy jerks with no morals or ethics.

She wrote and sent the below email to us some time after 4:00PM. Had we not stayed late at work, we would not have seen this until sometime the next morning.

Again, this was sent with less than a four hour required response time or they would “cease all communication”. :

“Your email was forwarded to me, and here is Re-Bath, LLC’s response:
Attached is our final offer. You may return this to us via fax, by 8:00pm tonight and we will issue you a check for $5,050.00. This agreement cannot be altered or we will not accept it. If we do not receive the agreement by 8:00pm tonight, we will cease all communication with you and we will not make any future offers.
Our fax number is (480) 833-7199.
Heidi Seyler
Re-Bath, LLC”

Who the hell do they think they are? THEY DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE OR ENFORCE THAT DEMAND! What unethical CHEATS!

A business or person cannot make demands like this legally. But this is Re-Bath, dishonest and operating in this bullying illegal manner to the end.

Not only is it illegal, there is no way anyone could remotely consider this is an ethical way to do business. They know they are creating an artificial deadline that is impossible to uphold in a court of law.

But then we already know perjury is common conversation for them from our experience first hand in court with Re-Bath agents. So why would we think if we ended up in court again they would remotely tell the truth? Absolutely despicable behavior.

They should be ashamed of themselves, but that would mean they have a conscience, trust us, they have repeatedly shown us they do not. They do have a lot of people’s money they have traded for a crappy low quality product, and apparently that drives them to continue to screw anyone they can.
But if that is all they have, and a sleazy work ethic, why not take it as far as they can. It’s not like it going to hurt their reputation, they’ll just lie some more.

Avoid this company and the scams they perpetrate on unsuspecting and trusting citizens. We learned the hard way Re-Bath will most likely screw you like they did us if you decide to use them.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Talk about dishonest and unethical practices, (Talk about Re-Bath…)

The following day, after not accepting our phone calls, we received this from Heidi:

“From: Heidi Seyler []
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 9:09 AM
Subject: Re-Bath

The agreement that was faxed into us was amended from the original version of what was sent to you. Due to the fact that our General Release was not returned to us by 5:00pm on June 18th, 2008 we are considering our offer null and void and no further offers will be made.

Heidi Seyler
Re-Bath, LLC”

Cowards and cheats. They refuse to speak with us. Since it was obvious Heidi was not mature enough or even had the authority we were led to believe she had, we had to contact the president and vice president of Re-Bath. Turns out these guys are just as cowardly apparently as they refuse to speak with us too.

You’d think they would want to resolve this, especially since it is 100% their fault. What a group of disgusting scheming cheaters and liars.
But they have our money and we need it to repair the damage they have caused.

Our response to these underhanded jerks was still civil and polite and fully clarified what had truthfully transpired.

Dated 6-19-08:

“Mr. Sanders, Mr. Murdock,We are very disappointed in the way this situation is being handled. Mr. Murdock, you stated "We would like to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & make sure you are fully satisfied."
When are you going to fulfill that statement? We, in good faith, did what we were asked to do by Heidi, met the time constraint of faxing the signed document, (See Heidi's email below. Heidi made no mention of requirements other than "by end of business day", and no time even mentioned at that.), only to have her deny the agreement by claiming she not to receive it by 5:00PM June 18th, 2008. And then claiming it was denied because it was altered. Nothing in her instructions prohibited altering the document in any way.
In actuality, Re-Bath's offer sent on 6-17-08 was a modified version of an offer we sent on 6-13-08. If you can modify the document for a counter offer, why can't we? We are only trying to make a fair agreement with you.
The fact is the fax was sent and confirmed received at the fax number provided by Heidi before 8:39AM June 18th, 2008. That provided Re-Bath with an entire day to contact us if there were any issues. We complied fully to the requirements given to us, (read the email).
Denial on the grounds she stated is not acceptable or part of the agreement. Nothing states we could not make a counter offer, or that such an offer would result in voiding the agreement or absolving Re-Bath of their responsibility. And it does not absolve Re-Bath of compensating us for the damages they caused to our home.
The changes made to the document reflected the oral offer made to me by Mr. Murdock during our phone conversation on 6-10-08. The original oral agreement protected only Re-Bath Corporate, and Re-Bath San Diego, not Re-Bath of CA. The document was corrected only to clarify and reflect that agreement and still does protect Re-Bath corporate and Re-Bath S.D.
To deny it wholly on the grounds stated by Heidi is without merit and counter to our original discussions and intentions. It appears too many people are involved in this and are not sharing between them the information discussed with me.
Re-Bath had well over eight hours to respond yesterday if something needed to be addressed. An oral offer was made to us for $5050.00. We compromised and accepted it. A written offer that was not clear was sent, we returned it well with in the time frame with clarifications, no restrictions were placed on the document being returned adjusted for accuracy of the oral offer. We expect you to honor your word and warranty.”

But sadly, they are not an honorable company…

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is That The Light At The End Of The Tunnel? YES, But It’s Not Daylight, It’s A Train and We’re About To Get Railroaded!

On 6-17-08 we received this email:

“Attached is our final offer regarding the resolution of your complaint against Re-Bath of California. This includes the Manufacturing Lifetime Warranty on the Re-Bath products. Please sign and return this agreement to us by end of business day Wednesday, June 18th, 2008. Once this is signed and returned to us, a check will be issued to you and a copy of the warranty will be sent with it.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Heidi Seyler
Re-Bath, LLC
P. (800) 426-4573 ext. 112
F. (480) 833-7199”

After having the “agreement” (Maybe Re-Bath should look up the word agreement so they can understand it constitutes a meeting of the minds.) reviewed by legal counsel it was suggested a minor change should be made as the way it was written was not a balance offer by any means.

In fact said counsel used the legal term of “That is a Bullshit document, and who ever wrote it knows it.”

The minor change did not negate the intent, just slightly protected us in an area that was very unlikely to even occur, but would cause Re-Bath no harm, unless they were guilty of doing what they claimed they did not and were not doing. And even in that case it still would probably been a moot point. Is there enough double talk in there?

The fact that they refused to accept it and denied receiving it speaks volumes to their motives and intentions.

On 6-19-08 we received this untruthful email. (The claim that it was not received by 5:00PM is a total lie as we have the fax confirmation that it was received well before 9:00AM on the 18th of June 2008):

“The agreement that was faxed into us was amended from the original version of what was sent to you.
Due to the fact that our General Release was not returned to us by 5:00pm on June 18th, 2008 we are considering our offer null and void and no further offers will be made.
Heidi Seyler
Re-Bath, LLC “

Notice they are canceling their warranty because they claim we did not meet the unfair short term arbitrary time frame they demanded that we meet, even though we indeed met it.

The warranty is not something they have the right to cancel. They are liable, PERIOD!

To claim we lost our chance at collecting by not meeting their arbitrary and unlawful deadline (when we have written documentation that we did) is flat out dishonest.

They don’t even have the right to demand that we meet that short deadline especially since it was made by sending a blind email!

WHAT A BUNCH OF RE-BATH! We are sure this is the way they treat the majority of the customers they cheat. It is astounding the lies they tell, and they can’t even keep them consistent.

If you are unfortunate enough to contract with them, the odds of you being treated like this, or Heaven forbid worse, are quite great.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh Joy! We Get To Deal With A Subordinate Who Has No Real Authority And Only Wants to Cheat Us Out Of The Reimbursement They Owe Us

We’re sorry, is that too bitter sounding? (Yes, that is sarcasm again.) Well suffice to say that if it happened to you those would probably be the same emotions you’d have!

Soooo…, (yes, it is very exhausting to deal with these cheats), we sent an email (below) and we were in standard characteristically Re-Bath fashion ignored, so we re-sent it (on the same day) June 16th, 2008 with a little preface just to help Heidi along.
Courtesy is not a trait Re-Bath employee’s embrace.
Nothing like dealing with someone who has decided to go out of their way to cheat and screw you for being unlucky enough to have only done business with them in good faith...

“We have not received a response from you in the four hours since we originally sent this. Please contact us, at the very least, verify receipt. You say you want to resolve this quickly, yet you do not take any action in that direction.
Heidi, Norm said you are now handling the reimbursement of the damages. We would like to know when we can expect the money owed us by Re-Bath for the damage caused by the water leak Re-Bath of CA created. It is not fair to continue to cause us inconveniences.
Re-Bath said it would remedy the situation, but has not. To refresh you on the situation, $5050.00 covers the water damage. It is owed to us. Re-Bath, by law, must pay for the damages they caused. It is not negotiable. The lifetime warranty in writing is required, (from an email you sent us:

“Upon your agreement to the completion of the above work, San Diego Re-Bath will order the required materials and contact you to schedule the installation. Once the above installation is complete, you will receive the Re-Bath Limited Lifetime Warranty on the materials used. San Diego Re-Bath will offer their standard workmanship/labor warranty of one year.” ). A copy of the invoices from Pat's Pronto Plumbing for the work they did in our home is also required.If Re-Bath wishes to pay the partial out of pocket expenses we incurred because of Re-Bath CA for the total of $8130.00, we will release Re-Bath from the warranty responsibility. We still require a copy of the invoices from Pat's Pronto Plumbing.Re-Bath has already been sent release agreements for both options. We wish Re-Bath would uphold the commitment made by Norm Murdock in an earlier email:
"We would like to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & make sure you are fully satisfied."
That quote was sent to us almost one full month ago, yet still these issues have not been resolved. And we are certainly not satisfied because of that. We have provided everything we were asked to. Please find a way to resolve this now. You have my contact number; you obviously have my email address. Please contact me ASAP.”

"We would like to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & make sure you are fully satisfied." What a lie that line is! Yes, we’ve said it before, but they are the ones who lied by stating it.

For those keeping track of our time Re-Bath has wasted, this horror story has been running now for over 36 weeks. That would be 255 days. Closing in on 9 months.

For Heavens sake, it would have been easier to make a baby (certainly quicker) than it is to have Re-Bath do a One Day Installation. Good Grief! What a bunch of liars and cheats! Our recommendation: Do Not Deal With Re-Bath!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Could Have Made A Baby Faster Than Re-Bath Can finish Their “One Day Installation”!

Since Norm Murdock was now out of the office, (nothing like expediting something of this caliber), we now had to deal with Heidi Seyler again, who had dismissed us and refused to help us last week.
Said she was not allowed to help us earlier. But now she is? Huh? Yep, more dishonest tactics… What ever it takes for them to screw the customer.

One wonders if this is the same Heidi Seyler who races in the NDRA. If it is, and her Re-Bath ethics spill over into the racing scene, one could be likely to assume she cheats in order to get the “wins” attributed to her.
Just an observation, nothing more.
And our sincere apologies to the Heidi Seyler in the NDRA if she is not the same person as the one at Re-Bath and only unlucky enough to share the same name as the person who has worked so hard to cheat us and apparently (according to the other blogs and forums that are now all over the Internet) other folks unfortunate enough to have fallen for the dishonst advertising and work ethics that run rampant from the franchises up to the top of the corporate office.

Have we mentioned how BAD the Re-Bath customer service is lately? It is the most abysmal and atrocious customer disservice we’ve encountered, definitely spiteful.

So, to clarify who was to be the contact person for this never ending ordeal, we sent this email:

“Norm, Does Heidi now have the authority to resolve this situation? She told me she did not the last time I spoke with her. I would like to get this resolved quickly.”

His response was:

Yes, she can consult with other managers on duty to resolve.
Regards,Norm Murdock, CFEVice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda DrTempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device”

Gee! That sure didn’t make it sound like she has much authority did it? Sounds like more run around and time wasting is in store for us at the hands of the Re-Bath corporation…

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Grinch Would Be Proud

This is the email that was sent by us on 6-13-08 accompanying the two counter offers:
“Subject: Release Agreement

Mr. Murdock,
The damage from the water leak caused by Re-Bath is not something that allows Re-Bath to eliminate the warranty we were given (see Heidi Seyler’s email below)in order to be compensated. The warranty and the leak damage are two separate issues. The release you submitted is not a fair agreement. You are asking us to give up our rights in order for Re-Bath to pay for damages they directly caused and are already fully liable for. Option one is payment in full, as per the punch list you requested. It fully releases Re-Bath and it's affiliates from all responsibility. Option two covers the damage done to our home by the water leak created by Re-Bath. It also requires Re-Bath to honor the warranty last issued by Heidi Seyler on 2/22/2008. It does not release Re-Bath of California from responsibility. (Email referenced is provided below.) Copies of the work orders/invoices from Pat’s Pronto Plumbing are still required for either option.”

Norm’s response was this. Kind of like a counter offer, a weak one…:

“Re-Bath is willing to amend the agreement to leave our Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty intact for your Re-Bath system. Please let me know if this is agreeable to you & I will amend the agreement accordingly.
Norm Murdock,
CFE Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

And again we stated our case in hopes that they would find some compassion within their black hearts….

“Mr. Murdock,
May I suggest option one as outlined and attached in today's first email. You are again asking us to relinquish rights and not allowing fair consideration to do so. We are out of pocket that money. To make it conditional that we absolve Re-Bath of CA for any responsibility in order to be compensated for the damage they caused and are liable for is not a fair consideration or even compromise. You have the ability to close this issue. “

Nope, black as tar… He acts as if we never had the conversation where he must have deviated from the “Re-Bath rip off the customer guide book”. But then, that is predictable to us now after dealing with him for this much time.
All he offers is to uphold the warranty that they are required by law to. Since when is following the law a compromise? What an unethical manipulative cheat.
And what do they have to offer to make us think they will even honor it? This company has proven to us they have no honor. But if we are to proceed we need some answers, even though in the past, answers from them have turned out to be lies…

But we asked anyway…:

“Norm, Who will provide service should the need arise? We will require a written copy of the warranty as well as contact phone number and address of party or parties responsible for honoring the warranty before we can sign the agreement. Just to be clear, this agreement does not release Re-Bath of California from responsibility or liability. And we need the copies of the work orders/invoices from Pat’s Pronto Plumbing. Regards,”

Norm’s response was:
“Re-Bath LLC would arrange for service should you have a manufacturer's defect. We have no way of requiring the plumbing company to provide invoices as they are not a Re-Bath organization. The agreement must release Re-Bath of CA or we will not be able to proceed. Regards,
Norm Murdock,
CFEVice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC421 W Alameda DrTempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-719”

We may have forgotten to mention that Norm was ready to hang Randy Summy and Re-Bath of California out to be responsible for the entire mess as that is the originator of this mess.
But one only has to refer back to the Re-Bath perspective of compromise, (i.e. renege and lie), now he wants to protect him, we’re sure only in an attempt to punish us for simply standing up for our rights.
After all, to Re-Bath, the consumer is the ENEMY.

Wonder how Norm would feel reading the posts we assume Randy made threatening to "F" him up real good.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Coincidence? Highly Unlikely… And Frankly, The Comments Are Showing Quite a Bit of Ignorance.

Apparently this blog about the problems experienced while dealing with Re-Bath has struck a nerve…
We do see the humor and folly in this, but it is equally unsettling and disturbing.

All we wanted to do was point out how badly we were treated by Re-Bath and help inform other potential consumers so they could protect themselves from going through a hellish ordeal like we endured by being foolish enough to contract with Re-Bath.

But now the comments coming in response to our blog would suggest our most vocal readers have some “issues”. Anger? Oh yes, it sure seems like it. Mental instability? Again, it really seems like it.
Or could it simply be a case of the offender throwing another tantrum?

We’ve assumed, (and with good reason), some of the people we’ve dealt with through Re-Bath were, shall we say unbalanced, certainly predisposed to not have a firm grasp on the truth. But if these recent comment posts are indeed from Re-Bath affiliates, and therefore a possible indication of their state of mind, it is very alarming.
Remember, this is a company who initiated the problems and lied to us from the beginning, and got caught doing it; all we did was tried to defend ourselves from their dishonest practices and try to obtain fair compensation for the damage they ultimately caused.

This may only be a coincidence, but how utterly ironic can it be that only days after Randy Summy/Re-Bath of CA was notified by the California State Contractors License Board about the impending fine for illegal actions, this blog received a barrage of snide and juvenile “retorts”?
The timing is absolutely astounding!
Add to that, the majority of these comments arrived on the exact anniversary of the first bungled and botched attempt by Re-Bath of CA to install the low quality bathroom products they sold us.

We can assume it is Randy that is doing this. We can only guess the little jerk thinks it is safer to rage at us hiding behind a keyboard instead of prank phone calling this time around. There is a precedent that leads us to believe this is the situation. (See an earlier entry in this blog for an explanation if you wish. Blog post Friday September 6th 2008.)

And whether it is him, or possibly some other jerk(s), why only post by anonymous snipes? What is there to be afraid of? Too childish to stand up for the words you try to type? Feel like a big person firing off drivel while hiding like a little girl behind the shield of a computer? Think you really have any power when lying with the protection of assumed anonymity?

And no, we will not be publishing those unimaginative, curse filled comments that are basically what amount to no more than another childish temper tantrum, or on a more positive spin, a very pitiful effort at Lord knows what type of humor.


By the way, to the moron(s) who posted these comments, please, at least learn how to use spell check, we realize it is probably asking too much to request that you to actually learn how to spell, or even fathom what the words you are trying write truly mean.
Honestly, it made the writer (and we use that term loosely) sound like an absolute idiot, or maybe it is just that is what they are. Or maybe it’s time they put down the bottle before trying to communicate.
Thank us later for not allowing those posts to see the light of day. With as much refuse as is already floating around the internet, there was no need to pollute it anymore with garbage, and that is all it was, pollution.


While we welcome coherent comments and outside points of view in this blog, even ones that differ from our own, we also were intelligent enough to know there would be idiots such as the one(s) attempting to comment in these recent days. Of course we review all comments before allowing them to be posted. If someone wishes to post, we hope they can muster the mental ability to write something that is understandable and coherent, and not peppered with profanity. If that minimal goal is achieved, we will probably post it as we have in the past.


And a special sarcastic "thanks" to whomever posted (We can only assume it to be Randy Summy of Re-Bath CA, but yes, it is only an assumption) the offers to physically punish Re-Bath and its employees (Norm Murdock to be specific) in such a colorful way. We could also assume it is a misdirected show of allegiance to support our side of the described abominable situations created by Re-Bath, but we do not encourage nor participate in that type of behavior.
And it is actually rather disgusting what you advocate doing. You either need to take a step back and look at what you are doing in your life, or get some psychological help (and maybe sober up too) before you hurt yourself or anyone else.
(However, if in the case of the Darwinian theories holding true, you should only be on this earth but for a short time longer due to your own trials and tribulations, therefore absolving the rest of humanity from concerning themselves with you.)
But continuing to post such violent drivel will not do anything but show us the sad reality of your mental illness (or maybe simply your need to lash out from your perceived secure hole in the ground to fulfill something in your tiny unrewarding life) and require us to delete it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Counter Offer. A Normal Way to Reach an Agreement. Unless You Are Re-Bath Where Fair Is Not In Their Vocabulary. No Ethics.

In normal civilization, a situation like this would mean that a counter offer was in order since the first offer/release by Re-Bath was what you could call, a real low-ball offer.

So to be fair to us, (and yes, even to fair to the unfair Re-Bath folks), we submitted these two options as a counter offer and compromise.

Option One absolved them of their warranty and obligations just as they demanded in their original offer, but partially compensated us monetarily for our dealings with Re-Bath. Mind you this is a compromise for us, asking for less than we are out of pocket, and what we had discussed with Norm Murdock earlier, only to have him renege on his offer:


This General Release (“Release”) is made, this ____ day of June, 2008, by NAME DELETED, an individual residing at ADDRESS DELETED (“Releasor”), in favor of ReBath, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and its franchisees, Re-Bath of CA and Re-Bath of San Diego.
In consideration for the sum of $8130.00 paid by ReBath, LLC to Releasor, consisting of $4,800 for water damage repair, as per NAME DELETED Construction proposal #1875, and $250 for paint repair, reimbursement of $2900.00 down payment and $180.00 court costs as per Releasor’s 6/4/08 punch list, Releasor hereby releases and discharges ReBath, LLC, Re-Bath of CA and Re-Bath of San Diego, and their respective members, officers, directors, members, agents, employees, affiliates, attorneys, successors and assigns (collectively, “Releasees”) of and from any and all obligations and defaults, actions, causes of action, suits, proceedings, disputes, rights, claims and demands, at law or in equity (whether real or contingent, known or unknown) that Releasor ever had, now has or may hereafter against any of the Releasees, arising out of or in connection with the bath remodeling work performed in Releasor’s home at ADDRESS DELETED by a Re-Bath franchisee, and any explicit or implied warranty with respect to such work.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Releasor has executed this Agreement as of the date first above written.

Option Two was an even bigger compromise by us to only get reimbursed for the most recent damage; we just wanted to get on with our lives! We’d still have a crappy bathroom to contend with, but at least we could get our kitchen repaired.
But since they would not be fully compensating us, (only about 50% of what we were out of pocket), it seemed only fair that they agree to honor their warranty:


This General Release (“Release”) is made, this ____ day of June, 2008, by NAME DELETED, an individual residing at ADDRESS DELETED (“Releasor”), in favor of ReBath, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and its franchise, Re-Bath of San Diego.
In consideration for the sum of $5,050.00 paid by ReBath, LLC to Releasor, consisting of $4,800 for water damage repair, as per NAME DELETED Construction proposal #1875, and $250 for paint repair, as per Releasor’s 6/4/08 punch list, Releasor hereby releases and discharges ReBath, LLC, Re-Bath of San Diego, and their respective members, officers, directors, (collectively, “Releasees”) of and from any and all obligations and defaults, actions, causes of action, suits, proceedings, disputes, rights, claims and demands, at law or in equity (whether real or contingent, known or unknown) that Releasor ever had, now has or may hereafter against any of the Releasees, arising out of or in connection with the bath remodeling work performed in Releasor’s home at ADDRESS DELETED by a Re-Bath franchisee. The Re-Bath Limited Lifetime Warranty on the materials used stays in effect.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Releasor has executed this Agreement as of the date first above written.

But being fair is not what Re-Bath is about. Avoiding responsibility is what we see Re-Bath is about…

Friday, October 3, 2008

Re-Baths Idea Of “Fair” Compensation… Not Fair to the Customer For Sure

Here is a copy of the very one sided release Re-Bath wanted us to sign to release them from all responsibility before they would pay for the damage they caused. Not all of the damage even, as mentioned earlier this was a compromise.

Imagine, demanding this forfeiture of rights to pay for damages they are 100% liable for.
Names and addresses are deleted for safety, but the rest is just how it was presented by Re-Bath.


This General Release (“Release”) is made, this ____ day of June, 2008, NAME DELETED, an individual residing at ADDRESS DELETED (“Releasor”), in favor of ReBath, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and its franchisees, Re-Bath of CA and Re-Bath of San Diego.
In consideration for the sum of $5,050.00 paid by ReBath, LLC to Releasor, consisting of $4,800 for water damage repair, as per NAME DELETED Construction proposal #1875, and $250 for paint repair, as per Releasor’s 6/4/08 punch list, Releasor hereby releases and forever discharges ReBath, LLC, Re-Bath of CA and Re-Bath of San Diego, and their respective members, officers, directors, members, agents, employees, affiliates, attorneys, successors and assigns (collectively, “Releasees”) of and from any and all obligations and defaults, actions, causes of action, suits, proceedings, disputes, rights, claims and demands, at law or in equity (whether real or contingent, known or unknown) that Releasor ever had, now has or may hereafter against any of the Releasees, arising out of or in connection with the bath remodeling work performed in Releasor’s home at ADDRESS DELETED by a Re-Bath franchisee, and any explicit or implied warranty with respect to such work.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Releasor has executed this Agreement as of the date first above written.


Talk about slanted and self serving!

Notice the wording “In favor of Re-Bath”. In favor of? They are paying out, in effect Losing. Yet they choose that phrasing? Got a bit of an excessive ego going on there maybe? A bit full of yourselves? Yeah, everyone knows what you are full of…

They word it in a way to try to void their own warranty and absolve them selves of any and all liability and responsibility.

Again, what good is a Re-Bath warranty? If you need to use it, they will try to void it just like this.

Of course they did not get that returned signed; instead pair of fairer options was presented to them, including an easy way off the hook for them.
But do you think they considered that?

Dealing with Re-Bath is like dealing with a spoiled child, a spoiled bratty bully who hides behind an ignorant mommy or daddy who thinks they can do no wrong when they don’t get their way.

Tune in later for more exciting Re-Crap Capers and Deception… Same Crap Time, Same Crap Channel… Don’t touch that dial! (It has re-crap on it!)
You’d think with all they sling, they would be in the toilet business more than the bath and shower end.
Sorry, gotta have a sense of humor…

Monday, September 29, 2008

Re-Bath Apparently Requires a Little Legal Refresher Course About Warranty Obligations

We had to send this on 6-13-2008 after reviewing the “release” Re-Bath corporate sent, seems someone was either going the extra mile to cheat us, or was very ignorant:

“Mr. Murdock,
The damage from the water leak caused by Re-Bath is not something that allows Re-Bath to eliminate the warranty we were given (see Heidi Seyler’s email below*) in order to be compensated. The warranty and the leak damage are two separate issues. The release you submitted is not a fair agreement. You are asking us to give up our rights in order for Re-Bath to pay for damages they directly caused and are already fully liable for.

Option one is payment in full, as per the punch list you requested. It fully releases Re-Bath and its affiliates from all responsibility.

Option two covers the damage done to our home by the water leak created by Re-Bath. It also requires Re-Bath to honor the warranty last issued by Heidi Seyler on 2/22/2008. It does not release Re-Bath of California from responsibility. (Email referenced is provided below.)

Copies of the work orders/invoices from Pat’s Pronto Plumbing are still required for either option.


*Below is the email from Heidi Seyler referenced in the above email response:

In a message dated 2/22/2008 7:32:19 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

In an effort to resolve the dispute regarding the installation that was done by Re-Bath of California, Re-Bath LLC has contracted with San Diego Re-Bath to complete the following work:

1. Remove the wall surround, shower pan and shower seat
2. Install a new shower pan, wall surround, shower seat and window kit
3. Build up wall to make flush and even; including near light switch and fixtures
4. Re-install the existing shower door

Upon your agreement to the completion of the above work, San Diego Re-Bath will order the required materials and contact you to schedule the installation. Once the above installation is complete, you will receive the Re-Bath Limited Lifetime Warranty on the materials used. San Diego Re-Bath will offer their standard workmanship/labor warranty of one year.

I apologize for your inconvenience and hope to receive your approval on the above scope of work. No further work beyond the above items will be completed. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Heidi Seyler
Re-Bath, LLC”

It sure appears that when Re-Bath executives decide to do something, they feel they are not limited by the promises made by others in their organization, (or themselves for that matter) or the laws the rest of the world are bound by either.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Crank Calls? Give Us a Break! Childish Behavior, the Sign of a Real Loser…

Another Side bar of sorts.

This is point that should be brought up and it goes to the attitude and mentality of this outfit. It is about the crank calls we would receive from phone numbers (thank goodness for caller I.D.) attributed to Re-Bath of CA.
These calls coincided with the delivery of court documents. We would receive our copies of actions we’d taken against Re-Bath, so we knew Randy Summy and Re-Bath CA were receiving a set at the same time we were, or maybe at most the next day. And sure enough, the crank calls would start.
Sheer coincidence? Very difficult to believe.

Talk about childish, let alone unprofessional behavior, but then again, we are repeating ourselves again… This is one very dishonest and unprofessional outfit that makes a personal issue out of bad service. Lies, name calling and crank calls. What is this first grade!?

We must again recommend you avoid Re-Bath like the plague.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Compromise? Re-Bath Will Not Compromise You Give an Inch, They Demand a Mile

This was our response to that self serving attempt by Re-Bath to rewrite the facts for Re-Bath’s benefit.

This email was sent on June 11th, 2008:
I really thought you would offer something fairer to us considering the situation, and especially since you started off a few weeks ago by stating “We would like to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & make sure you are fully satisfied.”

But as I said yesterday, I would accept the $5050.00 and still will, although it does not fully rectify the situation nor fully compensate us for damages done.
Send your document for me to sign.

I do hope you will try and be able to get the work orders from Pronto Plumbing to us.

Please see what you can do to expedite this.


You see that is what is called a compromise. Not a fair one for us, we are getting screwed, but we are trying to resolve this mess.
The document they sent was from another prior complaint situation apparently as it was titled as a settlement between them and Cold Stone Creamery. Sounds like they screwed Cold Stone Creamery too.
Just an observation…
Why else would such a document exist? We’re willing to listen to logical excuses.
Or did they plagiarize it? Again, with such low ethical standards as we’ve seen from Re-Bath, who knows?

And what about that invoice from Pat’s Pronto Plumbing? Why is that so difficult to get them to provide?
Could it be they want to erase the paper trail that ties them to the work? We think so; we have no reason to believe otherwise…
And it’s not like their track record smacks of honesty… Oh no, much to the contrary…

Monday, September 22, 2008

Re-Bath Corporate Continues to try to Cheat Us Even More, It Must Be “Real” Their Job. After all, they certainly have not been able to install what t

Of course we responded to that detestable attempt to cheat us further. And after explaining to Norm verbally that he was reneging on his oral offers and his written pledges to take care of this (say it with us):
“…in a timely fashion to their complete satisfaction.”
“…to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & make sure you are fully satisfied."

He sent this email in response, as if by now writing a conflicting account of what he said will somehow make it so. This guy is sorely lacking in ethics.
In parenthesis between each little paragraph is the actuality “(Our response)” of the situation to temper Norm’s slanted perspectives. It is not part of the email sent to us; it is just “equal time”, as they say, to balance the reality:

In a message dated Tuesday, June 10, 2008 8:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
“As a point of clarification, I did not offer to refund your $2,900 deposit & your court costs in our prior conversation. I simply suggested the idea of a cash settlement as an option to consider.”

(Our response: Gee whiz, sorry to disagree Norm, but yes you did offer to reimburse us in that phone call. You can double speak to others and think you got away with it, but we wrote down what you said at the time it was spoken, and unless you lie to yourself like you do to the public, you know it too. )

Norm continued:
“Please understand that our franchisees are independently owned & operated. Your contract is with your local Re-Bath franchise, not Re-Bath LLC. They are 100% responsible for fulfilling the terms of the contract.”

(Our response: But when Re-Bath corporate took the facilitation of the “remodel” over after multiple botched attempts by two different franchises, they assumed that burden and that contract. In fact, per Re-Bath corporate, our warranty is still to be handled by your office. Ask Heidi, we did when we pointed out Re-Bath of S.D. would not provide us with a contract despite being asked on multiple occasions. Are you now telling us she lied?)

Norm continued:
“Re-Bath LLC has attempted on multiple occasions to facilitate the repair of the deficiencies that you have identified with your Re-Bath installation. In our last conversation, we both agreed that further attempts to repair the installation problems would not be in either party’s best interest.”
(Our response: Can’t argue with that, your crack teams of installers have proven without a doubt that they do not have the ability to do the job.)

Norm continued:
“Re-Bath LLC feels the offer that has been made is fair. It repairs the damage that you claim was caused by the Re-Bath installation. It waives the balance due on the installation so in effect you have received a full Re-Bath remodel at half price. I did not include Option 3 from your Construction proposal for repair of the attic as it was not clear that this was damage caused by the Re-Bath work. If it is, please explain.”

(Our response: Uh, Fair? You have got to be kidding! There was no balance due. Re-Bath of Ca ripped us off and this “repair” by Re-Bath S.D. started as an attempt to reconcile that grievance. You can’t just make up an arbitrary demand for “balance due” after you have lost a lawsuit. Shame on you.

You don’t remember? RE-BATH LOST ITS LAWSUIT AGAINST US! You are not entitled to one red cent !
And you know damn well the water damage to the ceiling and in the attic was caused by the leak(s) Re-Bath caused. You were told by Re-Bath S.D. and you saw the photographs we sent, you even commented on them. It shows Re-Bath workers working in the wet mess they caused, they even admitted it too. You sir are lying!)

Norm continued:
“I am in the office all day today if you wish to discuss further.”

(Our response: You said you would be available yesterday too… But it sure seemed to us you were ducking our calls.)

Norm Murdock, CFE
Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr”
Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Re-Bath Tries to Void Our Warranty Or Refuse to Pay For The Damage That Warranty Was Supposed To Protect Us From

What good is a warranty if it is to be voided in order to be applied?

In a message dated 6/5/2008 3:57:04 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
“Upon review of your punch list as well as the quote for your bath & kitchen ceiling repair, Re-Bath is prepared to offer you the following:
- Compensate you for the cost to repair your kitchen & bath ceilings (items 1 & 4 on your punch list) - $4,050.00
- Compensate you for the cost to repair the paint damage caused to your master bath ceiling (item 2 on your punch list) - $250
In exchange for this compensation, you agree to sign an agreement releasing Re-Bath of California, Re-Bath of San Diego & Re-Bath LLC of any further responsibility or liability & accepting the installation “as is”.
Please respond by e-mail if this is agreeable to you.
Norm Murdock, CFE
Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

Can you believe the audacity?
Re-Bath Corporate (Norm Murdock) now refuses to honor the warranty, yet they want us to absolve them of any and all responsibility in order to get them to pay for the water damage to the kitchen ceiling and bathroom floor and give up all rights to collect from Re-Bath of CA for subsequent damages. What the heck do they think a warranty is, or means?

Earlier Norm said he would compensate us fairly. This jerk now actually expects us to surrender our warranty to collect, or forfeit reimbursement of the damages they caused us. And for less that the agreed upon monetary figure! Granted the warranty probably is not worth the paper it’s written on, but how can anyone at that corporate level expect to leverage a written lifetime warranty they provide (as a cornerstone to the sale of their product) and owe on due to their own incompetence against the damages they caused.
Mind-boggling! He is either a total moron or total crook. (Anyone wishing to vote or comment is welcome to.) What he is trying to do is absolutely criminal.

Let’s make this clear to everyone reading this. By law you cannot force someone to give up the rights to the warranty in order for them to collect on that warranty. Think about it.

Let’s say you buy a new car. Let’s say it comes with a 6 year 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, pretty standard stuff.
When it only has been driven 50 miles, the engine blows up. The dealer and the manufacturer then tell you they will only fix it if you sign off and state that if any else ever goes wrong with that car, it is not under any warranty. If you don’t sign away your warranty, they will not fix or repair the car. You are stuck with it.

Of course that is illegal in the automotive world and in business in general. But that is exactly what Re-Bath VP Norm Murdock was demanding!

Do you really want to deal with a company that operates with those kinds of deceitful ethics?

Another point to be made is that Dave Sanders, the President of Re-Bath corporate was being copied on every email sent to Re-Bath, and refused to take our calls or respond to voice mail messages or email messages. In effect hiding under his desk it seemed. But then we got the same impression from Mr. Murdock on many occasions too. Sure makes them look like a bunch of cowards and cheats, and their actions shore up that perspective too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why Won’t Re-Bath Take Responsibility for the Damage They’ve Caused to Our Home!?

The following is the response we sent on June 5th, 2008, regarding an earlier conversation that took place the same day with Norm Murdock, a VP at Re-Bath corporate, and now we find out a dishonest fellow to boot:

“Mr. Murdock,
First of all, just to be clear, while I am responding via email, that is not an acceptable offer.

Frankly, I am very disappointed and somewhat confused by your response to the Punch List you requested we provide to you. Especially considering what you wrote in the email dated 5-19-08. I thought you were being genuinely sincere:
“First of all let me apologize for the unpleasant experience you have had with Re-Bath. We aim to complete all customers' jobs in a timely fashion to their complete satisfaction.”
“We would like to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & makesure you are fully satisfied. Please feel free to e-mail this list directly to me.”

During a subsequent phone conversation on 5-20-08, Mr. Murdock, you offered to reimburse us for the $2900.00 down payment and our court costs incurred when Randy Summy sued us for final payment before completion of the job. We provided the Punch List you requested, with itemized costs and explanations. We promptly provided you with a quote from a licensed contractor, even offered to get a second quote but were told by Heidi Seyler not to provide a second quote.

Please explain to us what has changed? Why are you now unwilling to pay the full costs to repair the damages directly caused by Re-Bath’s employees’ carelessness? All we asked was to be fairly compensated and have the work that was performed documented for our records. (I'm sure if you were in the same situation you would want the same for your home and family.) These items, we were told on multiple occasions by various Re-Bath employees and representatives, would be taken care of and provided. Yet they have not been. Even you Mr. Murdock, said and wrote that you would resolve these issues to our full satisfaction. I took you at your word.

We have been patient, and in return our house has been continually damaged, and ourselves inconvenienced further with every attempt by Re-Bath to “fix” what they did wrong. We did not ask to be victimized by the franchises of Re-Bath, we’ve bent over backwards to be accommodating, we just wanted what we were originally sold. But every time we trusted a Re-Bath employee to do what they said they would do, they failed us, to the point of them causing major damage to our home and sometimes insulting us. We have been lied to by the installers, salespeople and management. In fact you have been lied to by them too judging from what I have been told has been said about us from Heidi Seyler and you Mr. Murdock.

The repair quote alone for the kitchen ceiling and the bathroom floor is $4800.00. That does not include the repainting of the bathroom ceiling (which you offered to pay) or the $2900.00 deposit, courts fees and compensation for lost time and major inconvenience that you orally offered in the aforementioned phone discussion.
Again, Mr. Murdock, I was led to believe from your email and phone conversation that you as a representative of Re-Bath were willing to correct the mistakes made by the franchises. Your offer of $4300.00 with no liability whatsoever not an acceptable, reasonable or fair offer. That amount is not enough to cover the expenses required to repair the damages done by Re-Bath. In fact the out of pocket costs well exceed $8000.00 to date.

Please consider this situation from our point of view.
Honestly, how would you feel, and what would you do?
If you contracted with a company who did not meet its obligations, yet took it upon themselves to cause you more and more trouble and aggravation, resorting to personal attacks and harassment, even to the point causing them more work to do the wrong thing than just to do the job right? And in the end, damaging far more that just the small area they were to improve in “One Day, with No Mess, No Stress, No Inconvenience”, and dragging it out for over 8 months so far.
That is honestly how we have been treated by the California Re-Bath franchises.

As I mentioned in previous emails and phone conversations, we would like to get the repairs scheduled so we can try to return to a normal life as soon as possible. Re-Bath caused the damage and already agreed to pay for it. Please let’s get this resolved fairly. Considering how this has been handled, I would think Re-Bath would want it to be resolved as much as we do.
I expect to be able to speak to someone at Re-Bath corporate with the authority to discuss and possibly make a fair resolution by midday Friday June 6th, 2008. I will call if I am not contacted first.

HelpfulHal of course…

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ignored By Re-Bath. SOP. (Standard Operating Procedure For Re-Bath.)

An entire week went by with no responses from Re-Bath. Gee, we were led to believe they cared for the consumer and wanted to settle this quickly.

Really, seriously, here are a couple of quotes from Mr. Murdock himself:
“We aim to complete all customers' jobs in a timely fashion to their complete satisfaction.”
“We would like to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & makesure you are fully satisfied.”

It would appear the bullshit flag is firmly attached to that!

On June 5th 2008 at 12:35PM we called Norm Murdock at 480-844-2596 ext126 and left a voice mail message saying that we had expected to hear from him one week ago, per his comments, so we could schedule, or at least get on the waiting list of the contractor. We also reminded him that we had sent him the punch list he requested the day before and would like him to either call us or respond to the email. We left our numbers to be sure he couldn’t claim he had no way to contact us. But really, when dealing with liars, what difference does it make?

We did get a call back, and now Norm Murdock has the gall to offer us a less than 50% of the amount we had discussed earlier to compensate us for the damages. In round numbers they caused us damages in the range of nearly $9000.00.
Now Norm Murdock was reneging on his offer made on the 19th of May. And in that offer we were compromising a significant amount and willing to accept less than we were due just so we could get on with our disrupted lives. But that compromise by us was treated like the blood in the water to a shark analogy. This guy is not a fair person, he is just like everyone else at Re-Bath we’ve had the misfortune of dealing with, unethical, and dishonest!

Never mind he instructed us to create a punch list in order to proceed, which we did. The guy must be an idiot as he didn’t even know what a punch list was we found out when we sent it to him, (or was he just lying?)
He comes across to us as another mindless company shill spitting out buzzwords oblivious to what they mean. Or worse, if he truly knew what a punch list was, which was not discernable during our conversation, then he was just intentionally wasting more of our time.

Which is worse? We think the latter. One is ignorance, the other is malice. He had no intention of using it. He just wanted to waste more of our time and energy. (This is a guy you just know has heard the F-word used in a description of him on many occasions, but certainly not by us.)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Now to Get Re-Bath to Pay For the Ceiling They Destroyed…

Sadly, the story is still not over, you may recall two separate sets of unlicensed Re-Bath installers made a leak which destroyed our downstairs ceiling. Now we are faced with getting that replaced at another major inconvenience to us. Can you believe the Re-Bath installers actually thought we would have them try to fix it? Don’t make us cry.

Our bathroom flooring is destroyed due to Re-Baths multiple attacks on it. The baseboards are gone. The sub floor is damaged. The walls are gouged up and it had a custom multi-color pattern painted on it which will be difficult if even possible to match. And the bathroom ceiling was also gouged up and the paint torn off by Re-Bath so it is in need of repair and repainting.

One would think that in such a severe situation, the people responsible (Re-Bath) would try to facilitate a quick remedy, but no, this is Re-Bath. It is merely another opportunity for them to inconvenience us and cost us more money and time. To them this must just be icing on a cake. Another chance to screw someone!
Even though they are 100% liable and responsible and they know it, we know it; yet they do everything they can to make our lives miserable and drag this atrocious mess out.

Originally Norm asked us what the cost of all the repairs would be. We provided Re-Bath corporate with a full quote (actually had two lined up) in under four days to expedite the repair process of the kitchen ceiling.
Norm Murdock even agreed to monetary compensation for the troubles Re-Bath had caused us. Sharp guy, (shark guy?), he refused to send those offers in writing, and like a sap, we believed him to some degree, but as mentioned before, we write down all the conversations and take very good notes. This was no exception, but then neither is the fact that he later reneged on and lied about the offers.

He made it sound like they were going take responsibility and fairly compensate us for the damages they caused. He wanted a “Punch-List” with every detail listed. We spent hours and hours compiling this very detailed list. Hours that we really did not have to spare, but we were willing to work with them. (Yep, they got us again, we’re sure that Son-Of-A Bitch got a good laugh at us for wasting even more of our time.) We found out first hand Norm Murdock is also a prime liar like so many of the other “Management Material” Re-Bath employees we dealt with.
We’re going to bet in the Re-Bath Handbook of Guidelines and Ethics there must be an entire chapter on how to lie with a straight face and an even tone to your voice.

OK, you’re right, there is no such book. After all, Re-Bath has no ethics, so what would the point of such a book be? Just spouting off there...
On May 28th 2008 we sent this email trying to get some action. We thought responding with a thank you was a polite way to reestablish contact. Ever try to be polite to a shark?

“Mr. Murdock, Thank you for processing the reimbursement of the plumbing repair. We look forward to receiving the check in the couple of days.It has been a week since we submitted the quote for repair of the damage done to our home By Re-Bath. We would like to move forward and get these repairs done as soon as possible. While we may now finally have a working shower, it is far from a finished project. And the exposed bathroom floor is more than just an eyesore. Both the kitchen and the bathroom still need to be repaired. What is the status of the quote provided by the contractor for the repair, can you provide us with an update on 5/29/08? We really need to schedule with him as soon as possible to get in line for the work to be done.I am still trying to compile the "punch list", but due to the lost work time and subsequent catching up, I have not been able to complete it yet. Looking forward to your response.”

In true Re-Bath fashion, we received no response. They know they are in the wrong, they know they are responsible for the damage, yet they choose to make every step as difficult for us as possible. What a bunch of jerks! But we are repeating ourselves…

Friday, September 5, 2008

One Day Installation. No Way. Try Eight Months! And It Still Is Not Done!

We were without our shower for 8 entire days (this time) due to the total ineptitude of Re-Bath of San Diego, and somewhat by Pat’s Pronto Plumbing, and most certainly also by Re-Bath Corporate for purposely delaying authorization to get a competent plumber to fix the absolutely atrocious work done by Re-Bath.
Still, we have to attribute the initial problem to ReBath of California. After all, without their blunders and subsequent harassment and total failure to do even a mediocre job, we would not be here at all.
I guess maybe ReBath corporate deserves multiple accolades (that is sarcasm folks) in this matter since they could have remedied this mess back in October of 2007 when they were first contacted but decided to let us get ripped-off by Re-Bath of Ca. instead before jumping on the bandwagon themselves to rip us off too.

A one day re-install to fix two previous major screw ups?
Actually it was only supposed to be a one day job back in October of 2007. But it took this group of liars and bumbling idiots eight months to do a one day job, and left a wake of destruction that will take a significant additional amount of time, also measurable in months, to repair. We were completely without our shower for over two weeks! And there was no need for it other than the bad performance of Re-Bath agents.
And they don’t even want to pay for the damage they caused either!

Re-Bath is like the Toner Pirates of the late 1980’s. They use a boiler room mentality. Get in, get out, and screw the consumer. Make a lot of legal sounding threats to intimidate, all the while they are unlicensed and operating illegally themselves. They just posture up like they are within their rights, while their own contracts are wrought with fraud and contradictions.
They operate as schoolyard bullies, but they are just cheats. If you stand up to them, they hide behind mommy corporate, sadly mommy corporate lets her little brat franchises get away with this deplorable conduct.
Once they get shut down, as so many of them have been, (and possibly one more on the way… Re-Bath of Ca…), they just open up again under another name and continue to rip people off.

That is exactly what Re-Bath of California did. Before they were Re-Bath of Ca, they were another fly-by-night bathroom rip off company that screwed enough people to get shut down. Look up Lloyd Summy, protégé son Randy Summy’s daddy and the name “Bath Pro, CL 597621”. Then after that it appears they used the name “LSRC corp. CL 645660”. That last CL number is the one Randy Summy claimed was his when he contracted with us as Re-Bath of Ca. We don’t think he is old enough to have earned that license when it is listed as being established in 1992. A family of shysters as far as we are concerned.

Protect yourself; do not do business with them. We’d recommend no one ever do business with any affiliate of Re-Bath. We sure wish we had done a better job of research before we got suckered in. We thought we did enough checking about the reputation of Re-Bath before contacting them. But we didn’t. And that is the purpose of this blog, to help other potential victims avoid the nightmare of dealing with these Re-Bath franchises.

It would have taken much less time and money to have had a real bathroom upgrade done. Even a full tear out and rebuild would have ultimately been less expensive, much quicker and we would not have ended up with the cheap in value crap we have now.
Yes, we said real. Re-Bath did not do a real upgrade. They cannot do a real upgrade apparently. At best it is a cheap quality mask that is way overpriced. In our case it is only a series of patches on top of other crappy work, their Re-Crap work.

Considering all the problems they ignorantly caused us, and intentionally caused us, as well as purposely wasting our time and damaging our property instead of trying to fix anything, it would have been cheaper to have hired a real contractor and torn out and rebuilt our bathroom.
Yes, that’s what we meant; Re-Bath contractors are NOT REAL CONTRACTORS. In fact, we have yet to meet one with even a legal LICENSE!

A little side bar…
From the dictionary:
Crap [krap] offensive term for nonsense, or something worthless or annoying.
Also an offensive term meaning worthless, useless, or lacking in abilty.

Yeppers, that word fits in the manner it is being bandied about in this blog.

Sadly we feel there is a much darker and sinister angle at play.
This is not just a case of ignorance and stupidity as the word crap would lead you to believe.
It appears to be a case of planned maliciousness and intent to defraud people fully orchestrated and premeditated to take something (money, lots of money) in return for very little (cheap plastic façade).
And the fact they can’t even bring themselves to show the actual products they are going to install, (i.e. Bait and Switch), is even further evidence of this ongoing swindle. That is our opinion of the matter.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Interestingly enough we recently came across another blog that parallels our terrible treatment by Re-Bath.

We’re taking a break in the telling of this soap opera / nightmare to pass this recently discovered information on to you. After all, the main purpose of this blog is to protect other potential customers of Re-Bath from falling victim to their tactics. At least to make them aware of how they have treated other customers. Yeah, odds are they’ll treat you the same if you give them the chance.

We sure wish we had found that blog before we contracted with and got screwed by Re-Bath of California, and then Re-bath Corporate in Arizona, and then Re-Bath of San Diego, then Re-Bath corporate again....

Just type in “Re-Bath Liars” in Google and it will come up as one the first links on the first page. The same name as one of the people at Re-Bath who tried so hard to cheat us is in that blog too, go figure.
And there are multiple listings of people who refer to Re-Bath people as liars, not just one or two. Wonder why that is? And within those listings are many more. Could it be that they are LIARS!?

It was not just a fluke that we had these problems, it is now painfully obvious that it is the way Re-Bath operates through out the whole country. There are far fewer happy customers (Are there really any? The “happy” ones sound like shills.), than ones that have been Ripped Off by Re-bath. And since most people don’t go public with these situations, one can only imagine the true numbers of dissatisfied victims of Re-Bath nationally. The percentage has to be staggering.

For those interested here is the direct link we found:

We sincerely hope it is OK that we posted that link. We will gladly remove it if asked, but since it is offering protection in providing similar information to potential consumers, we thought it was the right thing to do.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Re-Bath Has NO Sympathy For Their Customers Major Inconveniences (Which Re-Bath Causes). They Seem In Fact to Relish Punishing Them for Being Stupid

Norm’s response was sent the following day. That is SIX FREAKING DAYS WITHOUT OUR SHOWER so far…! This could have been done on Monday, it should have been done on Saturday! But no, that would mean consideration and actually thinking of the best interests of the people they took gobs of money from to install this cheap looking facade.
Again, I digress, please read on:

Sent to us on 5-22-08

"At this point, I would suggest the following:

Re-Bath will authorize you to repair the following with a plumber of your choice:

- Reinstall the escutcheon plate with clear sealant
- Repair the shower head

For convenience, given the scheduling issues, please contract this work directly & forward the invoice to Re-Bath LLC at the address below for prompt payment.

Best regards,

Norm Murdock, CFE
Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

Please explain why after repeatedly asking for our local qualified honest clean plumber to be allowed do these repairs, it has taken an entire pain in the ass week just to authorize him to fix Re-Baths and their agents screw-ups!

And do they really expect to be able to "fix" that cheapo plastic showerhead?

Why could this not have been set up before? The Re-Bath approach to that question? Because that would have been the right thing to do.

Re-Bath does not do the right thing. It is not what they do. They do rip people off, (us), they lied in their advertising, (did to us, and probably thousands of others) they lied in their sales pitches, (did to us), they lied to the customer at every instance when things go bad, (yep us too), which is very often, (if not nearly always in our experience).
They seem to thrive on inconveniencing the customers as they in effect steal from them by installing sub-standard materials and damaging their property, all the while blaming the customer for basically being stupid enough to have hired them in the first place.
Yeah, harsh, but it is what happened to us!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Re-Bath Wastes Your Time When They Can’t Take More of Your Money

It has now been FIVE MORE FULL CONSECUTIVE DAYS without our shower. Re-Bath cares nothing about their customers or their convenience, let alone what most people would consider a basic requirement for sanitary living.
We received this answer the evening of Wednesday 5-21-08:

“We are arranging for a plumber to come out tomorrow to fix the leaky shower head. You will be called in advance to confirm the service time.


Norm Murdock, CFE
Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

Great, another Re-Bath fiasco in the making. There is no way we are allowing Pat’s Pronto Plumbing back in our home after the lies they told us and the poor work they performed. No wonder they refuse to document what they did. It smacks of shoddy workmanship and it looks like they don’t want to be responsible. Very scary.
We can’t trust anyone who works with or for Re-Bath now. You shouldn’t either, but that’s a call you’ll have to make.

Our response was sent on the same evening and was honest, civil and polite and even gave them some “wiggle room” to save face. But we seemed to have forgotten that they are two faced and it apparently was viewed by them as a sign of weakness, (Sharks/blood in the water?) Try to be nice and see what it’ll get you… at least dealing with these sharks.

“Mr. Murdock,
Thank you for the timely response. The time frame available for a plumber to replace the shower head today begins at 4:00PM and gives him one hour and forty-five minutes to facilitate the repairs. I'll need to know if this schedule works by11:00AM to be able to accommodate it. Please understand that we are not trying to be uncooperative or difficult, but we have an appointment that cannot be changed and I cannot lose any more time from work than the amount I'm already losing by leaving early to allow entry at 4:00. The plumber that was sent before is not an option as he was late to an unacceptable degree and even more importantly, he lied about the work performed and materials he used. After further inspection this morning it appears the center hole of the escutcheon was not sealed as he told me and I noticed water being drawn into the crack. The escutcheon must be removed and the insides inspected and dried.
I compared the hand held shower wand part with the normal stationary part (that head that does not work correctly) and cannot see a way to switch or interchange them. I hoped it would be an easy repair that I could handle, but it appears to be assembled with an upset pin (or rivet).
This brings up another issue that was brought to the attention of the Re-Bath of California's installer and to Randy Summy (via phone) at the time of the original installation in early October and also to Heidi Seyler shortly thereafter. The fixtures that we were shown and were sold to us by the salesman, John Park, were constructed of metal according to him. Granted, he only showed photos, not the actual fixtures, but specifically described them as all metal construction, not plated plastic. No literature with specifications was made available about the fixtures during his pitch. What was installed was a cheap plastic product, as evidenced by its early failure at this time. While I realize the fixtures are supposed to have a lifetime warranty via Re-Bath, if they don't even last a year, Re-Bath will be replacing a lot of them. I can't imagine these fixtures coming from the manufacturer with such a stout warranty. I also realize that the odds are it was damaged during the last installation attempt, but again, if they had performed the logical testing on the work performed before leaving our home...
In the interest of saving all involved some time, I suggest the quality metal massage type shower head we were sold should be what is installed. I do not think what is on there is a product that is designed to be repaired when it fails, it logically would be discarded. I'm not asking for anything more than what we were sold.
And since a plumber is going to be doing this repair, it seems logical to have him also remove the escutcheon and the white caulk around it, dry it, and apply correctly clear silicone. I am aware of the potential of one day delay of use of the shower again, but at this point I think you'll agree that getting it done now makes more sense than having another potential wall/ceiling leak and/or being inconvenienced more in the future, plus it saves Re-Bath a nearly certain future service call. At the same time the shower pipe can be secured as referenced in yesterday's email.
Please inform the plumber that written documentation of the work performed is required to be provided to us before he leaves the premises. In addition, we need the copies of the work orders from Pat's Pronto Plumbing for the work performed on both 5-17-08 and 5-21-08.
We are still working on compiling the "punch list" and other information.”

Friday, August 29, 2008

Back To The San Diego Plumbers, Part 3. They Must Be “Official Re-Bath” with Ethics Like These…

On with the soap opera…:

Email sent 5-21-08
"Good Morning Mr. Murdock,
Again, I am astounded at the actions taken by agents of Re-Bath while supposedly attempting to rectify previous mistakes. I thought I had been clear to everyone I spoke with in making a point about stopping the shoddy work and the lying that has become the status quo for responses from Re-Bath franchise employees. When we would rhetorically say, what can go wrong next, it or something worse would.

The plumber that was dispatched not only showed up late, apparently using the same exact bogus excuse as the Re-Bath guys used to explain their tardiness on Saturday, ( we checked the traffic reports online and found no mention of these claimed accidents). OK, so it's just more of our time wasted, but to compound the matter, but the plumber flat out lied to me when I said the "clear silicone" sealant he used to secure the escutcheon looked white, but he said “it will dry clear because it is clear, just looks that way when wet”. I guess I should have made him redo it on the spot, but I figured after all that has happened, and considering the situation this these guys would not have the audacity lie to my face like that, and that I did not any proof it wouldn't dry as he said at the time. Now that it has dried, it has turned opaque white and looks and feels like it is just latex caulk, not even silicone.

Granted,it looks like we can finally use our shower, another 24 hours later, finally tonight. (That's five days without use of our shower this time due to S.D. Re-Bath's mistakes.) The repair needs to be done correctly at some future time.

But unfortunately there is more. I decided to test the shower this morning since we were not even given a demonstration to show that it worked properly by the installers on Saturday, or the plumber yesterday. Sadly the shower head sprays out the top of the enclosure over the door and onto the window. I tried to rotate the head to aim the spray inward but it has so many errant sprays it is of no use. I then noticed the shower head pipe coming out of the wall wiggled a very significant amount while I was rotating the shower head and the escutcheon around it is not fastened securely to the wall either. Another instance of a Re-Bath installer lying to our faces when we pointed out it did not look right last Saturday. Miguel told me he knew how to fix it and would secure it, then later told us he did secure it with putty. Sorry, it is not secure.

I have attached pictures showing the escutcheon caulking, the water spraying from the head, and how soaked the top of the door rail was after about 30 seconds of running the water. The water spray made it all the way to the toilet, and of course onto the floor in between.
We really would like our shower to be usable, I know that has been stated clearly many times, yet it is still substandard and not functioning correctly. You mentioned you had other technicians that have made many customers happy, maybe one of them should have been dispatched for this repair?

These may seem like petty or minor concerns to you, and if these were the only problems we had I would not be contacting you today other than to provide the contractors quote. But considering the events leading up to them, and the way the “service” call was orchestrated yesterday before even contacting me, it goes exactly to demonstrate the lack of honesty and integrity we discussed and that was shown by the Re-Bath franchise agents and certainly of Myrna's lies and fabricated theatrics she told you about our conversation. I welcome a three way call with you, her and I, if she wishes to explain herself. As I have mentioned multiple times, I do see a clear difference in the actions and attitudes between Re-Bath corporate and the Re-Bath franchise. That is a positive reflection for the most part on the corporate staff, and unfortunately a series of very negative experiences with the franchise people that seems to be escalating instead of them trying to help us.

So, this means the job attempted last Saturday and yesterday is still not completed correctly.
I’m not sure what I can do to repair the shower head to control the spray. I believe it needs to be replaced. We are compiling the "punch list" you requested as well as a list of compensatory damages to be addressed. We have the original repair request lists we’ve submitted in the past and will update them as quickly as we can.
Also attached is the contractors quote. I am looking forward to a prompt and fair solution to all of the problems as well as a timely response from you this morning.”

Yes, there are a few sugar coated lines in there, as it is often said, you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. We were trying to give these cheats the benefit of the doubt and be civil too, we actually always have been civil to them despite our feelings toward them, there really is no reason not be, except after being figuratively kicked in the teeth repeatedly by them…

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back To The San Diego Plumbers, Part 2. They Must Be “Official Re-Bath” with Ethics Like These…

OK, so it is still Tuesday 5-20-08. We now have to leave work and race home to meet the plumbers who are supposedly already en route and should be at there at 11:00AM, which does not leave much time to get there.
But you see it really isn’t a rush after all. The Re-Bath people lied again. The plumbers were told to meet at our home at 12:00 noon; at least we're told that by their dispatch when called to see why they are so late. (See below email for their priceless excuse!)
Hmmm, did Re-Bath lie to force us to be inconvenienced yet again? Plausible possibility.
Or are the plumbers lying to cover their behinds for being late? Also a logical take on the situation.
But a truly tough call considering the blatant dishonesty both parties have already exhibited, and sadly will continue to exhibit in the future.

To recount the experience of dealing with the plumbers this time, below is the email drafted and sent to Norm Murdock the following morning.
We were so taken aback about the malicious lies told by Myrna we didn’t relay this information to Norm after returning to the office and calling him. Plus more issues became apparent that evening when we returned home and we saw the truth of what they had done.

Oh yes, almost forgot… We asked for the paper work the plumber conveniently avoided providing me with when he skated out ever so quickly on Saturday. He gave me a B.S. song and dance about “Only if we pay him now…”.
We pointed out he is by law required to provide us with this paperwork. He said he will have Re-Bath send it. Yet another lie as it turns out...
We for one will never deal with Pat’s Pronto Plumbing after the experiences we had with them on the two occasions they came to our home. We caught them in multiple lies and they tried to hard sell us with over priced plumbing items we did not even need, but they made it sound like our home was in dire peril if we didn’t allow them to “fix” something that was not broken. They are in fine company with Re-Bath. No wonder they work together!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Re-Bath of San Diego Manager Goes Off The Deep End

After we sent the email to Mryna at San Diego Re-Bath, an immediate response call was received from Heidi Seyler at the Re-Bath corporate office (about 10:30AM) informing us they had dispatched a plumber to our home and they would be there at 11:00AM. She was told she should have checked with us first as we were not even home. She told me to call Myrna in San Diego.
(But Heidi said she had dispatched the plumber. Now Myrna’s in charge? Hmmm, sounds fishy doesn’t it...)

Coincidentally (?), Myrna called when hanging hung up with Heidi. Here’s where it starts sounding like a soap opera or a bad sitcom. This Myrna woman showed her true self and the depths of dishonesty she is willing to lower herself to try to screw someone when she feels she’s been caught doing the wrong thing.

An email was drafted with notes taken in real time during this conversation with Myrna, but we decided to wait and send it to Mr. Murdock after meeting the plumber at our home. We thought we'd give them the benefit of the doubt (huge doubt by this time) and see if they could redeem themslves by rectifying the situation and we didn't want to make any additional waves so to speak. Unfortunately for us, they were going to try to create a tsunami instead of work to fix the damage they caused.

We were literally dumbfounded when we received the below email upon returning to the office.

From Norm Murdock on 5-20-08:
"I am being told by San Diego Re-Bath that they called you prior to sending out a plumber to repair your faucet today but that you erupted at them & threatened a lawsuit. This is not consistent with what we agreed upon today. Please advise.


Norm Murdock, CFE
Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

Well it is 100% B.S. for one thing.

What Myrna did not know is that I was at work during that conversation and in an office where loud noise is not acceptable or tolerated, and have witnesses that will back up the assertion that I never raised my voice. One of them coincidentally was a police officer. (Good thing we have speaker phones...) She was totally fabricating the “incident”. What a liar! But then again… She is a Re-Bath representative…

Mr. Murdock was immediately called and sent the below email, while speaking to him. This is the one drafted in real time during the conversation with Myrna about 10:30 AM on 5-20-08, but delayed sending:

“Mr. Murdock, Apparently the art of finding new ways for Re-Bath franchises to further inconvenience us continues. I was treated to a verbal assault by Myrna when she called to inform me a plumber was on the way to my home. I asked her why she would send a plumber to a residence without even checking to see if anyone was there to allow entry. She then claimed she was tired of me threatening her (?!). When I asked her to explain that rather strong and false declaration, she refused to address it.
What she is unaware of is that I am at work in public earshot of many people, and just I don’t make threats. After repeatedly asking her to clarify just what she deemed a threat, she claimed my comment of “if she can’t help us, we will find other avenues” was meant as a threat. I beg to differ, really.
I don’t need this abuse. Why is it continuing, even could be deemed escalating? After all the problems incurred by us due to these peoples’ incompetence, this treatment is more unacceptable than ever.
To top it off, I had to leave work, loose work time and incur the added fuel cost to go home, only to wait for almost a hour for the plumbers to arrive at 12:40, not the 11:00 (or 12:00 I was told after I arrived home and waited for 40 minutes). Just another “normal” way Re-Bath franchises work apparently.
I’m requesting something be done form the corporate level in a positive direction, not this uncalled for and unwarranted petty game playing and time wasting and especially the lying has to stop.”

Wow, what a lying psycho whack job she is! And she is in charge of what Re-Bath claims is one of their very best franchises. This is one of the best?! Be afraid American Consumers, Be Very Afraid! Better yet, just avoid contact. We pity the poor soul who may meet her via a fender bender or some such other altercation. You know no matter what, it could not ever be her fault...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Re-Bath of San Diego and Re-Bath Corporate Drop the Ball Again and Leave Us with No Shower

Now Tuesday May 20th has rolled around and we have not had the use of our shower for another four days now due to the total and unrelenting incompetence of Re-Bath. We were told on Saturday the 17th that a plumber would be dispatched on Monday the 19th, but Re-Bath drug it’s feet and did not do what they said they would.
(Wow News Flash! Re-Bath Lied!? Naw, it happens all the time, put it on the back page, old news...)

We called Myrna at Re-Bath S.D. since she did not provide us with a valid email address the last time we spoke on the day before. (BTW, Talking with her is not an enjoyable experience, at least for us.)
There is no excuse for disabling a customer’s shower and then refusing to put it back in working order ASAP. You can’t tell us what Myrna, and possibly Heidi, were doing by causing delays wasn’t punitive, and Myrna had a copped really bitchy attitude towards us on the phone, but then again she showed that side of her back when her workers were late several weeks ago too.
After trying to get some action to get our shower back in working order via phone calls, we realized we were going to need a paper trail, so to speak, so we went back to reiterating most of our phone conversations in emails and Word documents, it was a way to keep things honest as the written word can cut down a lot on hearsay, and time has a way of twisting some memories. We had no idea how correct and beneficial that line of logic would turn out to be.

We had to call Re-Bath corporate now since Myrna was claiming it was out of her hands, yet she was the one who was to dispatch the plumber from San Diego. We never should have trusted her to initiate dispatching a plumber as we were told.
(Yeah, we really should have heeded that old Aesop’s Fable. Kick me once shame on the ass, kick me twice, shame on me. Ha, just noticed that, “ass”, how ironically appropriate!)
But really, who would expect anyone to believe that someone in Tempe Arizona would be required to dispatch a plumber from San Diego California to drive to Los Angeles California? We still don’t believe it. Why not use a good “local to the problem” plumber and expedite the repair instead of inconveniencing the customer as much as possible?

Hmmm, think we just hit on another something there; it is all about treating us as bad as they can get away with at this point. It’s the only thing that really jibes with the facts.

At this point it was getting ridiculous how they were saying it was everyone else’s responsibility and acting like we were really unreasonable for wanting a shower (our primary shower) to be useable! And this over a “One Day Installation” that was supposed to be finished about 8 months ago!

Re-Bath really sucks, (for lack of a better term)! But then again, they sure seem to try hard to. At least they can accomplish that one something they set out to do... They certainly have proved to us they cannot do what they advertise though.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Re-Bath Corporate VP Sends a B.S. Email

On 5-19-08 we received this response from Norm Murdock, a VP of Re-Bath corporate. We thought he was going to finally take some responsibility and try to make something right in this mess.
We found his choice of wording in his first paragraph particularly interesting, especially the second sentence.
And also the second to the last sentence in the last paragraph.

Don’t want to ruin the story for you, but it is pure unadulterated poppycock. Or, well, really much worse… I’m sorry; I have to throw the bullshit flag with this pant load he wrote, or more likely pulled off the company apology list.
Please remember, it has been eight months since this started and he has known about it for most of that time, and we have had prior contact with him and the President of Re-Bath, Dave Sanders.
Anyhow, please read on:

"Heidi Seyler forwarded your e-mail to me below.First of all let me apologize for the unpleasant experience you have hadwith Re-Bath. We aim to complete all customers' jobs in a timely fashion totheir complete satisfaction.Here are the facts as I understand them. The work was originally completedunsatisfactorily by Re-Bath of CA. We then dispatched San Diego Re-Bath tofix the problems with the original installation that you were not satisfiedwith. I understand that the urgent issue today relates to a loose plumbingvalve/faucet; Heidi is working with San Diego Re-Bath to try to get aservice technician there tomorrow (Tuesday) to repair. I also understandthat there may be some water damage associated with a leaky valve/faucet forwhich you are getting an estimate to repair & you will forward to us uponreceipt.What I am unclear about are any other "punch list" items that need to becorrected from the work completed by San Diego Re-Bath. If you could provideus a detailed list of these items, we can work with them to address. Wewould like to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & makesure you are fully satisfied. Please feel free to e-mail this list directlyto me.
Norm Murdock,
CFEVice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC421 W Alameda DrTempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199"

All we could think of from reading that was: Yeah, right Mr. Murdock, we’d like to believe you, really we would. But look at the track record of all the Re-Bath employees we have had the awful experiences dealing with. We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for now, we are fair people, certainly a lot fairer sounding than your cohorts, and we will give you the opportunity to prove those words true, if you can!
As much as we hoped, we knew deep down he would probably still try to cheat us, and we were right, he did.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Re-Bath Bait & Switch Tactics

So, let’s see if we can understand how Re-Bath apparently does Bait & Switch for these items. They sell you on a product and it’s such a great item that you will not need the lifetime warranty it supposedly comes with. But they actually install a cheap low quality item that fails in a very short amount of time. But since they did not install what they sold you, it is not covered under the warranty. Is that how it works? Sure seems unfair.

Let’s see, how many items do we feel we were “Baited & Switched” on by Re-Bath?
Well, for one, the thickness of the wall panels they installed is substantially less than the sales samples they showed us. We do have a sample of left over material from the installation, and from the sales samples to prove it.
Another is the above/previously mentioned shower head(s).
The seat for the shower is another item that was switched on us and failed very early on as mentioned in an earlier blog post. They didn’t even mount it to the studs as they claimed they would.
The adhesive is another Bait & Switch type item since one of the selling points was no mold or mildew due to the use of fungicidal adhesives. We did get mold, and they didn’t use fungicidal adhesive.
We were sold a grab rail, but it was never provided or of course installed. They were supposed to come back a third time since they “forgot” it twice originally. We don’t know if that truly is Bait & Switch since they probably only ripped us off on that one. Is that worse? Maybe it’s fraud too?
We found out that the Re-Bath shower pan originally installed by Re-Bath of Ca was a cheap Home Depot type item that retails for about $200.00. Not the higher quality one we were shown and ultimately had installed by Re-Bath of S.D. (Hey they did end up by default doing the right thing on that one point, still it nowhere near offsets for all they troubles they caused.)
They got us in on the quick and non invasive, easy (One Day Installation, No Mess, No Stress and No Inconvenience) pitch. They knew they could not do it, yet they charged us a premium for this “service” and fully failed to deliver it. Seems like Bait & Switch, but we think it is really more like Fraud or maybe Breach of Contract?
They also promised us a written warranty contract to protect us from things like a leak (which so ironically and sadly happened) but reneged on as soon as they took our money.

Gotta say it again, they were caught being flat out liars. We made it clear that without this agreed upon additional warranty, there was no sale. Again, not sure if it constitutes a true Bait & Switch, but it definitely has a “Switch” characteristic to it to us, and the Bait part is they were well aware they would not get the job unless they provided the document (or lied as they did).
So to summarize, there are these eight items in the Bait & Switch arena:
1- Overall Wall System
2- Shower Head
3- Shower Seat
4- Mold Resistant Fungicidal Adhesive
5- Grab Rail
6- Shower Pan
7- Time Frame to Install, and not be Intrusive.
8- Withdrew additional warranty they promised before we agreed to contract with them.

Suffice to say, it is obvious that Re-Bath salespeople, and as far as we are concerned all Re-Bath employees, will say anything to make the sale as well as supplement the sales pitch with representations of items that are far superior to the actual products they install.
Call it what you will, Bait & Switch, Fraud, Lying, Cheating, maybe even Larceny in some cases, (We think it might have been attempted larceny with their trying to take our shower head. It was of value and we stated we wanted to keep it.), the bottom line is we were Ripped-Off by Re-Bath and odds are from our experiences you will be too if you deal with them.

And as if they are not satisfied with installing cheap junk after selling you a perceived quality item, they haul away your old stuff that can be better than what they are installing!
Thankfully we were able to retrieve from the first installers the high dollar and high quality shower head we had when they originally tried to do the install. We made it clear that we wanted to keep it, but they still took it and buried in the back of their truck, we're pretty sure they were hoping we would forget about until they left with it. Even when we called them on it, it took several reminders and walking one of them out to the truck and making him dig it out to give it back.
The next day when we asked where some of the other old items were he told us they took it all to the dump. When they went, we can’t imagine. They left too late to go to the dump they said they went to, and were supposedly tied up the morning. We suspect they reuse a lot of what they take from Re-Bath remodels and sell or otherwise profit from it.
It reeks of unethical actions, and downright dishonesty in the case of our showerhead.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Re-Bath Hiding Defects

Maybe the reason they did not show us how the shower worked before they left was because it didn’t work properly? It sprayed water almost everywhere except where you would stand to take a shower. It shot out over the door and sprayed all the way to the toilet as well as dousing the floor and spraying the window. Remember the floor is now partially exposed unfinished wood and maybe they figured throwing more water on a floor they already damaged and a sub-floor they already damaged is no big deal. But that is assuming they actually thought about it, which we were beginning to doubt now as they have not exactly exhibited themselves to be all that sharp.

When testing the shower we also noticed that when we tried to rotate the shower to at least make it useable in the interim, the pipe coming out of the wall was not anchored. Can’t these fools do anything right!? Especially after the damage they have already caused!

Now, when we were sold this new shower system we were sold metal fixtures. It was stated very clearly that they were high quality metal shower heads, one fixed and one hand held, both with shower massage features. Instead, they brought and installed cheap Chinese made plastic shower heads. Even with our soft water this piece of cheap plastic crap only lasted about 6 months. And guess what, they tried to claim it was not part of the lifetime warranty now. Funny, it was when they sold it to us. Oh yeah, but they sold us a high quality metal unit…

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Re-Bath B.S. And a Recap of This Mess Sent to Re-Bath Corporate.

They re-hung the shower door and made a point to show us how straight it was. (What happened to “we hang them crooked to keep the water in”?) But even though the door was hung straight, the track was installed a little crooked now. And the white flecks of caulk were still in the silicone?! How the hell did they do that? Even after we pointed it out again, and they said they would fix it right away, they still left it in there. Yep, real honesty with these boys... They did cut into the silicone and make it look worse before leaving though.

They did not show us that the shower worked because they said it would void the warranty if it got wet during the first 24 hours. Hmmm, that didn’t stop them on earlier occasions…

The following is the email we sent Heidi Seyler on 5-19-08, two days after the latest attempt.

”Hello Heidi,
I wish I could say the installers did a good job on Saturday the 17th of May 2008; unfortunately, there is now a much larger problem caused by the Re-Bath installers. I know you and corporate Re-Bath did not have any first hand control over these situations, but the facts remain as stated below.

The first time Re-Bath of California did the installation back on October 5-6, 2007, they left us with a leak where they installed the mixer valve behind the wall. I know we discussed this when we spoke the afternoon of April 4th 2008. As you may recall, I even pointed out that I was not asking for Re-Bath to compensate us for the damage done to our kitchen ceiling at that time since it was not visible due to kitchen cabinets covering the damage. Well, now things have gotten very bad.
When Re-Bath of San Diego did the re-install March 21-22, 2008, they said they fixed the leak created by Re-Bath of California, but in actuality they left an even larger leak and now the ceiling of our kitchen has a big sag in it due to that leak. It is damp and mushy to the touch and the seams of the panel are showing the stress, you can also see in the texture of the ceiling where the nail heads are. I went into my attic while Re-Bath of San Diego was here and we looked at the ceiling from above; (they could see it through the hole in the bathroom wall); it had a layer of standing water mixed with construction debris. Of course I cleaned it up and dried it best I could, but the damage had already been done. The leak also flooded the drywall behind the fixture panel and water logged the bathroom floor to point of warping it. We are not talking about the floor covering, the actual wood floor under the floor covering is now water damaged and warping.
Luis called Pat’s Pronto Plumbing in from San Diego to fix the bad plumbing joints done by both of the earlier Re-Bath attempts. We were informed they are the official Re-Bath plumbers. The plumber looked at the damaged ceiling and told us there would be no problem with Re-Bath’s insurance taking care of it.
I provided new wood to replace the waterlogged pieces, and Luis and Miguel replaced the drywall in the bathroom before installing the replacement acrylic panel.
After almost nine months of water leaking inside a wall and on top of the downstairs ceiling, we now have a major mold concern. To compound that issue, the adhesive used to install the panels does not have any mold resistance properties even though that was a big selling point made by Re-Bath and we were incorrectly told by Luis that the sealant they use does have said properties. Here is a link the products website: We had mold growth in the shower after only a few months of the first installation (done in Oct. ’07) and we now have an overly inviting environment created by Re-Bath for mold growth with no barrier or protection to keep it from growing.
We are also left with a warped bathroom floor and ruined kitchen ceiling, both caused by the leak. We have contacted a licensed contractor for a quote to make the repairs to the ceiling and floor.
And as if that isn't enough frustration created for us by the installers, they did such a hack job to our wall installing the same panel last time we now have to live with the bad alignment and sloppy caulking again. Don't worry, we're not asking for them to replace it, we see now it is a task beyond their abilities and have decided we will just cut our continuing losses and just live with it. We just need our bathroom floor and kitchen ceiling repaired.
This originally “just one day”, then “just two day installation” has mushroomed into now almost nine months, so far, of aggravation, stress and inconvenience, and now we have to endure more intrusion into and disruption of our lives to have two additional major repairs performed all because of Re-Bath agents damaging our home. We have not been unreasonable in our requests for a decent job to be done in a timely manner. It is utterly amazing to us that so many things can go so wrong at the hands of the employees of this company, especially after being treated as we were from the start of work by Randy Summy/Re-Bath of California. Never once has a Re-Bath agent/employee shown up on time for us, ever! They always end up staying late and rushing when performing work, to the detriment of the job.
We do fully realize you have tried to help us, and we thank you for your efforts and expect you to continue to help us, but we have been ripped off by this whole ordeal for far more than the money we are out of pocket.
Attached are some pictures showing the damage.
I will call you during the day if I don't hear from you during the morning, Monday May 19, 2008.”