Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not So Amazing How Long It Takes To Get A Hold Of Someone At Re-Bath Once They Have Your Money

On Thursday August 6th I called Re-Bath to ask about having the door moved to where we all believe it should go. I was told Jennifer would call me back. (We got a lot of lip service like that too, but very little actual returned calls.-Hal)

A week later on August 13th I called Re-Bath again saying I had not heard from anyone yet, and was told by Anna that Mark would call me. I phoned Mark directly and he told me he would call me soon.

A week later On August 20th I called Re-Bath again and Anna said she spoke to Mark and he would call me. So I called Mark’s number from his business card. I left a message on his phone.

Mark called me back and told me he was taking time off because he was having some problems with his daughter and that he told Anna and that she or Jennifer should call me. (Always with the dramatic excuses…-Hal)

A week later on August 27 I called Re-Bath yet again and spoke to Anna she apologized and said she would take care of it. (That's three weeks...-Hal)

I then emailed Matt and Melissa and asked them for help. He emailed back saying sorry and that he would get Anna to take care of it for me and said sorry.
(If you weren’t counting that was pretty much the month of August she spent waiting to speak to someone at Re-Bath. ANd why couldn't Anna helt when first contacted? Makes you wonder about the reality and real value of that “Lifetime Warranty” doesn’t it?-Hal)

Friday, December 18, 2009

After All That, It Still Wasn’t Right…

On Thursday July 30th we talked about how late they stayed finishing up each time they were here and how it took 7 days and a lot of time dealing with the photo girl, and a ton of phone calls from Re-Bath and not two days like we were told it would take to do the job and how late they were each time they arrived.
I felt bad and didn’t want to get them into trouble since they were such nice guys and did such a nice job, but then we talked about how we had spent nearly eight thousand dollars and did not like how it looked we talked some more about what to do. (You are way too nice!-Hal)
A couple of friends of ours saw it and said you should just ask them to move it, it didn’t look right to them either. So we decided to call.

On Wednesday August 5th I went to the Re-Bath’s show room in Framingham, to see what their Shower doors looked like. To see if we were maybe complaining about it and it was really right. They were all placed in the middle where we felt ours should go. I spoke to a man I think Paul maybe Peter, and he said “no problem just call the number you have on the business card and they will take care of it.” He agreed with me that it belonged in the center too. (Let’s see how this actually works once someone responsible for the work is brought in shall we?-Hal)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Punctuality is not a Re-Bath trait…

On Tuesday July 28th Melissa arrived at 11:30 am.
Not for nothing… but I have been rescheduling my work for these people for 15 days now and it is starting to get really frustrating that no one from Re-Bath owns a friggen watch! (And what about that 1 day, 2 day no stress installation...?-Hal)
I had to work around their schedules, cancel appointments and dates and I am not happy that they are always late. …ok, this will be the last of it forever!
She took the photos, I held the stupid sign and smiled for them. And she was gone in about 45 minutes.
I am so glad it is over… FINALLY!
Later I mailed in my warrantee card for my shower, that I got from the one of the workers or Chris, I don’t remember which one.

The next day Wednesday July 29th my husband and I talked about the door on the shower and how it looks. We are very happy with the looks of the whole bathroom with the exception of the shower door. We decided we can live with the shower being 31 inches not 32 but we really don’t like the door where it is. It gives no room inside of the shower only a little less than 1/8th inch, and a ledge of 2 plus inches on the outside to gather dust. The overall measurements were 4 inches. The door itself took up almost 2 inches. So it really needed to go back one inch from the inside of the shower to look right and give us the room we wanted in the first place.

We also noticed after showering that the shower head is not centered as requested. George took off the shower faucet dial and turned it to the bottom so now when we shower, we won’t change the heat, it took George 5 minutes to do what Dan said can’t be done! (So many common elements in how Re-Bath refuses to do what the customers order and are originally sold are in this story too. Not by coincidence, but by the very nature of how Re-Bath agents are taught to behave.-Hal)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Two days turns into a week...

On Monday July 27th. It was a really long week with no bathroom.

Where the hell is Dan?
Dan arrives and it is 11:47 am to finish putting in my bathroom fixtures before noon, YEAH RIGHT!
He was polite and cleaned up after he was done. (Nice compromise?-Hal)

However I had to cancel my cat’s vet appointment, and the registry will now have to wait till tomorrow, which caused me to make my date to meet my friend Rose to be pushed off till next week too since I am not going to the registry now and tomorrow.

(These Re-Bath people are either ignorant of the problems they cause by their repeated tardiness, or worse. They seem to not care of the repercussions their failed actions have on those who are paying a premium for services not rendered.-Hal)

I have other plans and work, all because I was nice to him and he was late in return.
No good deed goes unpunished!
(Yes, exactly. Try to be nice and accommodating, what do you get from these people? Disrespected and inconvenienced.-Hal)

Just as Dan was putting in the sink he hit the wall opposite the shower and put a huge ding in it. (We had the same problems with our inept installers, all they want is to get out and collect the cash, repairing damage they caused was not something they felt obligated to do, no matter what they say about fixing it.-Hal)

He apologized and I said I would take care of it; I just wanted him out at this point! I was really bummed because they are or were all new walls, God I want this over! (We know that feeling…-Hal)

I asked Dan to move the shower dial too, I explained that we hit it and it changes the temperature while we shower, the dial is facing up and while showering a few times my husband turned the water full hot and it was kind of scary.
Dan said it can’t be done. (We thought Re-Bath were pros, real professionals... What about the part that the customer is right?-Hal)
I said you can’t just turn the handle to face down?
He said no you can’t, it only fits one way. He finished at 1:55pm. (Wow, only two hours late. That sarcasm font would be good here too.-Hal)

7 days total not 2 like promised and I could have worked this morning too.
I paid in full the remainder of the $7,858.00 which was $2,000.00 and was glad it was over! (But it’s never really over is it?-Hal)

In the afternoon I got a call from Re-Bath asking to come back to take the photos of the after, Matt asked me to smile big and hold a Re-Bath sign. (Wonder if they'll include a shot of ding they put in the wall?-Hal)
I said fine.
He said Melissa could be here on Wednesday or Thursday.

And I lied because I really wanted this over with, I was tired of hearing from Re-Bath and tired of a week of men working in my home, when I was told two days,
I was tired of no toilet and sink…so I lied and said I was going away on Tuesday night and wouldn’t be back for two weeks. If he wanted the photo he would have to come the next day. (Good for you!-Hal)

He hung up made a few calls I guess, and called me back saying Tuesday morning between 8am and 9am Melissa would be here. I said ok between 8 and 9am right? He said yes. What a headache! (Yep, Re-Bath is the headache that keeps on aching...-Hal)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our guest’s story continues…

Mark continued to install the shower alone. Mark was very nice and answered any questions I had. He was really polite and great to deal with.
At the time when Mark was hanging the shower door he called me in to show me where it would go, I said great. He stood it up in the center of the shower ledge area. I agreed it was perfect.

But when he was done later however, it was not where he said it would be,
(We had the exact same thing happen. Seems to be the way they work.-Hal),
it was less than a 1/8th of an inch from the inside of the shower, he explained that was because the door frame was in the way. (The door frame that was not supposed to be there according to what Chris said, I asked for and, he and Dan had all said ok to.)

I was not happy.

It was the reason I replaced the old tub, just this problem is now on the other side. I said Oh but I don’t like that, it looks off it looks wrong.
He said there was nothing he could do the door frame was in the way. I said well it wasn’t supposed to be there anyway remember?
He said there was nothing he could do. I told him I didn’t like the way it looked. He apologized and again said there is nothing that can be done.
Mark had finished up at 11:05 pm. The tub was in and I was tired. On his way out Mark said he would be back on Friday the 24th around 8am to put in the floor.
Later in bed my husband and I talked and I said everything else is really looking good so far, but the shower door looks wrong.
We both were disappointed.

On Wednesday July 22nd George and I talked about the shower size, it seems to be too small, not just the door but the shower at the bottom area, we measured it and it is only 30 3/8th inches wide not 32 like ordered.
We were both bummed! (Can you say Bait & Switch?-Hal)

On Friday July 24th Mark arrived at 12:45pm and explained that he had to finish up another job. (Always an exscuse, never a resolution. Was he late to the ealier job? Our bet is it was just another excuse based on our experience.-Hal)
He went right to work he was very polite and covered all of my rugs. It again was a pleasure even though he was late and I could have worked this morning.

I asked again about the shower door, he said he wasn’t able to put it where it should go but that it was good there where it was. I said is this a 32 inch shower? He said yes it is. He put down the floor and finished at 11:10pm. He said he would be back at 9am the next day to grout. He was really friendly very polite and did a really good job and I have no complaints about Re-Bath or their workers, (We’re gonna interject a big NOT AT THIS TIME comment here…-Hal), other than the shower door not being in the center where it belongs and because the shower is too small the door placement makes it even smaller.
It looks fudged. (Um,'cause it is...?-Hal)

Matt from Re-Bath called that afternoon to see if he could send Melissa to take the after photo that night, I explained that they were not done and won’t finish till Monday. He said ok he would call back.
He wasn’t surprised that it was taking so long and I wondered why. (Yeah, not a surprise to the Re-Bath folks who know about the scam…-Hal)

On Saturday July 25th Mark arrived a 1:09pm he told us his bank account had been broken into somehow and that he spent the morning with the bank.
(Always some excuse laced with drama, something to make the customer feel sorry for them, it too is part of the SOP for them, and they tried to play it on us too. Shameful.-Hal)
Mark grouted and finished up at 7pm. The floor looked great. No toilet or sink till Monday but it looks great. Mark gave me a receipt and asked for the balance, I gave Mark a check for $3238.oo Leaving a balance of $2000.00 since Dan was not coming back till Monday to finish and I wouldn’t pay it off till it was done. He said ok he understood.
I stressed to him to tell Dan how important it was for him to be done here before 12:00 noon since I had plans for Monday at noon.
He said he would tell him and said that Dan really appreciated me letting him wait till Monday. I hate that they start so late, and work so late; I could have worked all week in the mornings. (Well, to them it’s all about them, not what they claim in the ads or sales pitches.-Hal)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Timeliness is a virtue. Re-Bath apparently has no virtue.

On Monday July 20th They called me in the morning around 11:15 am and asked if they could take the photos in the morning of the 21st? I was kind of annoyed but said fine again. I just wanted a new shower. I could have worked today too! (More careless attitude regarding the customer…-Hal)

On Tuesday July 21st , My family all got up early to shower, since we can’t shower for 24 hour after the install. We all finished by 7 am since that was the agreed upon time to start. The photo girl showed up at 11:35am, That really irked me, we all could have taken our time this morning!

(This comes as no surprise to Hal on the late issue and the effects of inconvenience directly caused by Re-Bath agents.-Hal)

The workers Mark and Dan arrived later while she was taking photos about 11:45am. She took her photos and was gone by 11:50am. She was nice and polite, (just not punctual?-Hal).

The workers talked in the driveway till 12:30pm,
(We had the same problem, wasting time to the detriment of the customer and the quality as well as timelyness of the job.-Hal)
I assume they are on lunch break, they haven’t even started yet. At 12:38pm the workers covered my carpets, to begin work, they were very polite and it was a total pleasure having them work in my home.

Dan the plumber started the job. He went over everything he would do and explained it all to me first. He said there was no problem asking questions and to feel free. It was all very nice. Then he said that he was told to finish my job on Saturday or be fired. (Yeah, right.-Hal) He was upset, and he asked me and he said he would appreciate it if he could instead of coming back on Saturday to put back all of my fixtures, could he come back on Monday the 27th first thing in the morning? He said he wanted to spend some time with his kids.
(Yep, guilt the customer into allowing the agents to get away with not following the agreed upon timetable…Classic Re-Bath…-Hal)
I wasn’t happy about losing a whole entire week to this job that was supposed to take only two days …but I agreed because I felt bad that the guy was told do it or be fired, and he wanted to see his kids. I couldn’t say no. He was a decent guy who I felt deserved a break. I checked my appointment book with him and said ok but you have to be done here by noon on Monday, I have plans. He said ok no problem and thanked me very, very much.
(Our guest is too nice. We used to be nice too, but after being burned by the Re-Bath lies, we felt used. - Hal)

I explained to both men what we hated about the old shower, which included the shower head not being centered, the side of the tub that was not centered and thus not giving enough room. The wall that looked like it was moldy. The leak to the floor, which ruined the floor and wall. I explained that the whole bathroom was new and the only two problems were the floor and shower. I explained how we wanted the shower wall to come out to the hinge and how the more room in the shower the better for us. Everyone agreed the men said that this was easy to do. I am very happy with the men they listened and seemed get exactly what we need.

The two men tore out all the fixtures in the bathroom, they ripped out the old tub and the floor. Dan said to me that he was surprised that we didn’t keep our old faucets since they are brand new and nicer than the ones we are replacing them with and match they our bathroom sink and towel racks, I explained that Chris told us we had to have the whole shower and faucets from Re-Bath or it voids the warrantee, he said that’s not true these are Delta too.
(Wow, what are the odds, a R-Bath agent lied…-Hal) (
Ever feel the need for someone to invent a sarcasm font? We do...-Hal)At some point in the day Dan left, he said I will see you Monday morning! I said don’t be late please! He said ok!
(Do you believe he will come back on time? We don’t. He works for Re-Bath…You can find out what actually happened later, stay tuned.-Hal)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

And it just keeps getting “better”:

On Wednesday July 15th I got a call from Re-Bath asking if they can reschedule for this following week of the 20th of July.
I said ok, Great!
She said they would start on Tuesday the 21st between 7-8am.
I agreed.
She said that was the shower only and they would come back on the 24th for the floor and finish on the 25th a Saturday.
I said but what happened to two days?
She again said the floor takes a while, I said ok.

I rescheduled my work again to accommodate them. (Re-Bath has no consideration for the customer once they get some money, no matter how inconvenient they are to them, it will be the “customers fault” for some reason.-Hal)
I don’t like the idea that now there were 3 days separating the two jobs and that I would be without a toilet or sink for 4 days, but hey it is only four days, and I am really looking forward to a nice big shower!!! (Yeah, only four days…-Hal)

On Thursday July 16th, a man from Re-Bath, named Matt Phillips called to ask me about the nightmare of a time we had replacing our old tub, He told me he had heard about it and he said it would be great for sales. I said I had the whole story on an email, very detailed and he was welcome to it. He asked if a girl, I believe named Melissa, could come by to take photos of the tub and me with a sad face to show the before and then could she come again later to show the after? I said ok, it sounded like fun. He said she would be at my house on Friday the 17th between 8:30 and 9am. So I said ok.

On Friday July 17th I waited till 12:00 when Re-Bath called to say they couldn’t make it and that they could come on Monday the 20th. I said fine. I am a little bummed that he waited so long to let me know, I would have worked today. (Sound familiar? Anyone? Talk about indifference at the very least, but really it's total disregard for the convenience of the customer. Very rude, very Re-Bath. –Hal)

(You may recall the agreed upon completion date was 7-30-09. They hadn’t even started the job, yet they are delaying it almost a week, and extending the work time by an additional 50%. And we’ll begin our counting at this point… -Hal)

More to come soon…

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And to continue with our guest’s story, please read on:

We asked Chris if we could use the faucets that we have since they match our bathroom and are less than a year old but he said no, that in order to have a life time warrantee we needed to have them replaced, he told us what colors were available so we went with gold. (Bet Re-Bath takes them during the install...-Hal)

When we finished up, He informed us that Re-Bath will call us to set a time. That the whole process will take only two days since we were having a new floor installed by Re-Bath too.
Normally it is 24 hours but the floor will take a day as well.
(There goes the One-Day installation they charge a premium for… -Hal)

He gave us a copy of the papers stating that the job will be completed by 7-30-09. He gave us a price of $7,858.00. We gave him a deposit of $2,620.00 and we agreed on the prices and times and dates. When he left we were very happy with our decision. This is looking really great so far!! I need to come up with $2000 more between now and then since all I saved was 6k. I think I can sell my car.

On June 26 I called Chris to make sure he ordered a 32 inch tub. I was afraid he did not since it is not written on the form that he gave us. (Re-Bath is notorious for the salesmen making promises to the customer and not documenting them, in the end, the customer is the victim.-Hal) He said no problem the customer is always right, (Remember that for later.-Hal) and that the 32 inch shower was ordered. I thanked him.

On Tuesday July 14 Re-Bath called to schedule an appointment. They set up a date of Aug 3rd for the tub to be replaced they were to return on Aug 4th to tear up the floor and then again on the 5th to lay the floor then grout.

I asked why so long that Chris had said two days, Not three? She said well the floor takes a lot of time. I said you also told me that the job would be completed by the 30th? She said they were very busy. (Always an excuse for every broken agreement or promise, it is the only way Re-Bath knows how to proceed.-Hal) I said ok it was not a big deal. So I planned to have everything done that week and I rearranged my schedule to fit it all. I can’t wait this is going to be sooooo good!!

(It sounds like our guest is happy at this point even with some of the problems encountered. Stay tuned, it will become a story all too familiar and upsetting to other Re-Bath customers.-Hal)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We are not the only ones who were treated very poorly and dishonestly by Re-Bath.

Read on for another sad story of Re-Bath's unethical practices
Provided by someone who only wanted what they were sold by Re-Bath. A simple quick quality installation, too bad they chose Re-Bath as we did. Never again…

Please read this unfortunate but factual story, also scribed in much the same documentative and chronological fashion as we recorded our sordid dealings, including her thoughts at the time of the writing.

To be clear, this is another completely different Re-Bath “job” than what we lived through. See if any of it parallels your Re-bath experiences:

Starts off innocently enough…

On Monday June 22, 2009, I phoned Re-Bath to have someone come to my house to price a new tub or shower unit. I explained how we had tried to do it ourselves but it was worse than a nightmare.
I explained that we had an ad from a paper and that was how we heard about them. The woman on the phone said she would send a man on Thursday June 25th at 7pm. She was very nice and the call went well. She was surprised to hear how much money and time we had already spent on our tub. I feel like I made the right call!

On Tuesday June 23rd, I went to the Re-Bath store in Framingham to see the options. I liked the shower unit because it gave a lot of room in the shower. I liked the surround because it was flat and there was nothing to bang your arms on. It looked very nice and roomy. I loved it! The people there are really nice, very helpful and I am happy about this job! I feel like this will end all of our bathroom problems once and for all! (If she only knew what was to come.-Hal)

On June Thursday 25th at 7:15 Chris Dezotell from Re-Bath showed up and we discussed all of the possibilities. He was very informed and very nice to deal with. He measured the shower unit, I explained that we needed more room, and that the tub we put in was not the right surround and that was why there was no arm room on the left side. He saw it and agreed it was not right, he said yes you can see that. He said that Re-Baths shower unit would fit and work well.
He explained that Re-Bath will own the shower for life, and explained, if we bought it, it will be their responsibility and that we would be covered for life. He told us this is a stress free one day install. We talked to Chris till 9:45pm and picked out the shower and surround we liked, we picked out the doors the colors.
I explained to Chris that I wanted the Unit to come all the way to the door hinge, just as our old tub had before we tried to replace it, I wanted the door frame down and the tub or shower to go all the way to it because we really need the room and the one that is there now is not big enough.
He said no problem and that he will order a 32 inch shower unit, I stressed that the shower must be at least 32 inches since the 30 inch tub is WAY too small! Chris said that the 32 inch shower would be plenty of room. I pointed out how our shower head was not in the middle of our tub it is off side and you have to aim it out of the tub to hit the person in the shower. I told him I wanted the new one in the middle. He said that was also no problem to correct. (Same style all agreeing and promising salesman type we were treated too...Hal)

We'll pick up later with more of this story, we promise it is worth your time to follow along....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It would appear our local Re-Bath has raped as many customers as they think they can in this area…

We went by the local Re-Bath “store” (the one we visited prior to purchasing our nightmare) the other day and it was gone. Gee, with such a quality product how could not stay in business? Yeah, right. Must've been their ethics, (lack thereof?).

A couple guesses: Either they gave up on our area, or enough people wised up to their scam that they could not afford to stay. Maybe they took from as many as that area could manage?

Not like it was in a high rent area, they were a scab on a blighted area. Good riddance whatever the reason is our take on it. We just hope they did not set up shop somewhere else to the detriment of another community.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mold And Mildew

If you recall… part of the sales pitch it was that Re-Bath uses materials that have fungicide and mildew inhibitors. That the installation will not be susceptible to such growths...
Well, you guessed it, Re-Bath lied to us.
Our shower is so full of mold and mildew, even though we spray it down with the recommended (by Re-Bath no less) shower cleaner daily. And we do not live in a humid area. We have a fan and a window so it’s not like it should be a breeding ground for something “guaranteed” not to grow in this environment.

Just one more reason to NEVER DEAL WITH RE-BATH unless you enjoy having your time wasted, your intelligence insulted, and your home damaged all the while, paying through the nose for the privilege of having them screw you.

We just wanted to make sure everyone knows about this scam so we will continue to update this blog with the shortcomings of the abysmal installation attempts as they decompose. If only Re-Bath and it sleazy employees only had the life expectancy of this crappy product. Not to be confused with the B.S. line of lifetime warranty, we mean the real life of it, which makes a used Yugo look like it will last forever by comparison…

Stay tuned for more riveting drivel about one of America's worst companies and scams and how they ripped us off... Re-Bath!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It’s apparently a national scam, not just local…

While doing research and trying to get help from anyone we could to straighten out this mess Re-Bath of California started and Re-Bath of San Diego perpetuated, we found an interesting and disheartening series of facts.

All over the country we found other people who have been treated the same as we were by both their local Re-Bath franchise operators and the national corporate office of Re-Bath in Arizona.

Testimonial after testimonial, all with so many common threads it is becoming nearly impossible to believe that Re-Bath is not just a poorly run sham of a company, but truly a scam operation backed by the corporate office. Every one of the testimonials that has progressed past the local level we’ve found winds up at the feet of the same people at Re-Bath corporate and the ripped off consumers are stone-walled.

It really does seem like they have a formula to rip off people wanting a bathroom make over.

The scam starts with complaints about the professionalism of the salesperson. If the consumer contracts with the Re-Bath franchise, they are overcharged, both in the down payment and the overall cost.

Next comes the part about them not getting the materials together in a timely manner.
Then they come late, are sloppy, usually unlicensed and rarely finish in the time the quoted. More often than not they cause damage and refuse to take responsibility.
This is happening across the entire United States.

Sometimes the workers never comeback and leave the customer with an unusable mess of a bathroom. Remember one of their slogans is One-Day, No Mess, No Stress, Blah Blah Blah. They are full of it.

Next the customer tries to contact the franchise only to be treated badly if they connect, but most of the time they are blown off by Re-Bath. Many times the customer is sued by the Re-Bath franchise before the job is done too.

Almost all Re-Bath scam operators pay their Better Business Bureau dues, so it looks like they are reputable, but we’ve found the BBB is not our friend either.

So the next step is for the customer to try to contact the corporate office after being blown off by the local cheaters. Here’s where we get some interesting alternate actions from Re-Bath corporate. Sometimes they are very sympathetic sounding “shocked that such a thing could happen”. Other times they are bullied or stone-walled. But the constant is before anything gets resolved, Re-Bath corporate refuses to help, they always back the franchise no matter what. Even if they sounded like they were on your side at the beginning. Keep pushing and they start with the threatening lawyer claims.

Here’s a call to arms for all the customers who have been cheated by Re-Bath. Let’s stand together and demand a fair end to this crooked companies actions. Make them take responsibility. After all they have always said they would, they just haven’t.
The internet is a powerful tool, let’s use it and take back our bathrooms!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just noticed one more thing Re-Bath ripped us off for…

We just realized they never installed the grab bar or shower rail, whatever it’s called, that they sold us. When they first did the installation they “forgot” to bring it even though we asked each day, and they “forgot” each day before claiming we did not order after repeatedly “forgetting” it.
Yes, it was supposed to be a One Day Installation, but you can read earlier blog posts to see how that works.
If we did not order it, why did they claim they “forgot” it so many times before claiming we didn’t order it? Yep, goes right back to that honesty issue we’ve discussed that Re-Bath has such a hard time with.

We sadly also just noticed what looks like rust around the door tracks. It surprised us since we have never had a rust problem, and thought the material was aluminum, which doesn’t rust, or stainless steel, which shouldn’t rust either. But it seems to be par for the course as every time we turn around we find more about how much worse the terrible installations really are.

Call and ask for them to honor their warranty you ask? Yeah, they will either blow us off like before, or they will make matters worse like they did before. We cannot trust anyone in or associated with Re-Bath due to the actions we were victimized by.

We shudder to think what we will find next. Maybe the economy taking a dive has one potential good thing tied to it; it may put Re-Bath out of business. Sorry to all the people who think they have Re-Bath warranties, but really, you don’t have jack. But at least if they go under, many people will be spared the nightmares we had to endure by foolishly believing the lies they fed us.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It’s been asked that we provide a little closure to our story. Sorry for the delay, life got in the way…

Here’s a partial re-cap of what we are left with besides a huge loss of money because of Re-Bath…

So, we have:
A Crappy Installation.
We still are trying to clean up the caulk and silicone slopped throughout. Plus the caulking around the joints is very unprofessionally applied.
It is depressing every time we look at the bathroom. We were ripped off and now have to live with the poor job they did. The only way to fix it properly is to gut the entire thing out and build new. Unfortunately that won’t be happening soon since these weasels ripped us off so well.


We were guaranteed that the installation would not get any mold, EVER! But it started growing mold within less than two months, and that happened on every installment.
THEY LIED ABOUT IT BEING MOLD PROOF! But then finding something they didn’t lie about is gonna be tough…
As you may have read, Re-Bath lied about just about everything. Yes, that is a general statement, but we are pissed at them for what they did wrong and did not do right and how they treated us.

Sadly it is a well ventilated shower with both a window and a fan, and we don’t even live in a humid climate.
We have a dank back bathroom in the same house that has no mold whatsoever. Simple deduction says it has to be Re-Bath’s materials that are responsible for the only mold problems we have in our home.

A Cheap Shower Pan.

The shower pan itself feels springy and overly flexible. It creaks and cracks when we step in it. We are afraid it will crack through. Guaranteed for life they said… Well, let’s hope we don’t need to find out; we certainly don’t have any piece of mind due to the treatment, tactics and lies we’ve experienced from Re-Bath and its operatives.

Shower Doors That Are Hung Crooked, Just Like Re-Bath. (At least they are not upside down now.)
We tried to have them hung straight, but they siliconed the top bar crooked with so much adhesive it can’t be repositioned with damaging the walls.
They are off enough that they creep open when the shower is in use, maybe from the flexing of the pan? And the vertical edges are clearly not straight either.

Walls that Look Wavy and Untrue. (Amazing how so many adjectives describing the poor workmanship also describe the ethics and the way Re-Bath operates.)

Maybe it’s because we’ve had time to look at the installation for a while now, or maybe they are going weird with time too, but they are absolutely not true and it is very apparent. The seams look like crap. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, it looks like a seven year old with poor motor skills and bad eyesight did this installation.

Impossible to Touch Up Paint
They smeared unpaintable silicone and caulk everywhere. When we tried to repaint around the edges where they did such a crappy job of caulking (as well as tearing up the painted surfaces of the walls and ceiling), we found it was now unpaintable. We don’t know if they did that because they are ignorant unskilled workers, or if it was done intentionally to spite us. Or both. Due to the material they used we couldn’t even mask it off to spray to touch up.

A Shower Wand That Is Permanently Off the Wall
Just as well, it didn’t work well anyways. Just like Re-Bath employees! The main shower head itself was replaced months ago (by us) as it didn’t even last long enough for them to finish the installation. (Yes, that too was supposed to have a lifetime warranty.)

A Floor We Had to Replace At Our Expense
At least it looks good since we did it ourselves. But it was not a cheap repair of the damage they caused and refused to take responsibility for. And our workmanship only serves to make the bad job they did look even worse. So much for their claims of a high quality looking upgrade.

You are probably thinking we may be a tad overly bitter about this situation. Well if you were in our position and treated as horribly as we have been, you probably would be as angry too. Plus we feel it is our civic duty to warn others potential customers (or as they’ll probably call you, suckers) of these predators.

If their actions toward us are any indication of how they operate normally, then this is a group of people that will go out of their way to screw you. Why? No idea here, after all they do such a great job of screwing customers out of their money from the beginning, it boggles the mind why they also turn it into a personal attack situation too.

Beware of Re-Bath. They have shown themselves to us to be to be nothing more than a bunch of liars and cheats preying on trusting people. They will probably screw you if you give them half a chance. And the product they claim is so great and installed in our home is really just cheesy cheap low quality crap.

Stay tuned if you wish, we’ll be back…