Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Company Name, Same Bad Ethics. Beware of Designer Bath

Looks like Re-Bath in Signal Hill is now going by the name of “Designer Bath” now.
Same dishonest people hawking the same low quality over-priced products. And you can bet the service is just as bad, after all, if Re-Bath was so great, why change the name? And just look at who the owner is, Randy Summy. The same person who ripped off many in Southern California as Re-Bath based in Signal Hill/Long Beach.

Don’t automatically buy into the “Service Magic Seal of Approval” either. Even if it were a reputable service (it very well may be…), the owner of Designer Bath in Signal Hill has shown himself to us to be a dishonest and very vindictive person. That is what you must concern yourself with, his track record and deceitful business history. Check out the history, it speaks louder than us.

If you have a problem, and speak up, you can very much expect to be harassed by him for a very long time as we are being.

Also please note that earlier in this blog (9-8-2008) it was addressed that the same Re-Bath franchise used to go by a different name before adopting the Re-Bath name, and it had a history of consumer complaints with the BBB when we researched Randy and Lloyd Summy of Long Beach.
Don't take our word, look it up. This doesn't replace you looking it up, but it will provide some insight.



Are we prophets? No, but you can see now how the cycle is repeating.
An excerpt from the above link:

“Once they get shut down, as so many of them have been, (and possibly one more on the way… Re-Bath of Ca…), they just open up again under another name and continue to rip people off.

That is exactly what Re-Bath of California did. Before they were Re-Bath of Ca, they were another fly-by-night bathroom rip off company that screwed enough people to get shut down.

Look up Lloyd Summy, protégé son Randy Summy’s daddy and the name “Bath Pro, CL 597621”.

Then after that it appears they used the name “LSRC corp. CL 645660”. That last CL number is the one Randy Summy claimed was his when he contracted with us as Re-Bath of Ca. We don’t think he is old enough to have earned that license when it is listed as being established in 1992.
A family of shysters as far as we are concerned.
Protect yourself; do not do business with them. We’d recommend no one ever do business with any affiliate of Re-Bath. We sure wish we had done a better job of research before we got suckered in. We thought we did enough checking about the reputation of Re-Bath before contacting them. But we didn’t. And that is the purpose of this blog, to help other potential victims avoid the nightmare of dealing with these Re-Bath franchises.”

Again, don't take our word for it look it up!