Thursday, July 31, 2008

NEWS FLASH! Re-Bath of CA and Randy Summy are NOT LEGALLY LICENESED!

We had found out that the license Randy Summy was using on his contracts was actually his daddies. That, by the way, is against the law, and he knew it.

On 10-24-07 we called Randy Summy at 10:05AM, we dialed 562-426-1628 asked to speak to Randy’s daddy, Lloyd Summy and were told he was not in. We recognized the voice and asked if it was Randy speaking and he said yes and he asked if he could help, we told him that we wanted to talk to Lloyd Summy personally. He said he wasn’t in the office now. We asked when he would be back in the office and Randy said some time next week. We asked, what date would he be in next week and then Randy said in a couple of weeks, then he said sometime next month. Real Honest!
He asked if he could help again (obviously not sharp enough to know who he was talking to) and we said, we have this license number and think it is on your business card and he said “Oh, I don’t have that number on my card anymore” and then we asked “When did you take it off your card?”, he said “I don’t do any contracting under this license number.” We said good bye and hung up. Yes, that is another blatant lie as was mentioned earlier, it is in writing on the contract he and Re-Bath of California used to rip us off.
We subsequently found out Lloyd Summy’s past record of being a shyster is rather long. Use a business to rip people off, change the name when they get caught, start over and rip more people off, repeat… The boy is taking after his father no doubt… Slimy family practices… Shame on them!

On the same day, 10-24-07, Heidi finally called about 12:55 PM, (she was supposed to have called a day earlier). After talking with her for a bit we realized she did not have a copy of the letter from Randy we received 10-23-07. We faxed a copy to her at (480-833-7199) so she could see how ridiculous Randy’s assertions were and hopefully understand what we were dealing with. She told me she and her superior, VP of Re-Bath corporate, (and we find out later another disingenuous person to say the least), Norm Murdock had spoken to Randy and were going to let him “help” us. UNBELIEVABLE! We reiterated he was doing everything he could to NOT HELP US and we felt he was actually becoming “unhinged”.
Again, no call back or email from Heidi by about 6:00PM (as we were told to expect sometime in the afternoon), so we called and left a message requesting her to verify receipt of the fax.
(You have to do that with these people we have found out, they will deny receipt, and even lied about the time they received one particular fax, but that will be discussed later.)
Subsequently we were led to believe that Re-Bath corporate was going to help us get things taken care of after all, but they would not commit to specifics. We should have known better, because unfortunately we were about to be treated to another attempt by Randy to screw us even more…

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Anonymous said...

Wow, it ure seems Re-Bath has no concerns of the integrity of the individuals they sell franchises to. Re-Bath of Norhern Nevada sneaks across the state line to sell in California wihout being registered or workman's comp in Calfornia.