Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do we dare to hope they can finish today?

It’s a new day and we wait and wait for the 8:30AM Saturday morning (next day) call so we can hopefully get this mess fixed in a timely manner. We are usually optimistic, but our patience is waning…
So, Randy finally calls Saturday morning at 9:56AM. 90 minutes late.
He starts off blaming us for not stopping Oscar from cutting and installing the window wall incorrectly. (There’s more of that great customer service!) We tried to explain to him Oscar said he knew what was supposed to be done, and Oscar did not ask us or even alert us that he was going to cut it that way. We did not even know he had begun installing the panels until we took a look. He is supposed to be the professional, not us.

We were always very clear and adamant about the tile design being installed symmetrically to the window and walls, and we did mention that to Oscar as well as having multiple discussions with John prior to agreeing to have the work done. At the time of the sales pitch, John said it is the way they always do it. Either he didn’t know what he was talking about, or he was just giving lip service.

Randy says he will call back soon after they discuss the problem with other people. Wonder why they had not done that in the wasted 90 minutes prior?

Two hours later and no call, hmmm… (We find out later that is status quo for all phone action with Re-Bath.)
At 12:15 PM we called the number Randy called us from, it was an "invalid number" according to the recording. We called the number he said we could contact him on and got the "we are closed" message. We left a message, never did get a response from him. He’s great at making threats and demands, but in reality he is a coward and hides behind an answering machine.

At 12:18 (coincidence…?) Oscar called and told me he was on his way, should be another 25 minutes or so. When asked why he wasn't here hours earlier as he said he would be he said it was because "they were discussing the situation", whatever that means. He also at that point said that now we could not use the shower for 24 hours after it was finished, contrary to the "you can use it tonight" he said Friday morning. Yep, real honesty and integrity with this bunch…

When Oscar arrived he did bring something of a warranty (mentioned earlier) written by Randy Summy, but it did not address the specific issues of concern that had been discussed many times with Randy and John of Re-Bath. Oscar was informed of this as Randy was not able to be reached, (like it mattered to him or anyone at Re-Bath for that matter).

Our biggest fear and reason we asked for the written warranty was to protect us if a water leak happened due to their work to insure that they would repair of all subsequent damage. Due the fact this is an upstairs shower and it could become very costly. (Maybe it was a premonition we had?)
A bit later Oscar said Randy asked for us to write up what we wanted in the additional warranty; we did and told Oscar we had a hard copy for him. He left it here. Wonder why Randy did not call me directly? Oh, we know why and have already stated it…

Oscar also brought a copy of the contract stating that the tiles and grout lines would not line up in the corner due to the limitations of the design. But that was expressly covered by John and was explained to me that it only had to do with the one wall that went between the entry door and the shower corner, NOT the window wall, which was to be CENTERED.
It is interesting how the contract is worded so vaguely and ambiguously, it can be interpreted in multiple ways. When asked for clarification on those points John the salesman repeatedly said it was only the width of the cut tiles that the contract was talking about. Now we are given a different interpretation to cover the mistakes they made. Nothing in the photos or Re-Bath showroom had bad alignment like they installed at our home.

Oscar also forgot to bring the grab rail he did not bring on Friday. So now they say the job won't be done until Tuesday? “One Day Installation” is now stretched to five days!

Work finally begins about 1:00PM, late a good four hours plus from what we were led to believe the start time would be… And they only bring one panel to replace the two they messed up. They tell us that is all that is available. Funny, when we chose that style we were told it was one of the most popular patterns/styles so there is plenty of material, but now “it has to be made just for us”. Then where did they get that one? Good thing we were wearing boots as it was getting pretty deep… Actually it was just them being as difficult and stubborn to us as they could...

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