Thursday, September 9, 2010

Very Bizarre...

This comment was posted to our blog on 9-6-10:

"I want to know who Fatbutterfly2 is. I saw that posting about you trying to pick up on and harass the salesman and wondered why it was posted by someone other than Helpfulhal."

It brings up something we wondered how much had been seen and originally decided to ignore publicly. But things have changed now that it has been brought up and since we found out who we believe the author is. Rather than responding to it in the underlying comments section, we thought combined with what we learned semi-recently, and the fact someone asked about it openly, warranted clearing our name on the front pages of the blog.

To be clear, it was NOT HelfulHal that posted those fatbutterfly2 blog posts.

That was a “clone” site that “Fatbutterfly2” created and posted to make it look like HelpfulHal was a disgusting homosexual hawking pervert. Not even the same web address as our blog by the way. Whoever did it created one page, then copied and (poorly) edited/corrupted a page from our blog, and inserted some nasty allegations. A very sick mindset to be sure by someone who knew way more details than we ever allowed to be shared in out blog. (Those sensitive items will not be shared by us even at this time.)

Information only known to Re-Bath employees. And we really doubt the corporate side would delve to these depths. Considering some of the other comments we received, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. (And how do you know that HelpfulHal is or is not a rocket scientist...?)

Bizarre posts with intent to paint us in a negative light that immediately lead us to believe that the same manager/owner of Long Beach/Signal Hill Re-Bath was responsible. While it has subsequently been taken down, we did make a copy of it before it was removed. We are concerned this has come up as we thought it was gone, but feel it is our right to try to clear our "name".

But interestingly enough, as much as we had our opinion it was done by this pain in our ass, (since he posted a comment to our blog directing us to view it). Imagine how astounded we were to see what appeared to be the answer to who did this when we were in court (again) because of this ongoing nightmare, and saw him and his female companion. (Ironically we assumed he was gay from the first time we met him, but it is irrelevant, at least we thought it was at the time.)

We noticed on the left inside calf of Mr. Summy’s companion’s leg a tattoo of a rather chubby (fat) butterfly!
If it was not her, (and we are confident it was one or both of the two), who posted those disgusting perverted posts, why did she become so upset when this observation was made to the Judge connecting the screenname fatbutterfly2 to Mr. Summy by way of his plump female companion and her tat-2?

Circumstantial? OK, so provide us with another more logical explanation.
Occam’s Razor you know.
The simplest explanation is usually the correct one…

Just to show how low Mr. Summy stooped to harass us, not content with just unfoundedly suing us (and not losing), here is a sample of what were are sure he posted.

Note the author “fatbutterfly2”.
Also keep in mind that the original installation date for the failed Re-Bath shower was October 5, 2007.

And this crap is posted 2 ½ years later?

Talk about vindictive contractors…

Do your homework before hiring a contractor!

This is the first post made:

"Thursday, April 1, 2010”
Rebath promises but doesnt delivery
I am here to correct the record. One of Rebath salesmen gave us an estimate and when he left I found a condom on the counter of the bathroom. Everyone knows what that means even if nothing was said we had a connection. Now he will not return my calls and the installer is just a tease. He took off he shoes and later his shirt (a real Inca god) and then just left. Promises were made even if nothing was said.
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Just setting the record straight… fatbutterfly2 comes off as quite the pervert to us.