Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weasel is still bemoaning his loss...

The sad little ineffectual jerk and all around loser who screwed himself out of the Re-Bath family by being an ass and making psychotic sounding threats is still whining to us in this blog. Who is it that can't get over it? The wittle weasal.

We somewhat enjoy the fact this loser is still focused on us, as perverted as he is. We don't mind or even care he can't seem to let it go. It means WE WON! And he LOST!

We are proud to have helped protect the public from this shyster.

Remember to do your homework and fully check out any contractor before hiring them.

Wonder what the next pathetic response will be from that loser? Don't care. We won!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We stopped paying attention to the blog for a few months and look at what we missed…

Another comment posted by the ubiquitous “Anonymous” on 6/12/11, and he should know being a Re-Bath “insider”…or is it “EX-insider?...?:

“FYI. None of these people have worked for Rebath for sometime.”

We have no proof of that claim being correct, as the author prefers to hide behind his nom-de-plume, as generic and unimaginative as it is, therefore its value is debatable, but it is not a surprise from the way they (yes, Re-Bath) conducted business, hence the reason for this blog.
(Interestingly the Re-Bath of California webite links now say “ACCOUNT SUSPENDED”. Seems like a fitting balance in the grand scheme of the world…)

Again, since that claim is OBVIOUSLY being made by someone associated with Re-Bath, either currently or in the past, how accurate can it really be?
*See our earlier points as to the inherent dishonesty we were treated to by Re-Bath agents and representatives...

We, as stated earlier, were made aware that one raging jerk of a franchise operator had lost his franchise due to threats he made after ripping us off. After reading so much online about how Re-Bath operates, it is a wonder how they are even still in business as a whole. Also, as we earlier mentioned, it appears he is still trying to rip people off doing the same crap under yet another business name. That info came from online sources linked to the Re-Bath of CA on Willow.

In regard to that last sentence there is this…

Also posted by someone hiding behind the moniker “Anonymous” (could it be the same person?) on 4/1/11:

“We are the only Luxury Bath dealer in the south land. If you have a problem with our company please call or email us. We would like to address your concerns. Otherwise, Luxury Bath is a trademark and we need to defend it. The Rebath company you are refering in your post is no longer in business and was never a part of the Luxury Bath franchise.”

If the proprietor of the above referenced Luxury Bath thinks we are putting out incorrect info it should be re-stated that the discussed info came from Re-Bath of CA’s online public listing. Same old Re-Bath phone number was even listed as was the email info!

Now who wants irony? The web address "" as provided by that rejected Re-Bath franchise operator when he claimed to now be a Luxury Bath franchise takes you to the EXACT same “ACCOUNT SUSPENDED” page as trying to access the Re-Bath of California web address. Hmmm, more than JUST a coincidence?

We never claimed to have a problem with “Luxury Bath”. Only pointed out that the Re-Bath of CA had stated they changed their name (after being kicked out of the Re-Bath family…) to “Luxury Bath”. Don’t shoot the messenger…

It is also interesting how you can be the ONLY Luxury Bath in the southland if the Willow street address is/was also a Luxury Bath at the same time. Seems you have an issue to address of someone claiming something different than you are stating. (Sounds a little like Re-Bath in that respect…)
In reality, it is your problem (Mr. Luxury Bath) if a snake (or weasel) is misleading the public by claiming it to be his business. Maybe you should confront him? Not sure if that could be simply done by looking in the mirror or not.

It is also amazing how after all this time, Re-Bath agents, (OK maybe EX-agents is a better term…) are still posting comments in this blog...

Remember, everyone, do your home work BEFORE contracting with ANYONE to do any work. Look at how many bad reviews there are for Re-Bath across the country. There is a reason for it. And since the franchise that did so much damage to our home has been disallowed the use of the Re-Bath name, and then claimed to be doing the same basic stuff using “Luxury Bath” as their business name, is it not wise to do your homework here too?

If they are not the same outfit, one would think they would be pleased to prove they never had any association with Re-Bath, or Bath-Pro (Re-Bath of California was Bath-Pro before they were Re-Bath, see earlier posts in this blog for full details). But if it is the same people, shouldn’t that history be made public to you too? Don't you want to know who you are letting into your home?

Protect yourselves consumers. Ask those pertinent questions. Check the contractor’s license number, it is free online. Verify the company name and owner’s name. Do they all check out correctly? Are they up to date? (And don’t trust the BBB, if the business is a paying member, they get a much better rating they possibly really deserve.)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Received This Comment And Felt It Should Be Shared Publicly Since It Mirrors Our Nightmare.

More continued shameful and shamful activity from a Re-Bath franchise and the same apparent lies from Re-Bath corporate.

Sent on April 11, 2011, this is yet another persons story: (We added the bold type.)

"Re-Bath in Seattle,WA area and Re-Bath Corporate are equally bad. 4/11/2011 I am coming up on a year after the first faulty install and since then Re-Bath corporate have been to my house several times.

Every time, including initial install, there is damage done to the walls around the tub and shower.

To date, I have spent over $1000 on drywall and baseboard repairs and painting. I could live with it if it was now done right but it is not!

The handle for the water mixer is loose, the shower head is tightened so hard that I can't replace it with a water saver shower head. (My water bill has gone up since they replaced the hardware the last time and I don't even like what it looks like now).
The pipe coming out of the wall with the shower head is not very tight and "wiggled" when I tried to get the shower head off.

The caulking is horribly sloppy and all over the place and still it is coming off!!
I could go on for hours but having already lost several days work ($$$) to try to get this done I will most likely find a good attorney and sue this rip-off company.

I have never sued anyone but this company should not be allowed to operate the way they are.
They make promises and then you never hear from them again.

I have dealt with 3 different people at corporate and they are all liars.

I'm pretty sure they are waiting for the 1 year to have gone by. I'm sure there is some fine print somewhere that says they are not responsible after a year."

We share your frustration and wish you luck in getting some compensation. We took legal action and are glad we did not let them get away with everything they tried to rip us off for. As far as we could tell they have NO ETHICS and will likely attempt dispicable actions if you try to sue or just deal with them.
Be strong and take some comfort in knowing you have many other Re-Bath victims rooting for your success.

Remember, everyone, like we have been saying, do your home work BEFORE contracting with ANYONE. Look at how many bad reviews there are for Re-Bath across the country. There is a reason for it. Maybe it is the terrible work they have done and a total lack of ethics and honesty? You be the judge.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Regarding The Power of the Pen - Just To Be Absolutely Clear…

We have no wishes for any contractor anywhere to not be able to operate legally and earn an honest productive living.

On the contrary, we hope there are more reputable contractors are in the proverbial pool available to the public.

It can only serve to create competitive pricing and better workmanship. That translates to more satisfied customers and likely repeat business for those reputable contractors. Win-Win don’t you think?

If the knowledge of what to check for before contracting with a business saves some people the aggravation and costs of dealing with a less than reputable or professional contractor, how can that be construed as a negative? Unless you are one of those unscrupulous contractors maybe?

The onus of ethical behavior is upon the business and/or contractor, and if that responsibility is not met, it is not the customers fault. And it should come as no surprise that the word of bad service travels farther and faster than that of good service.

Contractors: Don’t get mad at the consumer if you fail to follow the rules and laws in place, or get caught lying to or cheating a customer. You need to take responsibility.
Expect the customer to tell others what transpired. If you are lucky it will be recognition for a job well done. If you are less than ethical, you deserve what you get when they share the truth publicly.

We are only offering this information to help enlighten the public to protect themselves from the contractors that are out there not being honest, ethical or operating above the laws of the applicable areas they may work in.

Remember, this blog was only started after and because we were taken advantage of by an unscrupulous, dishonest and unethical contractor and the refusal by the parent company to take responsibility when our home was seriously damaged by Re-Bath. If they had acted ethically and made proper restitution, we would not have felt the need to share our experience.

Who Says The Power Of The Pen Is Diminished? Just A Public Service Announcement...

Well, now it appears the operator of the Re-Bath franchise that caused us so many problems (Re-Bath of California located in Signal Hill/Long Beach) has once again changed the company's name.
We were confident it was only a matter of time before that operation exhausted the pool of customers available in that area by their practices and would have to change names again.

Yes, prior to ripping off people (like us for example) under the Re-Bath name, it was the Bath Pro name they were doing the same business under. And before that it was another name according the Better Business Bureau records. We noticed the pattern of changing the company name but continuing with the unethical conduct and shoddy workmanship back in 2008 when we contacted the BBB. They had a list of complaints attached to that address.

Now while the domain name of routes you to the new company, its company name is NOT Re-Bath.

How does that work? Is that being honest or ethical?
Would it be right to use to route internet traffic to Kia?
The location is listed as the same Signal Hill CA address and says they are now using "Luxsan" products. What is the real honest story?

What about Re-Bath being the absolute best product? Hmmm, hogwash and snake oil you say?
Only putting this out for full disclosure. Really, if this "Luxsan" product has been around for twenty years, and Re-Bath was the best according to this same franchise only three years ago, why the switch? Why now?

And why keep the Re-Bath name for the website? Is that legal? Ethical? Yes we are repeating, but only because it needs to be addressed by any potential customer.

Wonder if the Re-Bath Corporate people are aware of and/or OK with having a tarnished ex-franchise, and now apparently a competitor to them, vying for the same market share and still using the national brand's (copyrighted?, trademarked?) full name as his web address?
Yes, why the misleading web address...?

Are we not allowed to wonder such things?
We can only assume (is it too much to hope?) this outfit has finally wised up and obtained the proper licensing, (althought with the misleading web address it is tough to reconcile...), as was lacking while plying this "trade" when dealing with us. But we would not be surprised in the least if they have continued in the illegal ways that caused us (and that responsible party) so many problems.

If you speak up and go public using legal First Amendment channels when you are wronged and/or cheated by a business, you can make a difference and maybe help others become aware of what is out there.
Share your honest experience, otherwise the assholes of the world may get a pass, or worse, screw someone else, someone you may know and care about.
Granted we did not come out ahead in this ordeal, but maybe we enlightened (alerted?) a few people about our situation and experience and they were able to make an informed decision on their own. If they chose to steer clear from the nightmare of dealing with a less than ethical contractor, they are better for it.

As we have been saying, do your homework. This includes checking about how long a company has been doing business by the name they are using NOW.
Just because they say they have been doing such and such for 15 odd years, check and see how long they have been doing it under the current name.

After all, who thinks the sales pitch from for example, the newly formed Luxury Bath of California, is going to include the information of only being in business for a short time?
No, it is likely the pitch will include all the "many years of experience" accrued as other companies. (That is not a lie is it? What is a lie of omission? Not claiming this is a case of that!)

But certainly polished up a bit, you know, without the baggage of Re-Bath problems (like dissatisfied customers that feel like they were rip-off royally by this company under a different name…) no doubt. At least that is what we would presume is what will happen...
And to be fair, we did predict the name change quite a while ago… But of course, it is only supposition on our part, we are not saying this has happened yet.

Also whenever you are going to hire a contractor, check the names on the licenses! And check if they are they current. Often, some contractors forget to change the names on those licenses, it was one of the tools we used to track down our problem contractor's past daliances. If there was a recent name change, especially away from a more recognizable brand, it might be considered as a red flag. Dig a little deeper... Ask "why"? Then try to verify the answer you get.

We used to take people as being inherently honest. After this nightmare with Re-Bath, we don't.

Honest people should not be offended when you ask for references and to back up what they say.

Although in this case, due to our dealings with the whole lot of Re-Bath agents we did, we can understand how it could be a plausible excuse that a franchise owner would want to distance themselves from the corporate name branding.
But in our perspective, that is NOT the case here.

It appears that the Re-Bath of California franchise was terminated from the Re-Bath family by Re-Bath corporate. Maybe someone should ask “why?” before contracting with whatever company dujour is occupying the Signal Hill shop and doing essentially the same work?

Maybe it was those graphic threats sent about offering to do violent bodily harm to Re-Bath executives...? Maybe it was something else? Inquiring minds should want to know...

Why are we discussing this? To offer to and allow the public to have more information than what may be available at face value so they will be able make an informed decision if they choose to. More information makes the process easier and safer for the consumer. And if the contractor is operating ethically and honestly, they should have nothing to hide, don'tcha think?

Do your homework folks, background checks are easier than ever and sadly more important than ever too.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

But Wait, There’s More! Very Bizarre Part 3

We are sure it was Mr. Summy who made a reference (a quote?) in a comment he sent us on 10-8-2008:

"The whiny whimper of a cheater who has been taught a lesson.."

Why do we think it was him?

Because, this post was never published publicly in our blog.
We moderated it and refused to publish it since there were some other disturbing comments along with it.
So it is not only unlikely, it is impossible to be a coincidence for him to have just pulled it from the air.

What does it mean? Has anyone heard of that phase before, (or since)?

What is more important is how it ties this individual to the comments and threats he was “stalking us” with and also posting in a clone blog meant to be mistaken for this (our)blog to embarrass us, or worse.

The strikingly similar quote in his bogus clone blog he posted on 4-7-2010, an entire year and a half later:

The whinney whimper of a cheaper being taught a lesson"

Note that his spelling and writing skills as a whole are weak and in the same vein as this minor deviation in the spelling of “cheaper”.

We assume he meant “cheater” like the first time he used it, but that is just a logical guess.

Sure is damning evidence it was done by the same person is it not?
Who else could have done it? No one!
The same person clearly authored both posts.

In the Profile section in the fake clone blog we contend he created to libel us, Randy Summy had created this fictional and twisted background; we assume he based the sick stuff on his own personal preferences, pure assumtion, we do not know him personally.
But the fact remains that this included our actual personal information (which we deleted here), something never made public and only he (and his accomplice(s)) knew.

Cleary, this evidence busts him as the one doing this dreadful stuff simply (we assume) as retaliation for us not allowing him to get away with ripping us off. Shows us how much of a vindictive son-of-a-bitch he truly is, you can make your own decision...

Here is the entire fabricated profile we contend Randy Summy posted using our name and location to try to defame and damage us. This was retrieved from the now defunct blog site he (and/or fatbutterfly2) created at( on 5-7-10 :

"About Me
######### (Actual name deleted for privacy and safety.)
View my complete profile ######### (Actual name deleted for privacy and safety.)
Gender: Male
Location: ############### (Actual location deleted for privacy and safety.)
State:## (Actual location deleted for privacy and safety.)
Favorite Music:
The whinney whimper of a cheaper being taught a lesson
Favorite Book:s
Any book on bondage.
My Blogs Team Members:
Rebath Sucks
User Stats
On Blogger Since September 2008
Profile Views (approximate) 86"

Again, no one knew Helpful Hal’s real name except Mr. Summy and his partners in crime.
Therefore who could have done this except him or someone with his help, you know, like fatbutterfly2…?

There you have it. More reasons to not deal with the aforementioned company or its representatives.

Please, we implore you, take the extra time to learn about the potential contractors you consider hiring. A little research before can save you a major nightmare later. Also remember, good BBB rating means nothing! Dig deeper for your own benefit.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Very Bizarre Part 2

It appears we never finished answering the question (or exposing the truth) about those homosexually charged “fatbutterfly2” posts.

We commented about the first one posted and never followed up.
Why is it still important or even relavent?
Because this person went out of his way to maliciously cause us harm when he was not able to manipulate us and we think it is only fair to let the public know the whole truth of the matter, what they may expect should they choose to do business with him or one of his companies. We apologize for the delay.
(Had it not been for "Anonymous" posting that "homosexual bashing" comment, we probably have not have finished the response), but we digress...

The second malicious and phony "clone blog" post was posted at on 4-6-10 and was a plagiarized copy of a blog entry we posted back on 7-22-08 but he filled it (poorly) with his disgusting libelous lies and twisted the content. We have no doubt this rewritten tripe was posted by Randy Summy and/or his companion fatbutterfly2:

"Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meeting the weasel!!!!
On Friday 10-12-07, the manager showed up at 3:50 PM, first time I met the guy face to face, He was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. (All these guys are teases.) He spent an hour viewing the shower and surrounding areas. He immediately refused to take responsibility for my problems saying that he blamed us for our own actions. .He continued to blame us for ostensibly trusting the salesman and that there was nothing behind the condom left on
the counter. Sadly he even chastised us for believing and trusting what he himself said before we signed up with Re-Bath if I thought the salesman came with the package.. Hard to believe, to our faces he actually blamed us for not getting what I wanted from the salesman And he was holding the document he requested I write in his hand! And then he tentatively approved it. . No I am s not strong enough, he is a liar to the devil. He said they would give us the shampoo tray and grab bar we ordered and that Oscar said he’d install them. You know the only way to test these things is to try them and he refused to give me a shampoo. Great customer service!He said he’d call us Monday the 15th, at least I got him to give us his email address, (assuming it is correct). So we called he at 11:23 AM at the number he provided. Although he said he could be reached Saturdays, we got a message saying the office was closed. We left a message asking him to respond via phone or email, and repeated our phone number to make sure he couldn’t say he didn’t have it. I also called Heidi Seyler.
I spoke to Heidi and she is a bull dyke if ever I meet one. She has the nerve to state that she doesnt get involved with "gay stuff". The nerve of her to call me gay. The most I can be called is gay curious. I have yet to meet the weasel.
HelpfulHal ######### (Actual name deleted for privacy and safety.)
Posted by fatbutterfly2 at 3:08 PM 0 comments"

(We surmise Randy Summy also has a personal issue with Heidi Seyler at Re-Bath Corporate from that rant.)

No one knew Helpful Hal’s real names except Mr. Summy. This clearly shows us that Randy Summy is not only vindictive, but a (disturbed in our opinion) sick pervert and a liar too.

For proof/reference/comparison, you can view the original blog entry he lifted and disgustingly modified. Please note we had witnesses to the actual event of the only time he was at our home, in case you thought for a second there was one iota of reality in that sleaze-fest of his probable fantasy. Makes us really wonder if he was not writing of his own slutty homosexual desires. After all, it shares a twisted commonality with many of the comments he sent to us at other times. We think this shows he is a sick bastard. After all what do you think of a person who would make up that "story" and publicly attribute it to a past customer that they mistreated?

Here is the link to that original page from our (this blog) that we contend Randy Summy plagiarized and distorted for his homosexually laden May-6-2010 post:

Maybe we should sue him for plagarism AND libel?!
A little levity and humor there folks!!!

But seriously, it is truly scary to us that someone would create such a perverted, disgusting and libelous diatribe and post it publicly and falsely attribute it to another person to cause embarrassment or worse to a customer he RIPPED OFF simply because we stood up to him!

Oh, and how did we find out about that phony clone blog you may ask?
VERY good question!

We were alerted by someone using the exact same "Anonymous style" as the OTHER posts we attribute to Mr. Summy.

Coincidence again? We think not!

Again, we implore you, The Public; please do your research carefully before hiring a contractor, even if they have T.V ads or a nice showroom. You do not want to deal with someone like this or have to worry about them retaliating against you later, or even possibly stalking you. (Yes, you read that right.)
And to think he was being protected by Re-Bath corporate while he was doing this repulsive smearing of us online. Really, please do yourself the favor of research!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hmmm Something Seems Somewhat Familiar About This “Anonymous” Comment...

As you can see in the comments section of responses to our blog post titled Very Bizarre, “Anonymous” wrote:
"I would have to say your hate blog is homophobic, gay bashing and anti-female, Mr. Helpful Hal. Why do they allow you to post such thing?"

So... We’d like to respond to that “Anonymous”:

Hate blog? Since when is trying to protect the public by sharing a truthful story of a home repair nightmare a hateful action?
Anyone else find anything we wrote to be "homophobic", "gay bashing" or "anti-female"? Didn't think so!

We had to wonder how long it would take for a weasel to drag itself out of the gutter sludge and how ignorant they must be to come to that “conclusion” considering the facts that were posted in this blog.

We made no comments that could be construed as homophobic or anti-female by anyone who can read at or above a second grade level.
However, yes, we do hate what Re-Bath and Mr. Summy have done to us and our home, but that does not make this a “hate blog”.

Clearly the troll who wrote this referenced comment has either an inability to understand simple English, or just wants to be a jerk, (maybe they can’t help it? We have met such an individual...). In addition, what possible benefit to this discussion did they think could be made by posting such a red herring of a comment? Or is that the best they could do to tes the waters and see if we were still monitoring the comments to our blog? What a moron for insinuating we wrote such tripe. (That's not gay-bashing or anti-female, it's social commentary.)
Yes we monitor the blog, but until this didn't see too much that warranted us to add to it.

And to answer your lame question, "They” allow us to post these truths and opinions due to the First Amendment. Same reason as you are allowed to post the misleading comment you did. Try to enlighten yourself before exposing your lack of cerebral acuity next time.

By the way, (Mr and/or Ms "Anonymous") your comment reads as if it was written by fatbutterfly2 herself or someone else mentioned in this post… And in addition, it follows a pattern we have been tracking from earlier posts made to this blog. Hmmmmm.....interesting...
Please continue to post in the same fashion, or try to figure out what the pattern is so you can alter your style, either way, we have this tagged. Or go the hell away you LOSER!

It is very sad when a disreputable contractor who got busted for illegal practices harasses the customers he cheated for years afterward.
Just serves as a reminder to do your homework before contracting with any home improvement company or person, lest you get the same treatment we have been subjected to.
We found out too late the Re-Bath franchise we contracted with was operated by a dishonest and vindictive jerk. Apparently it is the way other Re-Bath franchises operate as well from what other people have posted within this very blog as well as all over the internet...

Research thoroughly before contracting with anyone, check for valid licenses and that all workers are legal to work. Please protect yourselves!