Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We stopped paying attention to the blog for a few months and look at what we missed…

Another comment posted by the ubiquitous “Anonymous” on 6/12/11, and he should know being a Re-Bath “insider”…or is it “EX-insider?...?:

“FYI. None of these people have worked for Rebath for sometime.”

We have no proof of that claim being correct, as the author prefers to hide behind his nom-de-plume, as generic and unimaginative as it is, therefore its value is debatable, but it is not a surprise from the way they (yes, Re-Bath) conducted business, hence the reason for this blog.
(Interestingly the Re-Bath of California webite links now say “ACCOUNT SUSPENDED”. Seems like a fitting balance in the grand scheme of the world…)

Again, since that claim is OBVIOUSLY being made by someone associated with Re-Bath, either currently or in the past, how accurate can it really be?
*See our earlier points as to the inherent dishonesty we were treated to by Re-Bath agents and representatives...

We, as stated earlier, were made aware that one raging jerk of a franchise operator had lost his franchise due to threats he made after ripping us off. After reading so much online about how Re-Bath operates, it is a wonder how they are even still in business as a whole. Also, as we earlier mentioned, it appears he is still trying to rip people off doing the same crap under yet another business name. That info came from online sources linked to the Re-Bath of CA on Willow.

In regard to that last sentence there is this…

Also posted by someone hiding behind the moniker “Anonymous” (could it be the same person?) on 4/1/11:

“We are the only Luxury Bath dealer in the south land. If you have a problem with our company please call or email us. We would like to address your concerns. Otherwise, Luxury Bath is a trademark and we need to defend it. The Rebath company you are refering in your post is no longer in business and was never a part of the Luxury Bath franchise.”

If the proprietor of the above referenced Luxury Bath thinks we are putting out incorrect info it should be re-stated that the discussed info came from Re-Bath of CA’s online public listing. Same old Re-Bath phone number was even listed as was the email info!

Now who wants irony? The web address "www.LUXBATHCA.com" as provided by that rejected Re-Bath franchise operator when he claimed to now be a Luxury Bath franchise takes you to the EXACT same “ACCOUNT SUSPENDED” page as trying to access the Re-Bath of California web address. Hmmm, more than JUST a coincidence?

We never claimed to have a problem with “Luxury Bath”. Only pointed out that the Re-Bath of CA had stated they changed their name (after being kicked out of the Re-Bath family…) to “Luxury Bath”. Don’t shoot the messenger…

It is also interesting how you can be the ONLY Luxury Bath in the southland if the Willow street address is/was also a Luxury Bath at the same time. Seems you have an issue to address of someone claiming something different than you are stating. (Sounds a little like Re-Bath in that respect…)
In reality, it is your problem (Mr. Luxury Bath) if a snake (or weasel) is misleading the public by claiming it to be his business. Maybe you should confront him? Not sure if that could be simply done by looking in the mirror or not.

It is also amazing how after all this time, Re-Bath agents, (OK maybe EX-agents is a better term…) are still posting comments in this blog...

Remember, everyone, do your home work BEFORE contracting with ANYONE to do any work. Look at how many bad reviews there are for Re-Bath across the country. There is a reason for it. And since the franchise that did so much damage to our home has been disallowed the use of the Re-Bath name, and then claimed to be doing the same basic stuff using “Luxury Bath” as their business name, is it not wise to do your homework here too?

If they are not the same outfit, one would think they would be pleased to prove they never had any association with Re-Bath, or Bath-Pro (Re-Bath of California was Bath-Pro before they were Re-Bath, see earlier posts in this blog for full details). But if it is the same people, shouldn’t that history be made public to you too? Don't you want to know who you are letting into your home?

Protect yourselves consumers. Ask those pertinent questions. Check the contractor’s license number, it is free online. Verify the company name and owner’s name. Do they all check out correctly? Are they up to date? (And don’t trust the BBB, if the business is a paying member, they get a much better rating they possibly really deserve.)


Anonymous said...

Looks like that Norm Murdock has moved on to something else to rip peoples off. He is probably handing cigerattes and red bulls to teenage high school girls. Here is the web address for this fine gentelman. They probably do not know the gage of the individual they have employed. You should let the peoples know.

http://eventprostrategies.com/news/corporate-blog/188-david-andow-promoted-to-presidentcoo-norm-murdock-appointed-vice-president-of-operations-and-accounting-at-eventpro-strategies-llcles off.

HelpfulHal said...

Yeah, that guy was a real piece of work. Didn't seem to be too concerned with ethics or honesty.