Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Received This Comment And Felt It Should Be Shared Publicly Since It Mirrors Our Nightmare.

More continued shameful and shamful activity from a Re-Bath franchise and the same apparent lies from Re-Bath corporate.

Sent on April 11, 2011, this is yet another persons story: (We added the bold type.)

"Re-Bath in Seattle,WA area and Re-Bath Corporate are equally bad. 4/11/2011 I am coming up on a year after the first faulty install and since then Re-Bath corporate have been to my house several times.

Every time, including initial install, there is damage done to the walls around the tub and shower.

To date, I have spent over $1000 on drywall and baseboard repairs and painting. I could live with it if it was now done right but it is not!

The handle for the water mixer is loose, the shower head is tightened so hard that I can't replace it with a water saver shower head. (My water bill has gone up since they replaced the hardware the last time and I don't even like what it looks like now).
The pipe coming out of the wall with the shower head is not very tight and "wiggled" when I tried to get the shower head off.

The caulking is horribly sloppy and all over the place and still it is coming off!!
I could go on for hours but having already lost several days work ($$$) to try to get this done I will most likely find a good attorney and sue this rip-off company.

I have never sued anyone but this company should not be allowed to operate the way they are.
They make promises and then you never hear from them again.

I have dealt with 3 different people at corporate and they are all liars.

I'm pretty sure they are waiting for the 1 year to have gone by. I'm sure there is some fine print somewhere that says they are not responsible after a year."

We share your frustration and wish you luck in getting some compensation. We took legal action and are glad we did not let them get away with everything they tried to rip us off for. As far as we could tell they have NO ETHICS and will likely attempt dispicable actions if you try to sue or just deal with them.
Be strong and take some comfort in knowing you have many other Re-Bath victims rooting for your success.

Remember, everyone, like we have been saying, do your home work BEFORE contracting with ANYONE. Look at how many bad reviews there are for Re-Bath across the country. There is a reason for it. Maybe it is the terrible work they have done and a total lack of ethics and honesty? You be the judge.