Monday, September 29, 2008

Re-Bath Apparently Requires a Little Legal Refresher Course About Warranty Obligations

We had to send this on 6-13-2008 after reviewing the “release” Re-Bath corporate sent, seems someone was either going the extra mile to cheat us, or was very ignorant:

“Mr. Murdock,
The damage from the water leak caused by Re-Bath is not something that allows Re-Bath to eliminate the warranty we were given (see Heidi Seyler’s email below*) in order to be compensated. The warranty and the leak damage are two separate issues. The release you submitted is not a fair agreement. You are asking us to give up our rights in order for Re-Bath to pay for damages they directly caused and are already fully liable for.

Option one is payment in full, as per the punch list you requested. It fully releases Re-Bath and its affiliates from all responsibility.

Option two covers the damage done to our home by the water leak created by Re-Bath. It also requires Re-Bath to honor the warranty last issued by Heidi Seyler on 2/22/2008. It does not release Re-Bath of California from responsibility. (Email referenced is provided below.)

Copies of the work orders/invoices from Pat’s Pronto Plumbing are still required for either option.


*Below is the email from Heidi Seyler referenced in the above email response:

In a message dated 2/22/2008 7:32:19 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

In an effort to resolve the dispute regarding the installation that was done by Re-Bath of California, Re-Bath LLC has contracted with San Diego Re-Bath to complete the following work:

1. Remove the wall surround, shower pan and shower seat
2. Install a new shower pan, wall surround, shower seat and window kit
3. Build up wall to make flush and even; including near light switch and fixtures
4. Re-install the existing shower door

Upon your agreement to the completion of the above work, San Diego Re-Bath will order the required materials and contact you to schedule the installation. Once the above installation is complete, you will receive the Re-Bath Limited Lifetime Warranty on the materials used. San Diego Re-Bath will offer their standard workmanship/labor warranty of one year.

I apologize for your inconvenience and hope to receive your approval on the above scope of work. No further work beyond the above items will be completed. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Heidi Seyler
Re-Bath, LLC”

It sure appears that when Re-Bath executives decide to do something, they feel they are not limited by the promises made by others in their organization, (or themselves for that matter) or the laws the rest of the world are bound by either.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Crank Calls? Give Us a Break! Childish Behavior, the Sign of a Real Loser…

Another Side bar of sorts.

This is point that should be brought up and it goes to the attitude and mentality of this outfit. It is about the crank calls we would receive from phone numbers (thank goodness for caller I.D.) attributed to Re-Bath of CA.
These calls coincided with the delivery of court documents. We would receive our copies of actions we’d taken against Re-Bath, so we knew Randy Summy and Re-Bath CA were receiving a set at the same time we were, or maybe at most the next day. And sure enough, the crank calls would start.
Sheer coincidence? Very difficult to believe.

Talk about childish, let alone unprofessional behavior, but then again, we are repeating ourselves again… This is one very dishonest and unprofessional outfit that makes a personal issue out of bad service. Lies, name calling and crank calls. What is this first grade!?

We must again recommend you avoid Re-Bath like the plague.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Compromise? Re-Bath Will Not Compromise You Give an Inch, They Demand a Mile

This was our response to that self serving attempt by Re-Bath to rewrite the facts for Re-Bath’s benefit.

This email was sent on June 11th, 2008:
I really thought you would offer something fairer to us considering the situation, and especially since you started off a few weeks ago by stating “We would like to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & make sure you are fully satisfied.”

But as I said yesterday, I would accept the $5050.00 and still will, although it does not fully rectify the situation nor fully compensate us for damages done.
Send your document for me to sign.

I do hope you will try and be able to get the work orders from Pronto Plumbing to us.

Please see what you can do to expedite this.


You see that is what is called a compromise. Not a fair one for us, we are getting screwed, but we are trying to resolve this mess.
The document they sent was from another prior complaint situation apparently as it was titled as a settlement between them and Cold Stone Creamery. Sounds like they screwed Cold Stone Creamery too.
Just an observation…
Why else would such a document exist? We’re willing to listen to logical excuses.
Or did they plagiarize it? Again, with such low ethical standards as we’ve seen from Re-Bath, who knows?

And what about that invoice from Pat’s Pronto Plumbing? Why is that so difficult to get them to provide?
Could it be they want to erase the paper trail that ties them to the work? We think so; we have no reason to believe otherwise…
And it’s not like their track record smacks of honesty… Oh no, much to the contrary…

Monday, September 22, 2008

Re-Bath Corporate Continues to try to Cheat Us Even More, It Must Be “Real” Their Job. After all, they certainly have not been able to install what t

Of course we responded to that detestable attempt to cheat us further. And after explaining to Norm verbally that he was reneging on his oral offers and his written pledges to take care of this (say it with us):
“…in a timely fashion to their complete satisfaction.”
“…to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & make sure you are fully satisfied."

He sent this email in response, as if by now writing a conflicting account of what he said will somehow make it so. This guy is sorely lacking in ethics.
In parenthesis between each little paragraph is the actuality “(Our response)” of the situation to temper Norm’s slanted perspectives. It is not part of the email sent to us; it is just “equal time”, as they say, to balance the reality:

In a message dated Tuesday, June 10, 2008 8:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
“As a point of clarification, I did not offer to refund your $2,900 deposit & your court costs in our prior conversation. I simply suggested the idea of a cash settlement as an option to consider.”

(Our response: Gee whiz, sorry to disagree Norm, but yes you did offer to reimburse us in that phone call. You can double speak to others and think you got away with it, but we wrote down what you said at the time it was spoken, and unless you lie to yourself like you do to the public, you know it too. )

Norm continued:
“Please understand that our franchisees are independently owned & operated. Your contract is with your local Re-Bath franchise, not Re-Bath LLC. They are 100% responsible for fulfilling the terms of the contract.”

(Our response: But when Re-Bath corporate took the facilitation of the “remodel” over after multiple botched attempts by two different franchises, they assumed that burden and that contract. In fact, per Re-Bath corporate, our warranty is still to be handled by your office. Ask Heidi, we did when we pointed out Re-Bath of S.D. would not provide us with a contract despite being asked on multiple occasions. Are you now telling us she lied?)

Norm continued:
“Re-Bath LLC has attempted on multiple occasions to facilitate the repair of the deficiencies that you have identified with your Re-Bath installation. In our last conversation, we both agreed that further attempts to repair the installation problems would not be in either party’s best interest.”
(Our response: Can’t argue with that, your crack teams of installers have proven without a doubt that they do not have the ability to do the job.)

Norm continued:
“Re-Bath LLC feels the offer that has been made is fair. It repairs the damage that you claim was caused by the Re-Bath installation. It waives the balance due on the installation so in effect you have received a full Re-Bath remodel at half price. I did not include Option 3 from your Construction proposal for repair of the attic as it was not clear that this was damage caused by the Re-Bath work. If it is, please explain.”

(Our response: Uh, Fair? You have got to be kidding! There was no balance due. Re-Bath of Ca ripped us off and this “repair” by Re-Bath S.D. started as an attempt to reconcile that grievance. You can’t just make up an arbitrary demand for “balance due” after you have lost a lawsuit. Shame on you.

You don’t remember? RE-BATH LOST ITS LAWSUIT AGAINST US! You are not entitled to one red cent !
And you know damn well the water damage to the ceiling and in the attic was caused by the leak(s) Re-Bath caused. You were told by Re-Bath S.D. and you saw the photographs we sent, you even commented on them. It shows Re-Bath workers working in the wet mess they caused, they even admitted it too. You sir are lying!)

Norm continued:
“I am in the office all day today if you wish to discuss further.”

(Our response: You said you would be available yesterday too… But it sure seemed to us you were ducking our calls.)

Norm Murdock, CFE
Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr”
Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Re-Bath Tries to Void Our Warranty Or Refuse to Pay For The Damage That Warranty Was Supposed To Protect Us From

What good is a warranty if it is to be voided in order to be applied?

In a message dated 6/5/2008 3:57:04 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
“Upon review of your punch list as well as the quote for your bath & kitchen ceiling repair, Re-Bath is prepared to offer you the following:
- Compensate you for the cost to repair your kitchen & bath ceilings (items 1 & 4 on your punch list) - $4,050.00
- Compensate you for the cost to repair the paint damage caused to your master bath ceiling (item 2 on your punch list) - $250
In exchange for this compensation, you agree to sign an agreement releasing Re-Bath of California, Re-Bath of San Diego & Re-Bath LLC of any further responsibility or liability & accepting the installation “as is”.
Please respond by e-mail if this is agreeable to you.
Norm Murdock, CFE
Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

Can you believe the audacity?
Re-Bath Corporate (Norm Murdock) now refuses to honor the warranty, yet they want us to absolve them of any and all responsibility in order to get them to pay for the water damage to the kitchen ceiling and bathroom floor and give up all rights to collect from Re-Bath of CA for subsequent damages. What the heck do they think a warranty is, or means?

Earlier Norm said he would compensate us fairly. This jerk now actually expects us to surrender our warranty to collect, or forfeit reimbursement of the damages they caused us. And for less that the agreed upon monetary figure! Granted the warranty probably is not worth the paper it’s written on, but how can anyone at that corporate level expect to leverage a written lifetime warranty they provide (as a cornerstone to the sale of their product) and owe on due to their own incompetence against the damages they caused.
Mind-boggling! He is either a total moron or total crook. (Anyone wishing to vote or comment is welcome to.) What he is trying to do is absolutely criminal.

Let’s make this clear to everyone reading this. By law you cannot force someone to give up the rights to the warranty in order for them to collect on that warranty. Think about it.

Let’s say you buy a new car. Let’s say it comes with a 6 year 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, pretty standard stuff.
When it only has been driven 50 miles, the engine blows up. The dealer and the manufacturer then tell you they will only fix it if you sign off and state that if any else ever goes wrong with that car, it is not under any warranty. If you don’t sign away your warranty, they will not fix or repair the car. You are stuck with it.

Of course that is illegal in the automotive world and in business in general. But that is exactly what Re-Bath VP Norm Murdock was demanding!

Do you really want to deal with a company that operates with those kinds of deceitful ethics?

Another point to be made is that Dave Sanders, the President of Re-Bath corporate was being copied on every email sent to Re-Bath, and refused to take our calls or respond to voice mail messages or email messages. In effect hiding under his desk it seemed. But then we got the same impression from Mr. Murdock on many occasions too. Sure makes them look like a bunch of cowards and cheats, and their actions shore up that perspective too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why Won’t Re-Bath Take Responsibility for the Damage They’ve Caused to Our Home!?

The following is the response we sent on June 5th, 2008, regarding an earlier conversation that took place the same day with Norm Murdock, a VP at Re-Bath corporate, and now we find out a dishonest fellow to boot:

“Mr. Murdock,
First of all, just to be clear, while I am responding via email, that is not an acceptable offer.

Frankly, I am very disappointed and somewhat confused by your response to the Punch List you requested we provide to you. Especially considering what you wrote in the email dated 5-19-08. I thought you were being genuinely sincere:
“First of all let me apologize for the unpleasant experience you have had with Re-Bath. We aim to complete all customers' jobs in a timely fashion to their complete satisfaction.”
“We would like to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & makesure you are fully satisfied. Please feel free to e-mail this list directly to me.”

During a subsequent phone conversation on 5-20-08, Mr. Murdock, you offered to reimburse us for the $2900.00 down payment and our court costs incurred when Randy Summy sued us for final payment before completion of the job. We provided the Punch List you requested, with itemized costs and explanations. We promptly provided you with a quote from a licensed contractor, even offered to get a second quote but were told by Heidi Seyler not to provide a second quote.

Please explain to us what has changed? Why are you now unwilling to pay the full costs to repair the damages directly caused by Re-Bath’s employees’ carelessness? All we asked was to be fairly compensated and have the work that was performed documented for our records. (I'm sure if you were in the same situation you would want the same for your home and family.) These items, we were told on multiple occasions by various Re-Bath employees and representatives, would be taken care of and provided. Yet they have not been. Even you Mr. Murdock, said and wrote that you would resolve these issues to our full satisfaction. I took you at your word.

We have been patient, and in return our house has been continually damaged, and ourselves inconvenienced further with every attempt by Re-Bath to “fix” what they did wrong. We did not ask to be victimized by the franchises of Re-Bath, we’ve bent over backwards to be accommodating, we just wanted what we were originally sold. But every time we trusted a Re-Bath employee to do what they said they would do, they failed us, to the point of them causing major damage to our home and sometimes insulting us. We have been lied to by the installers, salespeople and management. In fact you have been lied to by them too judging from what I have been told has been said about us from Heidi Seyler and you Mr. Murdock.

The repair quote alone for the kitchen ceiling and the bathroom floor is $4800.00. That does not include the repainting of the bathroom ceiling (which you offered to pay) or the $2900.00 deposit, courts fees and compensation for lost time and major inconvenience that you orally offered in the aforementioned phone discussion.
Again, Mr. Murdock, I was led to believe from your email and phone conversation that you as a representative of Re-Bath were willing to correct the mistakes made by the franchises. Your offer of $4300.00 with no liability whatsoever not an acceptable, reasonable or fair offer. That amount is not enough to cover the expenses required to repair the damages done by Re-Bath. In fact the out of pocket costs well exceed $8000.00 to date.

Please consider this situation from our point of view.
Honestly, how would you feel, and what would you do?
If you contracted with a company who did not meet its obligations, yet took it upon themselves to cause you more and more trouble and aggravation, resorting to personal attacks and harassment, even to the point causing them more work to do the wrong thing than just to do the job right? And in the end, damaging far more that just the small area they were to improve in “One Day, with No Mess, No Stress, No Inconvenience”, and dragging it out for over 8 months so far.
That is honestly how we have been treated by the California Re-Bath franchises.

As I mentioned in previous emails and phone conversations, we would like to get the repairs scheduled so we can try to return to a normal life as soon as possible. Re-Bath caused the damage and already agreed to pay for it. Please let’s get this resolved fairly. Considering how this has been handled, I would think Re-Bath would want it to be resolved as much as we do.
I expect to be able to speak to someone at Re-Bath corporate with the authority to discuss and possibly make a fair resolution by midday Friday June 6th, 2008. I will call if I am not contacted first.

HelpfulHal of course…

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ignored By Re-Bath. SOP. (Standard Operating Procedure For Re-Bath.)

An entire week went by with no responses from Re-Bath. Gee, we were led to believe they cared for the consumer and wanted to settle this quickly.

Really, seriously, here are a couple of quotes from Mr. Murdock himself:
“We aim to complete all customers' jobs in a timely fashion to their complete satisfaction.”
“We would like to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & makesure you are fully satisfied.”

It would appear the bullshit flag is firmly attached to that!

On June 5th 2008 at 12:35PM we called Norm Murdock at 480-844-2596 ext126 and left a voice mail message saying that we had expected to hear from him one week ago, per his comments, so we could schedule, or at least get on the waiting list of the contractor. We also reminded him that we had sent him the punch list he requested the day before and would like him to either call us or respond to the email. We left our numbers to be sure he couldn’t claim he had no way to contact us. But really, when dealing with liars, what difference does it make?

We did get a call back, and now Norm Murdock has the gall to offer us a less than 50% of the amount we had discussed earlier to compensate us for the damages. In round numbers they caused us damages in the range of nearly $9000.00.
Now Norm Murdock was reneging on his offer made on the 19th of May. And in that offer we were compromising a significant amount and willing to accept less than we were due just so we could get on with our disrupted lives. But that compromise by us was treated like the blood in the water to a shark analogy. This guy is not a fair person, he is just like everyone else at Re-Bath we’ve had the misfortune of dealing with, unethical, and dishonest!

Never mind he instructed us to create a punch list in order to proceed, which we did. The guy must be an idiot as he didn’t even know what a punch list was we found out when we sent it to him, (or was he just lying?)
He comes across to us as another mindless company shill spitting out buzzwords oblivious to what they mean. Or worse, if he truly knew what a punch list was, which was not discernable during our conversation, then he was just intentionally wasting more of our time.

Which is worse? We think the latter. One is ignorance, the other is malice. He had no intention of using it. He just wanted to waste more of our time and energy. (This is a guy you just know has heard the F-word used in a description of him on many occasions, but certainly not by us.)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Now to Get Re-Bath to Pay For the Ceiling They Destroyed…

Sadly, the story is still not over, you may recall two separate sets of unlicensed Re-Bath installers made a leak which destroyed our downstairs ceiling. Now we are faced with getting that replaced at another major inconvenience to us. Can you believe the Re-Bath installers actually thought we would have them try to fix it? Don’t make us cry.

Our bathroom flooring is destroyed due to Re-Baths multiple attacks on it. The baseboards are gone. The sub floor is damaged. The walls are gouged up and it had a custom multi-color pattern painted on it which will be difficult if even possible to match. And the bathroom ceiling was also gouged up and the paint torn off by Re-Bath so it is in need of repair and repainting.

One would think that in such a severe situation, the people responsible (Re-Bath) would try to facilitate a quick remedy, but no, this is Re-Bath. It is merely another opportunity for them to inconvenience us and cost us more money and time. To them this must just be icing on a cake. Another chance to screw someone!
Even though they are 100% liable and responsible and they know it, we know it; yet they do everything they can to make our lives miserable and drag this atrocious mess out.

Originally Norm asked us what the cost of all the repairs would be. We provided Re-Bath corporate with a full quote (actually had two lined up) in under four days to expedite the repair process of the kitchen ceiling.
Norm Murdock even agreed to monetary compensation for the troubles Re-Bath had caused us. Sharp guy, (shark guy?), he refused to send those offers in writing, and like a sap, we believed him to some degree, but as mentioned before, we write down all the conversations and take very good notes. This was no exception, but then neither is the fact that he later reneged on and lied about the offers.

He made it sound like they were going take responsibility and fairly compensate us for the damages they caused. He wanted a “Punch-List” with every detail listed. We spent hours and hours compiling this very detailed list. Hours that we really did not have to spare, but we were willing to work with them. (Yep, they got us again, we’re sure that Son-Of-A Bitch got a good laugh at us for wasting even more of our time.) We found out first hand Norm Murdock is also a prime liar like so many of the other “Management Material” Re-Bath employees we dealt with.
We’re going to bet in the Re-Bath Handbook of Guidelines and Ethics there must be an entire chapter on how to lie with a straight face and an even tone to your voice.

OK, you’re right, there is no such book. After all, Re-Bath has no ethics, so what would the point of such a book be? Just spouting off there...
On May 28th 2008 we sent this email trying to get some action. We thought responding with a thank you was a polite way to reestablish contact. Ever try to be polite to a shark?

“Mr. Murdock, Thank you for processing the reimbursement of the plumbing repair. We look forward to receiving the check in the couple of days.It has been a week since we submitted the quote for repair of the damage done to our home By Re-Bath. We would like to move forward and get these repairs done as soon as possible. While we may now finally have a working shower, it is far from a finished project. And the exposed bathroom floor is more than just an eyesore. Both the kitchen and the bathroom still need to be repaired. What is the status of the quote provided by the contractor for the repair, can you provide us with an update on 5/29/08? We really need to schedule with him as soon as possible to get in line for the work to be done.I am still trying to compile the "punch list", but due to the lost work time and subsequent catching up, I have not been able to complete it yet. Looking forward to your response.”

In true Re-Bath fashion, we received no response. They know they are in the wrong, they know they are responsible for the damage, yet they choose to make every step as difficult for us as possible. What a bunch of jerks! But we are repeating ourselves…

Friday, September 5, 2008

One Day Installation. No Way. Try Eight Months! And It Still Is Not Done!

We were without our shower for 8 entire days (this time) due to the total ineptitude of Re-Bath of San Diego, and somewhat by Pat’s Pronto Plumbing, and most certainly also by Re-Bath Corporate for purposely delaying authorization to get a competent plumber to fix the absolutely atrocious work done by Re-Bath.
Still, we have to attribute the initial problem to ReBath of California. After all, without their blunders and subsequent harassment and total failure to do even a mediocre job, we would not be here at all.
I guess maybe ReBath corporate deserves multiple accolades (that is sarcasm folks) in this matter since they could have remedied this mess back in October of 2007 when they were first contacted but decided to let us get ripped-off by Re-Bath of Ca. instead before jumping on the bandwagon themselves to rip us off too.

A one day re-install to fix two previous major screw ups?
Actually it was only supposed to be a one day job back in October of 2007. But it took this group of liars and bumbling idiots eight months to do a one day job, and left a wake of destruction that will take a significant additional amount of time, also measurable in months, to repair. We were completely without our shower for over two weeks! And there was no need for it other than the bad performance of Re-Bath agents.
And they don’t even want to pay for the damage they caused either!

Re-Bath is like the Toner Pirates of the late 1980’s. They use a boiler room mentality. Get in, get out, and screw the consumer. Make a lot of legal sounding threats to intimidate, all the while they are unlicensed and operating illegally themselves. They just posture up like they are within their rights, while their own contracts are wrought with fraud and contradictions.
They operate as schoolyard bullies, but they are just cheats. If you stand up to them, they hide behind mommy corporate, sadly mommy corporate lets her little brat franchises get away with this deplorable conduct.
Once they get shut down, as so many of them have been, (and possibly one more on the way… Re-Bath of Ca…), they just open up again under another name and continue to rip people off.

That is exactly what Re-Bath of California did. Before they were Re-Bath of Ca, they were another fly-by-night bathroom rip off company that screwed enough people to get shut down. Look up Lloyd Summy, protégé son Randy Summy’s daddy and the name “Bath Pro, CL 597621”. Then after that it appears they used the name “LSRC corp. CL 645660”. That last CL number is the one Randy Summy claimed was his when he contracted with us as Re-Bath of Ca. We don’t think he is old enough to have earned that license when it is listed as being established in 1992. A family of shysters as far as we are concerned.

Protect yourself; do not do business with them. We’d recommend no one ever do business with any affiliate of Re-Bath. We sure wish we had done a better job of research before we got suckered in. We thought we did enough checking about the reputation of Re-Bath before contacting them. But we didn’t. And that is the purpose of this blog, to help other potential victims avoid the nightmare of dealing with these Re-Bath franchises.

It would have taken much less time and money to have had a real bathroom upgrade done. Even a full tear out and rebuild would have ultimately been less expensive, much quicker and we would not have ended up with the cheap in value crap we have now.
Yes, we said real. Re-Bath did not do a real upgrade. They cannot do a real upgrade apparently. At best it is a cheap quality mask that is way overpriced. In our case it is only a series of patches on top of other crappy work, their Re-Crap work.

Considering all the problems they ignorantly caused us, and intentionally caused us, as well as purposely wasting our time and damaging our property instead of trying to fix anything, it would have been cheaper to have hired a real contractor and torn out and rebuilt our bathroom.
Yes, that’s what we meant; Re-Bath contractors are NOT REAL CONTRACTORS. In fact, we have yet to meet one with even a legal LICENSE!

A little side bar…
From the dictionary:
Crap [krap] offensive term for nonsense, or something worthless or annoying.
Also an offensive term meaning worthless, useless, or lacking in abilty.

Yeppers, that word fits in the manner it is being bandied about in this blog.

Sadly we feel there is a much darker and sinister angle at play.
This is not just a case of ignorance and stupidity as the word crap would lead you to believe.
It appears to be a case of planned maliciousness and intent to defraud people fully orchestrated and premeditated to take something (money, lots of money) in return for very little (cheap plastic façade).
And the fact they can’t even bring themselves to show the actual products they are going to install, (i.e. Bait and Switch), is even further evidence of this ongoing swindle. That is our opinion of the matter.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Interestingly enough we recently came across another blog that parallels our terrible treatment by Re-Bath.

We’re taking a break in the telling of this soap opera / nightmare to pass this recently discovered information on to you. After all, the main purpose of this blog is to protect other potential customers of Re-Bath from falling victim to their tactics. At least to make them aware of how they have treated other customers. Yeah, odds are they’ll treat you the same if you give them the chance.

We sure wish we had found that blog before we contracted with and got screwed by Re-Bath of California, and then Re-bath Corporate in Arizona, and then Re-Bath of San Diego, then Re-Bath corporate again....

Just type in “Re-Bath Liars” in Google and it will come up as one the first links on the first page. The same name as one of the people at Re-Bath who tried so hard to cheat us is in that blog too, go figure.
And there are multiple listings of people who refer to Re-Bath people as liars, not just one or two. Wonder why that is? And within those listings are many more. Could it be that they are LIARS!?

It was not just a fluke that we had these problems, it is now painfully obvious that it is the way Re-Bath operates through out the whole country. There are far fewer happy customers (Are there really any? The “happy” ones sound like shills.), than ones that have been Ripped Off by Re-bath. And since most people don’t go public with these situations, one can only imagine the true numbers of dissatisfied victims of Re-Bath nationally. The percentage has to be staggering.

For those interested here is the direct link we found:

We sincerely hope it is OK that we posted that link. We will gladly remove it if asked, but since it is offering protection in providing similar information to potential consumers, we thought it was the right thing to do.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Re-Bath Has NO Sympathy For Their Customers Major Inconveniences (Which Re-Bath Causes). They Seem In Fact to Relish Punishing Them for Being Stupid

Norm’s response was sent the following day. That is SIX FREAKING DAYS WITHOUT OUR SHOWER so far…! This could have been done on Monday, it should have been done on Saturday! But no, that would mean consideration and actually thinking of the best interests of the people they took gobs of money from to install this cheap looking facade.
Again, I digress, please read on:

Sent to us on 5-22-08

"At this point, I would suggest the following:

Re-Bath will authorize you to repair the following with a plumber of your choice:

- Reinstall the escutcheon plate with clear sealant
- Repair the shower head

For convenience, given the scheduling issues, please contract this work directly & forward the invoice to Re-Bath LLC at the address below for prompt payment.

Best regards,

Norm Murdock, CFE
Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

Please explain why after repeatedly asking for our local qualified honest clean plumber to be allowed do these repairs, it has taken an entire pain in the ass week just to authorize him to fix Re-Baths and their agents screw-ups!

And do they really expect to be able to "fix" that cheapo plastic showerhead?

Why could this not have been set up before? The Re-Bath approach to that question? Because that would have been the right thing to do.

Re-Bath does not do the right thing. It is not what they do. They do rip people off, (us), they lied in their advertising, (did to us, and probably thousands of others) they lied in their sales pitches, (did to us), they lied to the customer at every instance when things go bad, (yep us too), which is very often, (if not nearly always in our experience).
They seem to thrive on inconveniencing the customers as they in effect steal from them by installing sub-standard materials and damaging their property, all the while blaming the customer for basically being stupid enough to have hired them in the first place.
Yeah, harsh, but it is what happened to us!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Re-Bath Wastes Your Time When They Can’t Take More of Your Money

It has now been FIVE MORE FULL CONSECUTIVE DAYS without our shower. Re-Bath cares nothing about their customers or their convenience, let alone what most people would consider a basic requirement for sanitary living.
We received this answer the evening of Wednesday 5-21-08:

“We are arranging for a plumber to come out tomorrow to fix the leaky shower head. You will be called in advance to confirm the service time.


Norm Murdock, CFE
Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

Great, another Re-Bath fiasco in the making. There is no way we are allowing Pat’s Pronto Plumbing back in our home after the lies they told us and the poor work they performed. No wonder they refuse to document what they did. It smacks of shoddy workmanship and it looks like they don’t want to be responsible. Very scary.
We can’t trust anyone who works with or for Re-Bath now. You shouldn’t either, but that’s a call you’ll have to make.

Our response was sent on the same evening and was honest, civil and polite and even gave them some “wiggle room” to save face. But we seemed to have forgotten that they are two faced and it apparently was viewed by them as a sign of weakness, (Sharks/blood in the water?) Try to be nice and see what it’ll get you… at least dealing with these sharks.

“Mr. Murdock,
Thank you for the timely response. The time frame available for a plumber to replace the shower head today begins at 4:00PM and gives him one hour and forty-five minutes to facilitate the repairs. I'll need to know if this schedule works by11:00AM to be able to accommodate it. Please understand that we are not trying to be uncooperative or difficult, but we have an appointment that cannot be changed and I cannot lose any more time from work than the amount I'm already losing by leaving early to allow entry at 4:00. The plumber that was sent before is not an option as he was late to an unacceptable degree and even more importantly, he lied about the work performed and materials he used. After further inspection this morning it appears the center hole of the escutcheon was not sealed as he told me and I noticed water being drawn into the crack. The escutcheon must be removed and the insides inspected and dried.
I compared the hand held shower wand part with the normal stationary part (that head that does not work correctly) and cannot see a way to switch or interchange them. I hoped it would be an easy repair that I could handle, but it appears to be assembled with an upset pin (or rivet).
This brings up another issue that was brought to the attention of the Re-Bath of California's installer and to Randy Summy (via phone) at the time of the original installation in early October and also to Heidi Seyler shortly thereafter. The fixtures that we were shown and were sold to us by the salesman, John Park, were constructed of metal according to him. Granted, he only showed photos, not the actual fixtures, but specifically described them as all metal construction, not plated plastic. No literature with specifications was made available about the fixtures during his pitch. What was installed was a cheap plastic product, as evidenced by its early failure at this time. While I realize the fixtures are supposed to have a lifetime warranty via Re-Bath, if they don't even last a year, Re-Bath will be replacing a lot of them. I can't imagine these fixtures coming from the manufacturer with such a stout warranty. I also realize that the odds are it was damaged during the last installation attempt, but again, if they had performed the logical testing on the work performed before leaving our home...
In the interest of saving all involved some time, I suggest the quality metal massage type shower head we were sold should be what is installed. I do not think what is on there is a product that is designed to be repaired when it fails, it logically would be discarded. I'm not asking for anything more than what we were sold.
And since a plumber is going to be doing this repair, it seems logical to have him also remove the escutcheon and the white caulk around it, dry it, and apply correctly clear silicone. I am aware of the potential of one day delay of use of the shower again, but at this point I think you'll agree that getting it done now makes more sense than having another potential wall/ceiling leak and/or being inconvenienced more in the future, plus it saves Re-Bath a nearly certain future service call. At the same time the shower pipe can be secured as referenced in yesterday's email.
Please inform the plumber that written documentation of the work performed is required to be provided to us before he leaves the premises. In addition, we need the copies of the work orders from Pat's Pronto Plumbing for the work performed on both 5-17-08 and 5-21-08.
We are still working on compiling the "punch list" and other information.”