Friday, September 12, 2008

Now to Get Re-Bath to Pay For the Ceiling They Destroyed…

Sadly, the story is still not over, you may recall two separate sets of unlicensed Re-Bath installers made a leak which destroyed our downstairs ceiling. Now we are faced with getting that replaced at another major inconvenience to us. Can you believe the Re-Bath installers actually thought we would have them try to fix it? Don’t make us cry.

Our bathroom flooring is destroyed due to Re-Baths multiple attacks on it. The baseboards are gone. The sub floor is damaged. The walls are gouged up and it had a custom multi-color pattern painted on it which will be difficult if even possible to match. And the bathroom ceiling was also gouged up and the paint torn off by Re-Bath so it is in need of repair and repainting.

One would think that in such a severe situation, the people responsible (Re-Bath) would try to facilitate a quick remedy, but no, this is Re-Bath. It is merely another opportunity for them to inconvenience us and cost us more money and time. To them this must just be icing on a cake. Another chance to screw someone!
Even though they are 100% liable and responsible and they know it, we know it; yet they do everything they can to make our lives miserable and drag this atrocious mess out.

Originally Norm asked us what the cost of all the repairs would be. We provided Re-Bath corporate with a full quote (actually had two lined up) in under four days to expedite the repair process of the kitchen ceiling.
Norm Murdock even agreed to monetary compensation for the troubles Re-Bath had caused us. Sharp guy, (shark guy?), he refused to send those offers in writing, and like a sap, we believed him to some degree, but as mentioned before, we write down all the conversations and take very good notes. This was no exception, but then neither is the fact that he later reneged on and lied about the offers.

He made it sound like they were going take responsibility and fairly compensate us for the damages they caused. He wanted a “Punch-List” with every detail listed. We spent hours and hours compiling this very detailed list. Hours that we really did not have to spare, but we were willing to work with them. (Yep, they got us again, we’re sure that Son-Of-A Bitch got a good laugh at us for wasting even more of our time.) We found out first hand Norm Murdock is also a prime liar like so many of the other “Management Material” Re-Bath employees we dealt with.
We’re going to bet in the Re-Bath Handbook of Guidelines and Ethics there must be an entire chapter on how to lie with a straight face and an even tone to your voice.

OK, you’re right, there is no such book. After all, Re-Bath has no ethics, so what would the point of such a book be? Just spouting off there...
On May 28th 2008 we sent this email trying to get some action. We thought responding with a thank you was a polite way to reestablish contact. Ever try to be polite to a shark?

“Mr. Murdock, Thank you for processing the reimbursement of the plumbing repair. We look forward to receiving the check in the couple of days.It has been a week since we submitted the quote for repair of the damage done to our home By Re-Bath. We would like to move forward and get these repairs done as soon as possible. While we may now finally have a working shower, it is far from a finished project. And the exposed bathroom floor is more than just an eyesore. Both the kitchen and the bathroom still need to be repaired. What is the status of the quote provided by the contractor for the repair, can you provide us with an update on 5/29/08? We really need to schedule with him as soon as possible to get in line for the work to be done.I am still trying to compile the "punch list", but due to the lost work time and subsequent catching up, I have not been able to complete it yet. Looking forward to your response.”

In true Re-Bath fashion, we received no response. They know they are in the wrong, they know they are responsible for the damage, yet they choose to make every step as difficult for us as possible. What a bunch of jerks! But we are repeating ourselves…

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