Friday, September 26, 2008

Crank Calls? Give Us a Break! Childish Behavior, the Sign of a Real Loser…

Another Side bar of sorts.

This is point that should be brought up and it goes to the attitude and mentality of this outfit. It is about the crank calls we would receive from phone numbers (thank goodness for caller I.D.) attributed to Re-Bath of CA.
These calls coincided with the delivery of court documents. We would receive our copies of actions we’d taken against Re-Bath, so we knew Randy Summy and Re-Bath CA were receiving a set at the same time we were, or maybe at most the next day. And sure enough, the crank calls would start.
Sheer coincidence? Very difficult to believe.

Talk about childish, let alone unprofessional behavior, but then again, we are repeating ourselves again… This is one very dishonest and unprofessional outfit that makes a personal issue out of bad service. Lies, name calling and crank calls. What is this first grade!?

We must again recommend you avoid Re-Bath like the plague.

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