Monday, September 15, 2008

Ignored By Re-Bath. SOP. (Standard Operating Procedure For Re-Bath.)

An entire week went by with no responses from Re-Bath. Gee, we were led to believe they cared for the consumer and wanted to settle this quickly.

Really, seriously, here are a couple of quotes from Mr. Murdock himself:
“We aim to complete all customers' jobs in a timely fashion to their complete satisfaction.”
“We would like to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & makesure you are fully satisfied.”

It would appear the bullshit flag is firmly attached to that!

On June 5th 2008 at 12:35PM we called Norm Murdock at 480-844-2596 ext126 and left a voice mail message saying that we had expected to hear from him one week ago, per his comments, so we could schedule, or at least get on the waiting list of the contractor. We also reminded him that we had sent him the punch list he requested the day before and would like him to either call us or respond to the email. We left our numbers to be sure he couldn’t claim he had no way to contact us. But really, when dealing with liars, what difference does it make?

We did get a call back, and now Norm Murdock has the gall to offer us a less than 50% of the amount we had discussed earlier to compensate us for the damages. In round numbers they caused us damages in the range of nearly $9000.00.
Now Norm Murdock was reneging on his offer made on the 19th of May. And in that offer we were compromising a significant amount and willing to accept less than we were due just so we could get on with our disrupted lives. But that compromise by us was treated like the blood in the water to a shark analogy. This guy is not a fair person, he is just like everyone else at Re-Bath we’ve had the misfortune of dealing with, unethical, and dishonest!

Never mind he instructed us to create a punch list in order to proceed, which we did. The guy must be an idiot as he didn’t even know what a punch list was we found out when we sent it to him, (or was he just lying?)
He comes across to us as another mindless company shill spitting out buzzwords oblivious to what they mean. Or worse, if he truly knew what a punch list was, which was not discernable during our conversation, then he was just intentionally wasting more of our time.

Which is worse? We think the latter. One is ignorance, the other is malice. He had no intention of using it. He just wanted to waste more of our time and energy. (This is a guy you just know has heard the F-word used in a description of him on many occasions, but certainly not by us.)

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