Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Re-Bath Wastes Your Time When They Can’t Take More of Your Money

It has now been FIVE MORE FULL CONSECUTIVE DAYS without our shower. Re-Bath cares nothing about their customers or their convenience, let alone what most people would consider a basic requirement for sanitary living.
We received this answer the evening of Wednesday 5-21-08:

“We are arranging for a plumber to come out tomorrow to fix the leaky shower head. You will be called in advance to confirm the service time.


Norm Murdock, CFE
Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

Great, another Re-Bath fiasco in the making. There is no way we are allowing Pat’s Pronto Plumbing back in our home after the lies they told us and the poor work they performed. No wonder they refuse to document what they did. It smacks of shoddy workmanship and it looks like they don’t want to be responsible. Very scary.
We can’t trust anyone who works with or for Re-Bath now. You shouldn’t either, but that’s a call you’ll have to make.

Our response was sent on the same evening and was honest, civil and polite and even gave them some “wiggle room” to save face. But we seemed to have forgotten that they are two faced and it apparently was viewed by them as a sign of weakness, (Sharks/blood in the water?) Try to be nice and see what it’ll get you… at least dealing with these sharks.

“Mr. Murdock,
Thank you for the timely response. The time frame available for a plumber to replace the shower head today begins at 4:00PM and gives him one hour and forty-five minutes to facilitate the repairs. I'll need to know if this schedule works by11:00AM to be able to accommodate it. Please understand that we are not trying to be uncooperative or difficult, but we have an appointment that cannot be changed and I cannot lose any more time from work than the amount I'm already losing by leaving early to allow entry at 4:00. The plumber that was sent before is not an option as he was late to an unacceptable degree and even more importantly, he lied about the work performed and materials he used. After further inspection this morning it appears the center hole of the escutcheon was not sealed as he told me and I noticed water being drawn into the crack. The escutcheon must be removed and the insides inspected and dried.
I compared the hand held shower wand part with the normal stationary part (that head that does not work correctly) and cannot see a way to switch or interchange them. I hoped it would be an easy repair that I could handle, but it appears to be assembled with an upset pin (or rivet).
This brings up another issue that was brought to the attention of the Re-Bath of California's installer and to Randy Summy (via phone) at the time of the original installation in early October and also to Heidi Seyler shortly thereafter. The fixtures that we were shown and were sold to us by the salesman, John Park, were constructed of metal according to him. Granted, he only showed photos, not the actual fixtures, but specifically described them as all metal construction, not plated plastic. No literature with specifications was made available about the fixtures during his pitch. What was installed was a cheap plastic product, as evidenced by its early failure at this time. While I realize the fixtures are supposed to have a lifetime warranty via Re-Bath, if they don't even last a year, Re-Bath will be replacing a lot of them. I can't imagine these fixtures coming from the manufacturer with such a stout warranty. I also realize that the odds are it was damaged during the last installation attempt, but again, if they had performed the logical testing on the work performed before leaving our home...
In the interest of saving all involved some time, I suggest the quality metal massage type shower head we were sold should be what is installed. I do not think what is on there is a product that is designed to be repaired when it fails, it logically would be discarded. I'm not asking for anything more than what we were sold.
And since a plumber is going to be doing this repair, it seems logical to have him also remove the escutcheon and the white caulk around it, dry it, and apply correctly clear silicone. I am aware of the potential of one day delay of use of the shower again, but at this point I think you'll agree that getting it done now makes more sense than having another potential wall/ceiling leak and/or being inconvenienced more in the future, plus it saves Re-Bath a nearly certain future service call. At the same time the shower pipe can be secured as referenced in yesterday's email.
Please inform the plumber that written documentation of the work performed is required to be provided to us before he leaves the premises. In addition, we need the copies of the work orders from Pat's Pronto Plumbing for the work performed on both 5-17-08 and 5-21-08.
We are still working on compiling the "punch list" and other information.”

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