Friday, September 5, 2008

One Day Installation. No Way. Try Eight Months! And It Still Is Not Done!

We were without our shower for 8 entire days (this time) due to the total ineptitude of Re-Bath of San Diego, and somewhat by Pat’s Pronto Plumbing, and most certainly also by Re-Bath Corporate for purposely delaying authorization to get a competent plumber to fix the absolutely atrocious work done by Re-Bath.
Still, we have to attribute the initial problem to ReBath of California. After all, without their blunders and subsequent harassment and total failure to do even a mediocre job, we would not be here at all.
I guess maybe ReBath corporate deserves multiple accolades (that is sarcasm folks) in this matter since they could have remedied this mess back in October of 2007 when they were first contacted but decided to let us get ripped-off by Re-Bath of Ca. instead before jumping on the bandwagon themselves to rip us off too.

A one day re-install to fix two previous major screw ups?
Actually it was only supposed to be a one day job back in October of 2007. But it took this group of liars and bumbling idiots eight months to do a one day job, and left a wake of destruction that will take a significant additional amount of time, also measurable in months, to repair. We were completely without our shower for over two weeks! And there was no need for it other than the bad performance of Re-Bath agents.
And they don’t even want to pay for the damage they caused either!

Re-Bath is like the Toner Pirates of the late 1980’s. They use a boiler room mentality. Get in, get out, and screw the consumer. Make a lot of legal sounding threats to intimidate, all the while they are unlicensed and operating illegally themselves. They just posture up like they are within their rights, while their own contracts are wrought with fraud and contradictions.
They operate as schoolyard bullies, but they are just cheats. If you stand up to them, they hide behind mommy corporate, sadly mommy corporate lets her little brat franchises get away with this deplorable conduct.
Once they get shut down, as so many of them have been, (and possibly one more on the way… Re-Bath of Ca…), they just open up again under another name and continue to rip people off.

That is exactly what Re-Bath of California did. Before they were Re-Bath of Ca, they were another fly-by-night bathroom rip off company that screwed enough people to get shut down. Look up Lloyd Summy, protégé son Randy Summy’s daddy and the name “Bath Pro, CL 597621”. Then after that it appears they used the name “LSRC corp. CL 645660”. That last CL number is the one Randy Summy claimed was his when he contracted with us as Re-Bath of Ca. We don’t think he is old enough to have earned that license when it is listed as being established in 1992. A family of shysters as far as we are concerned.

Protect yourself; do not do business with them. We’d recommend no one ever do business with any affiliate of Re-Bath. We sure wish we had done a better job of research before we got suckered in. We thought we did enough checking about the reputation of Re-Bath before contacting them. But we didn’t. And that is the purpose of this blog, to help other potential victims avoid the nightmare of dealing with these Re-Bath franchises.

It would have taken much less time and money to have had a real bathroom upgrade done. Even a full tear out and rebuild would have ultimately been less expensive, much quicker and we would not have ended up with the cheap in value crap we have now.
Yes, we said real. Re-Bath did not do a real upgrade. They cannot do a real upgrade apparently. At best it is a cheap quality mask that is way overpriced. In our case it is only a series of patches on top of other crappy work, their Re-Crap work.

Considering all the problems they ignorantly caused us, and intentionally caused us, as well as purposely wasting our time and damaging our property instead of trying to fix anything, it would have been cheaper to have hired a real contractor and torn out and rebuilt our bathroom.
Yes, that’s what we meant; Re-Bath contractors are NOT REAL CONTRACTORS. In fact, we have yet to meet one with even a legal LICENSE!

A little side bar…
From the dictionary:
Crap [krap] offensive term for nonsense, or something worthless or annoying.
Also an offensive term meaning worthless, useless, or lacking in abilty.

Yeppers, that word fits in the manner it is being bandied about in this blog.

Sadly we feel there is a much darker and sinister angle at play.
This is not just a case of ignorance and stupidity as the word crap would lead you to believe.
It appears to be a case of planned maliciousness and intent to defraud people fully orchestrated and premeditated to take something (money, lots of money) in return for very little (cheap plastic façade).
And the fact they can’t even bring themselves to show the actual products they are going to install, (i.e. Bait and Switch), is even further evidence of this ongoing swindle. That is our opinion of the matter.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. You went to court and lost a counter claim? Why didnt you appeal? That would be the most reasonable course of action but I guess it doesnt give you the abiltiy to rant. Sounds like a jew. I noticed the owner of Rebath San Diego another jew wasnt mentioned but he is part of the tribe and that wont be right.

HelpfulHal said...

The judge seemed to think the offset was fair, we did not. Crappy unfinished mess for “half price”, both parties walk away? Obviously Re-Bath Corporate knew it was not a fair settlement either. But the leverage of a pending appeal was useful.

Maybe you are not familiar with how the court system actually works now, not how it is supposed to work, but how it really works. Unfortunately there is a difference. We suggest you follow the same course we did and see what happens. If you do not have all the details it is easy to make mistakes in your statements.

We did appeal, and “ranting” as you put it, is independent of appealing. The ability to rant is always there.

But this is a blog to inform others of the despicable and dishonest practices of Re-Bath and to chronicle our experience in dealing with them. We don’t need any reason to “rant” other than we may wish to and have the right to but we don’t consider this a “rant” although you are welcome to your opinion. You are exercising that same right by posting in our blog, and are welcome to continue to do so. You can even rant if you wish.

But please tell us what difference does someone’s religion have to do with this? No, we are not Jewish, and do not know if the Re-Bath of S.D. people are or are not either. Apparently you know more about them than we do. Care to enlighten us?