Monday, September 22, 2008

Re-Bath Corporate Continues to try to Cheat Us Even More, It Must Be “Real” Their Job. After all, they certainly have not been able to install what t

Of course we responded to that detestable attempt to cheat us further. And after explaining to Norm verbally that he was reneging on his oral offers and his written pledges to take care of this (say it with us):
“…in a timely fashion to their complete satisfaction.”
“…to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & make sure you are fully satisfied."

He sent this email in response, as if by now writing a conflicting account of what he said will somehow make it so. This guy is sorely lacking in ethics.
In parenthesis between each little paragraph is the actuality “(Our response)” of the situation to temper Norm’s slanted perspectives. It is not part of the email sent to us; it is just “equal time”, as they say, to balance the reality:

In a message dated Tuesday, June 10, 2008 8:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
“As a point of clarification, I did not offer to refund your $2,900 deposit & your court costs in our prior conversation. I simply suggested the idea of a cash settlement as an option to consider.”

(Our response: Gee whiz, sorry to disagree Norm, but yes you did offer to reimburse us in that phone call. You can double speak to others and think you got away with it, but we wrote down what you said at the time it was spoken, and unless you lie to yourself like you do to the public, you know it too. )

Norm continued:
“Please understand that our franchisees are independently owned & operated. Your contract is with your local Re-Bath franchise, not Re-Bath LLC. They are 100% responsible for fulfilling the terms of the contract.”

(Our response: But when Re-Bath corporate took the facilitation of the “remodel” over after multiple botched attempts by two different franchises, they assumed that burden and that contract. In fact, per Re-Bath corporate, our warranty is still to be handled by your office. Ask Heidi, we did when we pointed out Re-Bath of S.D. would not provide us with a contract despite being asked on multiple occasions. Are you now telling us she lied?)

Norm continued:
“Re-Bath LLC has attempted on multiple occasions to facilitate the repair of the deficiencies that you have identified with your Re-Bath installation. In our last conversation, we both agreed that further attempts to repair the installation problems would not be in either party’s best interest.”
(Our response: Can’t argue with that, your crack teams of installers have proven without a doubt that they do not have the ability to do the job.)

Norm continued:
“Re-Bath LLC feels the offer that has been made is fair. It repairs the damage that you claim was caused by the Re-Bath installation. It waives the balance due on the installation so in effect you have received a full Re-Bath remodel at half price. I did not include Option 3 from your Construction proposal for repair of the attic as it was not clear that this was damage caused by the Re-Bath work. If it is, please explain.”

(Our response: Uh, Fair? You have got to be kidding! There was no balance due. Re-Bath of Ca ripped us off and this “repair” by Re-Bath S.D. started as an attempt to reconcile that grievance. You can’t just make up an arbitrary demand for “balance due” after you have lost a lawsuit. Shame on you.

You don’t remember? RE-BATH LOST ITS LAWSUIT AGAINST US! You are not entitled to one red cent !
And you know damn well the water damage to the ceiling and in the attic was caused by the leak(s) Re-Bath caused. You were told by Re-Bath S.D. and you saw the photographs we sent, you even commented on them. It shows Re-Bath workers working in the wet mess they caused, they even admitted it too. You sir are lying!)

Norm continued:
“I am in the office all day today if you wish to discuss further.”

(Our response: You said you would be available yesterday too… But it sure seemed to us you were ducking our calls.)

Norm Murdock, CFE
Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr”
Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

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