Monday, March 7, 2011

Hmmm Something Seems Somewhat Familiar About This “Anonymous” Comment...

As you can see in the comments section of responses to our blog post titled Very Bizarre, “Anonymous” wrote:
"I would have to say your hate blog is homophobic, gay bashing and anti-female, Mr. Helpful Hal. Why do they allow you to post such thing?"

So... We’d like to respond to that “Anonymous”:

Hate blog? Since when is trying to protect the public by sharing a truthful story of a home repair nightmare a hateful action?
Anyone else find anything we wrote to be "homophobic", "gay bashing" or "anti-female"? Didn't think so!

We had to wonder how long it would take for a weasel to drag itself out of the gutter sludge and how ignorant they must be to come to that “conclusion” considering the facts that were posted in this blog.

We made no comments that could be construed as homophobic or anti-female by anyone who can read at or above a second grade level.
However, yes, we do hate what Re-Bath and Mr. Summy have done to us and our home, but that does not make this a “hate blog”.

Clearly the troll who wrote this referenced comment has either an inability to understand simple English, or just wants to be a jerk, (maybe they can’t help it? We have met such an individual...). In addition, what possible benefit to this discussion did they think could be made by posting such a red herring of a comment? Or is that the best they could do to tes the waters and see if we were still monitoring the comments to our blog? What a moron for insinuating we wrote such tripe. (That's not gay-bashing or anti-female, it's social commentary.)
Yes we monitor the blog, but until this didn't see too much that warranted us to add to it.

And to answer your lame question, "They” allow us to post these truths and opinions due to the First Amendment. Same reason as you are allowed to post the misleading comment you did. Try to enlighten yourself before exposing your lack of cerebral acuity next time.

By the way, (Mr and/or Ms "Anonymous") your comment reads as if it was written by fatbutterfly2 herself or someone else mentioned in this post… And in addition, it follows a pattern we have been tracking from earlier posts made to this blog. Hmmmmm.....interesting...
Please continue to post in the same fashion, or try to figure out what the pattern is so you can alter your style, either way, we have this tagged. Or go the hell away you LOSER!

It is very sad when a disreputable contractor who got busted for illegal practices harasses the customers he cheated for years afterward.
Just serves as a reminder to do your homework before contracting with any home improvement company or person, lest you get the same treatment we have been subjected to.
We found out too late the Re-Bath franchise we contracted with was operated by a dishonest and vindictive jerk. Apparently it is the way other Re-Bath franchises operate as well from what other people have posted within this very blog as well as all over the internet...

Research thoroughly before contracting with anyone, check for valid licenses and that all workers are legal to work. Please protect yourselves!

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