Thursday, March 10, 2011

Regarding The Power of the Pen - Just To Be Absolutely Clear…

We have no wishes for any contractor anywhere to not be able to operate legally and earn an honest productive living.

On the contrary, we hope there are more reputable contractors are in the proverbial pool available to the public.

It can only serve to create competitive pricing and better workmanship. That translates to more satisfied customers and likely repeat business for those reputable contractors. Win-Win don’t you think?

If the knowledge of what to check for before contracting with a business saves some people the aggravation and costs of dealing with a less than reputable or professional contractor, how can that be construed as a negative? Unless you are one of those unscrupulous contractors maybe?

The onus of ethical behavior is upon the business and/or contractor, and if that responsibility is not met, it is not the customers fault. And it should come as no surprise that the word of bad service travels farther and faster than that of good service.

Contractors: Don’t get mad at the consumer if you fail to follow the rules and laws in place, or get caught lying to or cheating a customer. You need to take responsibility.
Expect the customer to tell others what transpired. If you are lucky it will be recognition for a job well done. If you are less than ethical, you deserve what you get when they share the truth publicly.

We are only offering this information to help enlighten the public to protect themselves from the contractors that are out there not being honest, ethical or operating above the laws of the applicable areas they may work in.

Remember, this blog was only started after and because we were taken advantage of by an unscrupulous, dishonest and unethical contractor and the refusal by the parent company to take responsibility when our home was seriously damaged by Re-Bath. If they had acted ethically and made proper restitution, we would not have felt the need to share our experience.


Anonymous said...

Can you direct me to the clone site?

HelpfulHal said...

Gee Mr. Weasel, you, of all the slimy gutter and sewer dwelling slugs, should know it no longer exists since you and/or your ever so chubby companion FatButterflyII took it down. Did you forget, or are you too stupid to be able to read and comprehend that it was explained in this blog, or are you just checking in? Stop being such a troll… or is that way too much to ask from a dishonest jerk off loser like you?

Anonymous said...

FYI. None of these people have worked for Rebath for sometime.