Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Very Bizarre Part 2

It appears we never finished answering the question (or exposing the truth) about those homosexually charged “fatbutterfly2” posts.

We commented about the first one posted and never followed up.
Why is it still important or even relavent?
Because this person went out of his way to maliciously cause us harm when he was not able to manipulate us and we think it is only fair to let the public know the whole truth of the matter, what they may expect should they choose to do business with him or one of his companies. We apologize for the delay.
(Had it not been for "Anonymous" posting that "homosexual bashing" comment, we probably have not have finished the response), but we digress...

The second malicious and phony "clone blog" post was posted at www.rebathsucks.blogspot.com on 4-6-10 and was a plagiarized copy of a blog entry we posted back on 7-22-08 but he filled it (poorly) with his disgusting libelous lies and twisted the content. We have no doubt this rewritten tripe was posted by Randy Summy and/or his companion fatbutterfly2:

"Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meeting the weasel!!!!
On Friday 10-12-07, the manager showed up at 3:50 PM, first time I met the guy face to face, He was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. (All these guys are teases.) He spent an hour viewing the shower and surrounding areas. He immediately refused to take responsibility for my problems saying that he blamed us for our own actions. .He continued to blame us for ostensibly trusting the salesman and that there was nothing behind the condom left on
the counter. Sadly he even chastised us for believing and trusting what he himself said before we signed up with Re-Bath if I thought the salesman came with the package.. Hard to believe, to our faces he actually blamed us for not getting what I wanted from the salesman And he was holding the document he requested I write in his hand! And then he tentatively approved it. . No I am s not strong enough, he is a liar to the devil. He said they would give us the shampoo tray and grab bar we ordered and that Oscar said he’d install them. You know the only way to test these things is to try them and he refused to give me a shampoo. Great customer service!He said he’d call us Monday the 15th, at least I got him to give us his email address, (assuming it is correct). So we called he at 11:23 AM at the number he provided. Although he said he could be reached Saturdays, we got a message saying the office was closed. We left a message asking him to respond via phone or email, and repeated our phone number to make sure he couldn’t say he didn’t have it. I also called Heidi Seyler.
I spoke to Heidi and she is a bull dyke if ever I meet one. She has the nerve to state that she doesnt get involved with "gay stuff". The nerve of her to call me gay. The most I can be called is gay curious. I have yet to meet the weasel.
HelpfulHal ######### (Actual name deleted for privacy and safety.)
Posted by fatbutterfly2 at 3:08 PM 0 comments"

(We surmise Randy Summy also has a personal issue with Heidi Seyler at Re-Bath Corporate from that rant.)

No one knew Helpful Hal’s real names except Mr. Summy. This clearly shows us that Randy Summy is not only vindictive, but a (disturbed in our opinion) sick pervert and a liar too.

For proof/reference/comparison, you can view the original blog entry he lifted and disgustingly modified. Please note we had witnesses to the actual event of the only time he was at our home, in case you thought for a second there was one iota of reality in that sleaze-fest of his probable fantasy. Makes us really wonder if he was not writing of his own slutty homosexual desires. After all, it shares a twisted commonality with many of the comments he sent to us at other times. We think this shows he is a sick bastard. After all what do you think of a person who would make up that "story" and publicly attribute it to a past customer that they mistreated?

Here is the link to that original page from our (this blog) that we contend Randy Summy plagiarized and distorted for his homosexually laden May-6-2010 post:


Maybe we should sue him for plagarism AND libel?!
A little levity and humor there folks!!!

But seriously, it is truly scary to us that someone would create such a perverted, disgusting and libelous diatribe and post it publicly and falsely attribute it to another person to cause embarrassment or worse to a customer he RIPPED OFF simply because we stood up to him!

Oh, and how did we find out about that phony clone blog you may ask?
VERY good question!

We were alerted by someone using the exact same "Anonymous style" as the OTHER posts we attribute to Mr. Summy.

Coincidence again? We think not!

Again, we implore you, The Public; please do your research carefully before hiring a contractor, even if they have T.V ads or a nice showroom. You do not want to deal with someone like this or have to worry about them retaliating against you later, or even possibly stalking you. (Yes, you read that right.)
And to think he was being protected by Re-Bath corporate while he was doing this repulsive smearing of us online. Really, please do yourself the favor of research!

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