Wednesday, March 9, 2011

But Wait, There’s More! Very Bizarre Part 3

We are sure it was Mr. Summy who made a reference (a quote?) in a comment he sent us on 10-8-2008:

"The whiny whimper of a cheater who has been taught a lesson.."

Why do we think it was him?

Because, this post was never published publicly in our blog.
We moderated it and refused to publish it since there were some other disturbing comments along with it.
So it is not only unlikely, it is impossible to be a coincidence for him to have just pulled it from the air.

What does it mean? Has anyone heard of that phase before, (or since)?

What is more important is how it ties this individual to the comments and threats he was “stalking us” with and also posting in a clone blog meant to be mistaken for this (our)blog to embarrass us, or worse.

The strikingly similar quote in his bogus clone blog he posted on 4-7-2010, an entire year and a half later:

The whinney whimper of a cheaper being taught a lesson"

Note that his spelling and writing skills as a whole are weak and in the same vein as this minor deviation in the spelling of “cheaper”.

We assume he meant “cheater” like the first time he used it, but that is just a logical guess.

Sure is damning evidence it was done by the same person is it not?
Who else could have done it? No one!
The same person clearly authored both posts.

In the Profile section in the fake clone blog we contend he created to libel us, Randy Summy had created this fictional and twisted background; we assume he based the sick stuff on his own personal preferences, pure assumtion, we do not know him personally.
But the fact remains that this included our actual personal information (which we deleted here), something never made public and only he (and his accomplice(s)) knew.

Cleary, this evidence busts him as the one doing this dreadful stuff simply (we assume) as retaliation for us not allowing him to get away with ripping us off. Shows us how much of a vindictive son-of-a-bitch he truly is, you can make your own decision...

Here is the entire fabricated profile we contend Randy Summy posted using our name and location to try to defame and damage us. This was retrieved from the now defunct blog site he (and/or fatbutterfly2) created at( on 5-7-10 :

"About Me
######### (Actual name deleted for privacy and safety.)
View my complete profile ######### (Actual name deleted for privacy and safety.)
Gender: Male
Location: ############### (Actual location deleted for privacy and safety.)
State:## (Actual location deleted for privacy and safety.)
Favorite Music:
The whinney whimper of a cheaper being taught a lesson
Favorite Book:s
Any book on bondage.
My Blogs Team Members:
Rebath Sucks
User Stats
On Blogger Since September 2008
Profile Views (approximate) 86"

Again, no one knew Helpful Hal’s real name except Mr. Summy and his partners in crime.
Therefore who could have done this except him or someone with his help, you know, like fatbutterfly2…?

There you have it. More reasons to not deal with the aforementioned company or its representatives.

Please, we implore you, take the extra time to learn about the potential contractors you consider hiring. A little research before can save you a major nightmare later. Also remember, good BBB rating means nothing! Dig deeper for your own benefit.

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