Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who Says The Power Of The Pen Is Diminished? Just A Public Service Announcement...

Well, now it appears the operator of the Re-Bath franchise that caused us so many problems (Re-Bath of California located in Signal Hill/Long Beach) has once again changed the company's name.
We were confident it was only a matter of time before that operation exhausted the pool of customers available in that area by their practices and would have to change names again.

Yes, prior to ripping off people (like us for example) under the Re-Bath name, it was the Bath Pro name they were doing the same business under. And before that it was another name according the Better Business Bureau records. We noticed the pattern of changing the company name but continuing with the unethical conduct and shoddy workmanship back in 2008 when we contacted the BBB. They had a list of complaints attached to that address.

Now while the domain name of routes you to the new company, its company name is NOT Re-Bath.

How does that work? Is that being honest or ethical?
Would it be right to use to route internet traffic to Kia?
The location is listed as the same Signal Hill CA address and says they are now using "Luxsan" products. What is the real honest story?

What about Re-Bath being the absolute best product? Hmmm, hogwash and snake oil you say?
Only putting this out for full disclosure. Really, if this "Luxsan" product has been around for twenty years, and Re-Bath was the best according to this same franchise only three years ago, why the switch? Why now?

And why keep the Re-Bath name for the website? Is that legal? Ethical? Yes we are repeating, but only because it needs to be addressed by any potential customer.

Wonder if the Re-Bath Corporate people are aware of and/or OK with having a tarnished ex-franchise, and now apparently a competitor to them, vying for the same market share and still using the national brand's (copyrighted?, trademarked?) full name as his web address?
Yes, why the misleading web address...?

Are we not allowed to wonder such things?
We can only assume (is it too much to hope?) this outfit has finally wised up and obtained the proper licensing, (althought with the misleading web address it is tough to reconcile...), as was lacking while plying this "trade" when dealing with us. But we would not be surprised in the least if they have continued in the illegal ways that caused us (and that responsible party) so many problems.

If you speak up and go public using legal First Amendment channels when you are wronged and/or cheated by a business, you can make a difference and maybe help others become aware of what is out there.
Share your honest experience, otherwise the assholes of the world may get a pass, or worse, screw someone else, someone you may know and care about.
Granted we did not come out ahead in this ordeal, but maybe we enlightened (alerted?) a few people about our situation and experience and they were able to make an informed decision on their own. If they chose to steer clear from the nightmare of dealing with a less than ethical contractor, they are better for it.

As we have been saying, do your homework. This includes checking about how long a company has been doing business by the name they are using NOW.
Just because they say they have been doing such and such for 15 odd years, check and see how long they have been doing it under the current name.

After all, who thinks the sales pitch from for example, the newly formed Luxury Bath of California, is going to include the information of only being in business for a short time?
No, it is likely the pitch will include all the "many years of experience" accrued as other companies. (That is not a lie is it? What is a lie of omission? Not claiming this is a case of that!)

But certainly polished up a bit, you know, without the baggage of Re-Bath problems (like dissatisfied customers that feel like they were rip-off royally by this company under a different name…) no doubt. At least that is what we would presume is what will happen...
And to be fair, we did predict the name change quite a while ago… But of course, it is only supposition on our part, we are not saying this has happened yet.

Also whenever you are going to hire a contractor, check the names on the licenses! And check if they are they current. Often, some contractors forget to change the names on those licenses, it was one of the tools we used to track down our problem contractor's past daliances. If there was a recent name change, especially away from a more recognizable brand, it might be considered as a red flag. Dig a little deeper... Ask "why"? Then try to verify the answer you get.

We used to take people as being inherently honest. After this nightmare with Re-Bath, we don't.

Honest people should not be offended when you ask for references and to back up what they say.

Although in this case, due to our dealings with the whole lot of Re-Bath agents we did, we can understand how it could be a plausible excuse that a franchise owner would want to distance themselves from the corporate name branding.
But in our perspective, that is NOT the case here.

It appears that the Re-Bath of California franchise was terminated from the Re-Bath family by Re-Bath corporate. Maybe someone should ask “why?” before contracting with whatever company dujour is occupying the Signal Hill shop and doing essentially the same work?

Maybe it was those graphic threats sent about offering to do violent bodily harm to Re-Bath executives...? Maybe it was something else? Inquiring minds should want to know...

Why are we discussing this? To offer to and allow the public to have more information than what may be available at face value so they will be able make an informed decision if they choose to. More information makes the process easier and safer for the consumer. And if the contractor is operating ethically and honestly, they should have nothing to hide, don'tcha think?

Do your homework folks, background checks are easier than ever and sadly more important than ever too.

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We are the only Luxury Bath dealer in the south land. If you have a problem with our company please call or email us. We would like to address your concerns. Otherwise, Luxury Bath is a trademark and we need to defend it. The Rebath company you are refering in your post is no longer in business and was never a part of the Luxury Bath franchise.

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