Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Customer Service? Integrity? Honesty? Not from Re-Bath!

It’s now Wednesday July the 9th. After doing some research on the internet about Re-Bath and seeing how many other people are having the same or very similar problems with both the bad work, not installing what was sold to them, and not meeting the one-day timeline, we decided to contact the State Contractors Board to protect ourselves in case Re-Bath doesn’t do the right thing. In California the number is 800-321-2752. They will send you a complaint form for the asking.

We also found out the name attached to the license number Randy Summy gave us as his, is not his according to the info listed on the CSLB site. That is not legal.

We decided after the way things went while the workers were here before that if Oscar brings his helper again, we will need proof that he is here legally and authorized by Re-Bath to work for them. We found out Saturday afternoon he neither spoke nor understood any English. That was a problem when he could not understand the warning I gave him to keep from damaging my walls and ceiling.
He also did not understand other issues but was quite willing to do what he wanted to do despite me telling him to stop doing it.
We are sure he is not a U.S. citizen, and the odds are he is “undocumented” (Illegal for the real world), and therefore need proof that he is here legally before he touches our property again. Since Re-Bath has already shown a huge disregard for our property, it is only fair we try to protect it.

They even managed to kill two large patches (About 4 or 5 feet by 5 or 6 feet each!) of our front lawn. Its bad enough they mucked up the bathroom, but to kill our yard too?! We told them the first time on Friday when they killed the first patch not to put things like the old shower pan or doors on the grass. But the idiots on Saturday did it again before we caught it, and the damage was done.
It looked just like the Re-Bath T.V. commercial with the monkeys screwing around in the front yard, and these guys were the monkeys, except worse!

At 11:40AM Heidi Seyler called to let us know they were putting together a conference call this afternoon and will call me back around 4:00PM today. She still had not spoken with Randy. Interesting since before they went to work he was easily reached by phone. So far Heidi seems to be helpful, but unfortunately for us, it will become apparent she is not the nice helpful person she is acting as.

6:00PM rolls around and we are truly surprised Heidi did not call; we thought she was going to help. And what about Randy? No call either. Re-Bath customer service is non-existent!

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