Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An early indication of the value of Re-Bath’s word…

We have to share a pertinent part of the conversation had with Randy of Re-Bath on the first day of attempted installation. (The tone of conversation changed quite a bit once things were not going the way we were sold/told they would.) Since he refused to accept responsibility, he said he was noting that we approved exactly what was done so far before they continued work. (In other words he was lying about what was being said to him.) We said NO WAY repeatedly and refused to agree, but he persisted.

In what world can a contractor really believe he can make verbal change of contract that the consumer vehemently disapproves of and expect it to be valid?

We wonder what makes him think is it OK for him to make verbal attempts to change our contract, albeit contested ones, yet not even follow the written contract.
Randy kept repeating the mantra of "verbal contracts mean nothing". An interesting stance since we did not buy from him and he did not know what was sold to us apparently, (he was not the salesman, John Park was the salseman), but we did speak with him via the phone prior to purchasing with questions about what we thought were left out of the contract and warranty wording. He assured us over the phone that what was being requested would be fulfilled and he promised to back it up in writing.
We thought it interesting how he had done a 180 to suit himself once the installer was not doing what was agreed upon in both the written contract and the oral agreements made with the salesman.We had repeatedly asked for a clearly written warranty that said they covered all potential damage if there was a leak due to their workmanship or products.
(Their written lifetime warranty is vague and being the potential for catastrophe as this was an upstairs installation, we felt it was the honest thing for them to do.)
We were repeatedly assured we would get it. Oscar the installer brought something of a warranty written by Randy Summy, but it did not address the specific issues of concern that were clearly discussed many times with both Randy and John (the salesman) of Re-Bath.So, at that point, we were still waiting for it.
We made it clear, since they agreed to provide it before starting work, and repeated it when the down payment was made, without the warranty we would not make the final payment.

We figured they would provide it eventually since another quote they are found of throwing around (and have proven to us to be meaningless by the way) is “You don’t make the final payment until you are fully satisfied.”
If that was true it is doubtful they would ever collect that final payment honestly.

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