Monday, July 7, 2008

It’s still Saturday, and it ain’t getting’ better… Deeper maybe…

Oscar the sloppy installer showed how the window frame would help the mask look of the mismatched window wall tiles. It still is not even or what was assured would be done, but it is a minor (very minor) improvement, certainly not a fix.

We were asked to sign more authorizations of work to be done and informed that we had signed them earlier by Randy. We don’t know how that could be, after all, we declined signing. Now it seems Randy is claiming we had authorized things we did not authorize by signing other paperwork. What a lying sack of you know what! At 2:10 PM we asked Oscar when he thought he'd be done today, he said “by 5:00”.

"Really? How about 6:00? Just to be sure?".

He said "Yes, by 6:00 he'd be all done." (It was one of our birthdays and we had dinner plans with two other couples. We had already missed out on celebrating the night before due to these jerks.)

Since Randy implied it was our fault the installation, and everything else were done wrong, it was decided to check on Oscar today while he worked. We watched as he and his helper put up the fixture wall (where the shower head comes out), it looked nice and we were was relieved that no apparent damage had been done to the surrounding areas.

Checking back about 3:00 and we noticed fresh gouges in the ceiling. This was another item that had been addressed with John who assured us there had nothing to worry about as it was not an installation that would cause ceiling or wall damage that would be visible. A large concern, we knew that was a custom color and that we did not have any touch up, or even the paint code, John was told of this too. While we are aware what is on the contract, we are also quite aware of what was told to us and sold on by John.

At 6:00PM we checked and saw that the third wall was still not up, nor was the window frame installed.
Now Oscar says he'd be done about 7:30PM.
So much for the 7:30 reservations with our family to celebrate the Birthday.

We verified with Oscar mid-day and even added a buffer, but no, they can’t do what they say, EVER! Are they liars or incompetents? Or both? Great job on inconveniencing us on multiple levels!

7:30PM rolls around, and they are still “working” away, and we know it needs at least one more trip back to finish no matter what gets done.
ONE DAY INSTALLATION! Great slogan! Too bad it turned out to be just a bold faced lie!

Since we planned to go to a dinner party, we did not plan for food for dinner this night, and we can't leave while they are here, plus the fact we can't conveniently clean up as they have removed our primary bathroom from service.

8:00PM, the third wall lines do not line up to the window wall horizontally, even though we were told by Oscar it would, the caulking is uneven, and smeared on surfaces that need to be repainted, and the caulk is unpaintable according to the label.
It is the worst caulking job we have ever seen, EVER! Yes, it was that bad!

We pointed out that the fixtures are made of plastic, not metal as we were sold. The holder of the hand shower head won't even stay on the wall, it fell off at least three times just during our couple minute conversation, and that was without the weight of the shower head in it, never mind it did not match the pictures shown during the sales presentation.

At 8:30PM, we still cannot have dinner, we have missed the family party and the workmanship has declined severely so there was no benefits of having the work continue into the night.

At 8:50PM we look at what is considered by Oscar as "finished" and immediately see sloppy caulking, a gouge in the shower pan, crooked window corners, unevenness in the third wall as well as no caulk or support behind it so it is hollow and quite flexible. How many times did we point these things out as the day went by and we told Oscar it was not acceptable? At least 6 or 7 instances, except for the gouge which we just noticed!

We thought they would take more care, but there it is, THEY DON’T CARE! Clearly it cannot be our fault when we point these issues out and are told they will be done correctly and yet they still are not.

Also installed was a plastic, not metal, shower head and wand, AS WE WERE SOLD, and no inside horizontal bar for the door as we had before and were assured would be the same as when replaced. This was supposed to be an upgrade remodel, not a step down at premium prices. And they still have to come back to finish after two whole major inconvenient days?!

9:10 We see that the window framing (that was supposed to make that wall look nice, is crooked and the corners are still not on straight or even flush. We notice caulking tracked on the carpet. We had to have Oscar clean it twice, since leaving some on his first attempt to wipe it up was apparently acceptable to him. We still had to (clean it in front of him) for a third round since he was unwilling to clean it correctly. He must live in a pig sty to accept this level of “clean-up”.

Finally, 9:15PM, we are told not to use the shower until 24 more hours. That will be one more additional complete day of no use of our primary shower. So now paying a premium price for one day service has been for naught.
It has been a three day inconvenience, seasoned with disrespectful service and language.

At 9:25PM we went back up to look it over again and noticed the wall panel we had just complained about not having any caulk behind had been caved in by the light switch cover, it's looks cheap and very bad.
The light switches are not even or flush.
The wall is hollow, wavy and uneven.
The wooden door jamb is gouged and the caulking is not only uneven and sloppy, but has messes of it all over the jamb too. This is especially bad as it is what is in your face when sitting on the toilet.
The floor is now missing two several inch chunks from the corners and the trim that was there before is missing.
Where the fixture panel ends at the wall near the floor, it is a terrible fit and very messy job.
There is no caulking/sealant on the exterior of the shower door frame.

We also found a blob of dried caulk on our downstairs front door jamb, no where near the upstairs bathroom. Very sloppy, but now seemingly normal for this team of incompetent slobs.

We tried to sleep as it was an exhausting day, but unfortunately even that was not going to be an easy option. The adhesive they used to glue the wall panels on has stunk up our bedroom with an acidy, acridly pungent odor. Even with the windows open and a fan on, it reeks. And it continued to stink for days.
Never was this aspect of the installation mentioned, but by now, we are not surprised by anything these liars say or withhold. Now we get to wait for them to come back and finish, remember, they repeatedly stated and told us “You don’t pay us the balance until you’re 100% satisfied.” Think they are honest about that? Stay tuned and we’ll share the truth with you…

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