Monday, July 28, 2008

No Call? Well, no real surprise, At first…

Tuesday 10-23-07. No call from anyone at Re-Bath, not a surprise, it is their standard mode of operating. Seems the only time you can get a call back from this group is when they think you are ignorant fresh meat.

But, we did receive a letter. (Not at all a suitable substitution for the phone call we were told to expect.) An interesting letter nonetheless from the deranged mind of Randy Summy in which he claims we are the ones who will not compromise. But in fact it is he that has refused to follow what we earlier had discussed. According to the letter, to him compromise means we accept the crappy job Re-Bath of California did, and the damage they caused, with no repairs and no warranty.
He also accused us of harassing his employees and called us racists! He told us on the 6th it was our fault for not supervising the workers. Then he claims we were harassing them by checking on them (as he told us to) periodically on the 7th.
Never mind that he told us it was our “responsibility” to make sure it was being done the way we wanted, and had we not “supervised” as he told us to do, they would have done even more improper and schlocky work.
Not that they did what we asked or even what they agreed to do when we made comments and expressed our concerns about the way it was turning out anyway.
Randy offers no resolutions, and refuses to carry on any discussion, he claims we twisted his words and his salesman’s words, yet he still won’t abide by what he told us he would do when he was here in person on the 12th.
He was not present when the order was placed with the salesman, I’d like to know where he comes up with his versions. (They aren’t even the same version each time!) This letter we received was a response to correspondence we sent him outlining the issues at hand and some resolutions to them, including compromises by us.

He breached the contract by :
Not doing a One Day Installation.
Not doing a “No Stress” job.
Not doing a “No Mess” job.
Not Finishing the project.

Not doing what was agreed upon, both at the time of the sale, and at the time when he came out and said he would take care of it on the 12th of October.

Plus he owes us for the damages to our property and aggravation and inconvenience caused by Randy and his agents being dishonest and not dealing professionally.

We were willing to compromise with the window wall not being centered, and the thickness of the material sold us not being as thick, or as rigid as we were sold. Any compromise we discussed with Randy was accepted by him when it benefited him, but no balance was offered after the initial agreement.
He retracted his counter offer, yet still expects us to uphold the compromises we offered. He only wants us to give up something for no return or benefit. He obviously does not understand the concept of two parties compromising. He wants us to accept the poor workmanship and substitution of sub standard materials, yet he is unwilling to even try to finish the job. This guy is being a sleazy snake. Talk about NO ETHICS!
Our offers of compromise are now retracted as no agreement could be made with this arrogant liar. DO NOT DEAL WITH RE-BATH OF CALIFORNIA, OR ANY OTHER RE-BATH FOR THAT MATTER. You will probably be screwed and ripped-off like we were if you do!

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