Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Two days turns into a week...

On Monday July 27th. It was a really long week with no bathroom.

Where the hell is Dan?
Dan arrives and it is 11:47 am to finish putting in my bathroom fixtures before noon, YEAH RIGHT!
He was polite and cleaned up after he was done. (Nice compromise?-Hal)

However I had to cancel my cat’s vet appointment, and the registry will now have to wait till tomorrow, which caused me to make my date to meet my friend Rose to be pushed off till next week too since I am not going to the registry now and tomorrow.

(These Re-Bath people are either ignorant of the problems they cause by their repeated tardiness, or worse. They seem to not care of the repercussions their failed actions have on those who are paying a premium for services not rendered.-Hal)

I have other plans and work, all because I was nice to him and he was late in return.
No good deed goes unpunished!
(Yes, exactly. Try to be nice and accommodating, what do you get from these people? Disrespected and inconvenienced.-Hal)

Just as Dan was putting in the sink he hit the wall opposite the shower and put a huge ding in it. (We had the same problems with our inept installers, all they want is to get out and collect the cash, repairing damage they caused was not something they felt obligated to do, no matter what they say about fixing it.-Hal)

He apologized and I said I would take care of it; I just wanted him out at this point! I was really bummed because they are or were all new walls, God I want this over! (We know that feeling…-Hal)

I asked Dan to move the shower dial too, I explained that we hit it and it changes the temperature while we shower, the dial is facing up and while showering a few times my husband turned the water full hot and it was kind of scary.
Dan said it can’t be done. (We thought Re-Bath were pros, real professionals... What about the part that the customer is right?-Hal)
I said you can’t just turn the handle to face down?
He said no you can’t, it only fits one way. He finished at 1:55pm. (Wow, only two hours late. That sarcasm font would be good here too.-Hal)

7 days total not 2 like promised and I could have worked this morning too.
I paid in full the remainder of the $7,858.00 which was $2,000.00 and was glad it was over! (But it’s never really over is it?-Hal)

In the afternoon I got a call from Re-Bath asking to come back to take the photos of the after, Matt asked me to smile big and hold a Re-Bath sign. (Wonder if they'll include a shot of ding they put in the wall?-Hal)
I said fine.
He said Melissa could be here on Wednesday or Thursday.

And I lied because I really wanted this over with, I was tired of hearing from Re-Bath and tired of a week of men working in my home, when I was told two days,
I was tired of no toilet and sink…so I lied and said I was going away on Tuesday night and wouldn’t be back for two weeks. If he wanted the photo he would have to come the next day. (Good for you!-Hal)

He hung up made a few calls I guess, and called me back saying Tuesday morning between 8am and 9am Melissa would be here. I said ok between 8 and 9am right? He said yes. What a headache! (Yep, Re-Bath is the headache that keeps on aching...-Hal)

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