Friday, December 18, 2009

After All That, It Still Wasn’t Right…

On Thursday July 30th we talked about how late they stayed finishing up each time they were here and how it took 7 days and a lot of time dealing with the photo girl, and a ton of phone calls from Re-Bath and not two days like we were told it would take to do the job and how late they were each time they arrived.
I felt bad and didn’t want to get them into trouble since they were such nice guys and did such a nice job, but then we talked about how we had spent nearly eight thousand dollars and did not like how it looked we talked some more about what to do. (You are way too nice!-Hal)
A couple of friends of ours saw it and said you should just ask them to move it, it didn’t look right to them either. So we decided to call.

On Wednesday August 5th I went to the Re-Bath’s show room in Framingham, to see what their Shower doors looked like. To see if we were maybe complaining about it and it was really right. They were all placed in the middle where we felt ours should go. I spoke to a man I think Paul maybe Peter, and he said “no problem just call the number you have on the business card and they will take care of it.” He agreed with me that it belonged in the center too. (Let’s see how this actually works once someone responsible for the work is brought in shall we?-Hal)

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