Thursday, December 3, 2009

And it just keeps getting “better”:

On Wednesday July 15th I got a call from Re-Bath asking if they can reschedule for this following week of the 20th of July.
I said ok, Great!
She said they would start on Tuesday the 21st between 7-8am.
I agreed.
She said that was the shower only and they would come back on the 24th for the floor and finish on the 25th a Saturday.
I said but what happened to two days?
She again said the floor takes a while, I said ok.

I rescheduled my work again to accommodate them. (Re-Bath has no consideration for the customer once they get some money, no matter how inconvenient they are to them, it will be the “customers fault” for some reason.-Hal)
I don’t like the idea that now there were 3 days separating the two jobs and that I would be without a toilet or sink for 4 days, but hey it is only four days, and I am really looking forward to a nice big shower!!! (Yeah, only four days…-Hal)

On Thursday July 16th, a man from Re-Bath, named Matt Phillips called to ask me about the nightmare of a time we had replacing our old tub, He told me he had heard about it and he said it would be great for sales. I said I had the whole story on an email, very detailed and he was welcome to it. He asked if a girl, I believe named Melissa, could come by to take photos of the tub and me with a sad face to show the before and then could she come again later to show the after? I said ok, it sounded like fun. He said she would be at my house on Friday the 17th between 8:30 and 9am. So I said ok.

On Friday July 17th I waited till 12:00 when Re-Bath called to say they couldn’t make it and that they could come on Monday the 20th. I said fine. I am a little bummed that he waited so long to let me know, I would have worked today. (Sound familiar? Anyone? Talk about indifference at the very least, but really it's total disregard for the convenience of the customer. Very rude, very Re-Bath. –Hal)

(You may recall the agreed upon completion date was 7-30-09. They hadn’t even started the job, yet they are delaying it almost a week, and extending the work time by an additional 50%. And we’ll begin our counting at this point… -Hal)

More to come soon…

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