Monday, December 7, 2009

Timeliness is a virtue. Re-Bath apparently has no virtue.

On Monday July 20th They called me in the morning around 11:15 am and asked if they could take the photos in the morning of the 21st? I was kind of annoyed but said fine again. I just wanted a new shower. I could have worked today too! (More careless attitude regarding the customer…-Hal)

On Tuesday July 21st , My family all got up early to shower, since we can’t shower for 24 hour after the install. We all finished by 7 am since that was the agreed upon time to start. The photo girl showed up at 11:35am, That really irked me, we all could have taken our time this morning!

(This comes as no surprise to Hal on the late issue and the effects of inconvenience directly caused by Re-Bath agents.-Hal)

The workers Mark and Dan arrived later while she was taking photos about 11:45am. She took her photos and was gone by 11:50am. She was nice and polite, (just not punctual?-Hal).

The workers talked in the driveway till 12:30pm,
(We had the same problem, wasting time to the detriment of the customer and the quality as well as timelyness of the job.-Hal)
I assume they are on lunch break, they haven’t even started yet. At 12:38pm the workers covered my carpets, to begin work, they were very polite and it was a total pleasure having them work in my home.

Dan the plumber started the job. He went over everything he would do and explained it all to me first. He said there was no problem asking questions and to feel free. It was all very nice. Then he said that he was told to finish my job on Saturday or be fired. (Yeah, right.-Hal) He was upset, and he asked me and he said he would appreciate it if he could instead of coming back on Saturday to put back all of my fixtures, could he come back on Monday the 27th first thing in the morning? He said he wanted to spend some time with his kids.
(Yep, guilt the customer into allowing the agents to get away with not following the agreed upon timetable…Classic Re-Bath…-Hal)
I wasn’t happy about losing a whole entire week to this job that was supposed to take only two days …but I agreed because I felt bad that the guy was told do it or be fired, and he wanted to see his kids. I couldn’t say no. He was a decent guy who I felt deserved a break. I checked my appointment book with him and said ok but you have to be done here by noon on Monday, I have plans. He said ok no problem and thanked me very, very much.
(Our guest is too nice. We used to be nice too, but after being burned by the Re-Bath lies, we felt used. - Hal)

I explained to both men what we hated about the old shower, which included the shower head not being centered, the side of the tub that was not centered and thus not giving enough room. The wall that looked like it was moldy. The leak to the floor, which ruined the floor and wall. I explained that the whole bathroom was new and the only two problems were the floor and shower. I explained how we wanted the shower wall to come out to the hinge and how the more room in the shower the better for us. Everyone agreed the men said that this was easy to do. I am very happy with the men they listened and seemed get exactly what we need.

The two men tore out all the fixtures in the bathroom, they ripped out the old tub and the floor. Dan said to me that he was surprised that we didn’t keep our old faucets since they are brand new and nicer than the ones we are replacing them with and match they our bathroom sink and towel racks, I explained that Chris told us we had to have the whole shower and faucets from Re-Bath or it voids the warrantee, he said that’s not true these are Delta too.
(Wow, what are the odds, a R-Bath agent lied…-Hal) (
Ever feel the need for someone to invent a sarcasm font? We do...-Hal)At some point in the day Dan left, he said I will see you Monday morning! I said don’t be late please! He said ok!
(Do you believe he will come back on time? We don’t. He works for Re-Bath…You can find out what actually happened later, stay tuned.-Hal)

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