Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not So Amazing How Long It Takes To Get A Hold Of Someone At Re-Bath Once They Have Your Money

On Thursday August 6th I called Re-Bath to ask about having the door moved to where we all believe it should go. I was told Jennifer would call me back. (We got a lot of lip service like that too, but very little actual returned calls.-Hal)

A week later on August 13th I called Re-Bath again saying I had not heard from anyone yet, and was told by Anna that Mark would call me. I phoned Mark directly and he told me he would call me soon.

A week later On August 20th I called Re-Bath again and Anna said she spoke to Mark and he would call me. So I called Mark’s number from his business card. I left a message on his phone.

Mark called me back and told me he was taking time off because he was having some problems with his daughter and that he told Anna and that she or Jennifer should call me. (Always with the dramatic excuses…-Hal)

A week later on August 27 I called Re-Bath yet again and spoke to Anna she apologized and said she would take care of it. (That's three weeks...-Hal)

I then emailed Matt and Melissa and asked them for help. He emailed back saying sorry and that he would get Anna to take care of it for me and said sorry.
(If you weren’t counting that was pretty much the month of August she spent waiting to speak to someone at Re-Bath. ANd why couldn't Anna helt when first contacted? Makes you wonder about the reality and real value of that “Lifetime Warranty” doesn’t it?-Hal)

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