Sunday, January 3, 2010

With Customer Service Like This, How Are They Still In Business?

3 more days later on Aug 31st Jennifer finally called me back 27 days after my first call. She apologized for not getting back to me sooner. I said no problem. She asked me what exactly I wanted to have done. I told her as best I could explain over the phone what we wanted.
She was really upset and raised her voice yelling about the idea of moving it.
(She was upset? Why? Seems to us the upset one should be the customer that was not getting what was sold. -Hal)

I had the phone on speaker phone and my Mother stopped to look at me and mouthed who is yelling at you? I just nodded and tried to calm down Jennifer saying I don’t see why it is a problem.
I said Jennifer this is not done right, which she cut me off to insist it is right. I said look it doesn’t look right, I had others look at it and they felt the same. She got louder and said Oh Boy. Are you kidding me you want this moved a half an inch? I said no …one inch really, she kind of lost it and went on and on about how stupid this is and it is only one inch and something could break and how she doesn’t want to be responsible for it.
I tried to get her to quiet down by talking lower, but she kept talking loudly about how this would cost her around $900.00 to fix, and she can only do it if I split it with her. She kept saying I can’t believe this, for one inch!
I said look I spent $8,000.00 and I am not happy with it. My husband feels the same; we spent a lot of money, and would like it right. She snapped it is right!
(Had she even seen it?-Hal)

She said why didn’t you call right away? I said I told Mark right away and then I explained about my Dad [Passing away] and said I did call only 5 days after you guys finished here. I was a little busy with my Dad’s [Burial] plans to call you right away, and I have been calling each and every week for one month trying to get you to call me back.
(Besides, doesn’t it have a Lifetime Warranty?-Hal)

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