Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All She Wanted Was For Them To Properly Finish One Part Of The Job They Were Paid To Do

So I said to Jennifer, the shower is too small, and this door being where it is makes it even smaller. The shower is only 31 inches not 32 like I asked for. My wall was gouged by your men. The shower head is not centered like I specifically requested. The wall surround was supposed to come out to the hinge like I asked for and doesn’t and it took a week not two days like promised.
(That is five items just listed above Re-Bath did incorrectly if anyone wants a quick count.-Hal)
I am not complaining about any of that, just the door position!

She continued on and on about how it is only an inch!

I continued to say to her in a low voice trying to keep her yelling down still, there was no reason to be upset and no reason to yell, we are your customers and we are not happy.

She changed her attitude and calmed down a bit and stopped arguing AT me, not with me but at me. Jennifer said ok then Tuesday Sept 8th at 8:00 am.

I said fine that is great.
She then changed her mind and said how about September 14th at 8:00am? (Geez, what about accomodating a customer?!-Hal)

I said fine.

Jennifer said she is sending Kevin who is very detailed oriented and will do a great job.

I said fine, The 14th 8:00am is perfect.

She apologized.

I said no problem, I just want this right.

She said you are opening a can of worms with this, I just want you to know that something could break! (Wow, what confidence in your product and installers!-Hal)

I said as long as it looks right and functions properly when it is done then ok!

I was happy that I never raised my voice to her, even when she was yelling and acting very rude to me, I did not lower myself to her level. I was really upset when I hung up, I was glad I hung in there to insist on it being done right. Up until now I had nothing but good things to say about Re-bath and I would have recommended them to anyone, but after that call I am not sure….I doubt it.

My friends in Reading want me to say yes or no about them, he needs 2 whole tubs, if she fixes it right then I guess I will tell them the story and let them decide. She was so unprofessional and rude to me that I can’t believe they are in business, when I was handing over money they were so nice and polite, now that I have a problem they treat me like I have leprosy. I am shocked at how rude she was, I have never been spoken to like that by anyone that I have done business with….EVER!
(You sure seem to be one incredibly tolerant person.-Hal)

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