Monday, January 11, 2010

So Easy A Caveman Could Have Done It?

On September 7th I called a couple of carpenters to look at what I wanted done in the bathroom, only one called back. The guy named John is coming on Wednesday. I want to be sure about the wood. I don’t feel it is a big deal to do but I need a professional opinion. I also took photos of the door position.

On Wednesday September 9th A carpenter named John McLaughlin from Waltham, MA came here to look at the wood and the shower. He said “this is so simple to do, all they had to do is scribe it out” I asked how much would he charge, he said “if I lived nearby I would do it for free, it would take but a few minutes, but since I have to come from Waltham it would be $25.00” He said “I don’t understand why they didn’t do it like that?”
(Ummm, because Re-Bath is in the scam business, not a true skilled trade business? –Hal)

On Thursday September 10th I phoned Re-Bath explaining I could not be available on Monday the 14th and asked Anna if she could reschedule. She was polite and said no problem and made the appointment for Tuesday October 6th 8 am with Kevin. I thanked her. She said no problem, but so you know he likes to arrive really early.
(That will be a first, if it happens...-Hal)
I said that’s fine. She was nice and polite.

Monday Oct 5th I got a call from Anna confirming that tomorrow Kevin was coming out to move the door on my shower. I said yes perfect. She said he will be here at 8am but he likes to show up early. I said ok!

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