Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Since We Are (Re-Bath) Incompetent, We’ll Want You To Be Responsible For The Damage We Do To Your Home…

She talked very loud again, well really she never truly stopped yelling and was angry saying this is silly and she would not budge and she said if I didn’t pay more she would not help me. (Isn't that extortion? Really, isn't it?-Hal)

I asked her to stop yelling, and to calm down that there was no need to yell that we are just talking here, and I said again quietly do you just want to not deal with me? Is that it?

She said no but this is all over a half an inch I can’t believe it!

I again said we are not happy with it. I said please just send the guy out would you? I just want this done and done right and over with once and for all.

She said you are going to have to sign a waiver saying that if we break that door it isn’t our fault. (!?)

I said you think I should not only pay but to sign it off as not your fault too? (Yep, there's that lack of responsiblity we know all too well from Re-Bath. Wondering about the value of that Lifetime Warranty yet?-Hal)

She said yes because this is silly.
Can you believe the “logic” being used here? The customer is to be held liable for Re-Bath not doing their job, and the customer is called “silly” for having the good sense to stand up to this scam company!? Appalling!-Hal)

I said no it isn’t to us.

Then she said why didn’t you say something when you first saw it?

I asked her to stop yelling yet again and told her I could hear her just fine, I explained that it was 11pm when Mark finished, we were tired and I did ask why it was where it was. Mark explained it to us but we didn’t like it.
I said ok Jennifer, tell me what if I had insisted then and there at 11 pm that it had to be moved? He still would have had to take it off right? So what is the problem in doing it now?

She had no response. (Finally a logical response… Yes, more sarcasm. But really, what could she say?-Hal)

I said that the wall opposite the shower had a huge ding in it from Dan and I am not complaining about that either. I hated to say that the guy felt bad about it and I didn’t want to get him into trouble, but man, this woman is really yelling and trying to make me change my mind about something I don’t like after spending $8,000.00.
(We still are in disbelief at the amount of gall these Re-Bath agents show when they are caught doing the wrong thing, and how it always seems to be pointed out to the customer that it will cost them (Re-Bath )so much to fix, (i.e. do the right thing), when in reality all the customer is asking is to get what they were promised, sold and paid exorbitantly for.-Hal)

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