Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yeah, ONE-DAY, STRESS FREE, My Behind!

On October 18th George was on line looking up info on Re-Bath he laughed when he saw the “one day Stress free” line on their site.
He also found a place to register our warrantee card so he filled it out today.

Can you imagine this has been 4 months since we started with re-Bath! (Sadly we don’t have to imagine, it was much longer in our case. It appears to be the norm for this company of lying cheats.-Hal)

To date I have spent a total of 36 days on the phone with Re-Bath, or having work done here by Re-Bath, or photos taken here by Re-Bath or waiting for Re-Bath to never show up here to take photos in a total of a 4 month time span… Just sickening!
(Not 2 days and not stress free by any stretch of the imagination) It cost us a total of $8,033.00

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