Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Curse Is Not The Tub, It’s The People Who Sold It

On Tuesday September 1st I got my warrantee card back in the mail. It said return to sender on it by the post office.
I called Re-Bath and told them and they said oh just send it to our Pembroke office and we will send it in for you.
(Do you really think it ever got sent by these clowns? Perfect excuse, "we never got it".-Hal)
I asked if the company moved from the address and she said yeah a while ago just send it to us. I had sent it to the self addressed typed out form address of 1055 South Country Club Drive in Mesa AZ 85210-4613 but she gave me the Pembroke office of 55 B Corp. Park Drive in Pembroke Mass 02359.
I laughed when I looked at the form I had filled out a month before, it asked why I got the shower, and I had hand written in for more room.
I readdressed it and sent it out today. To date I have spent a total of 26 days (not 2) on the phone with or having work done here, or photos taken here or waiting for Re-Bath to never show up here in a total of 2 months time span. I feel like this tub area is cursed!

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