Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Uh-Oh, This Is Not Good!

October 13th 9pm, my husband George just showed me the leak in the shower, it is dripping slowly onto the floor in the exact spot as the one we replaced, the same place that ruined the floor we put down that was replaced by Re-bath.

This is NOT good!
(Same thing happened to us, except there was never a leak until Re-Bath created them. Yes, them, plural.–Hal)

I told George I am done dealing with them and told him to call and handle it from here. I don’t ever want to have to deal with such unprofessional people again.
October 14th. George called Re-bath and spoke to a girl who had Dan, who was our plumber, call him back. Dan said he would call and set up a time with me that day. Dan never called.

October 16th Jennifer called and left a message at 1:47pm. Saying “I hear you’re having trouble with the door since we moved it, I want to talk to you about it, call me back.” George called back at 2pm.
He said to me after his call wow what a Bitch she is.
She insisted that she will not fix anything wrong with the shower till we pay the $175. From the shower door move. She said you can take us to court if you want. (Typical Re-Bath attitude, same as what we were met with.-Hal)
George said I have never heard that from a business before. He said she was stubborn and rude. (Again, so much just like our experiences with Re-Bath agents.-Hal)

He said to Jennifer let me ask you something, if you had a new roof put on your house and the gutters weren’t straight would you have them moved? She said “not if they told me not to.” George said so you would just live with it? She said yes. (We’re not buying it! You know damn well they would howl if they did not get what they wanted!-Hal) Your shower was done correctly as far as we are concerned. He said let me call you back.

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